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First Nations rights and title claims: Is it legitimate to call it class struggle?

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First Nations Target Copper Shaming Ceremony At Canadian Government

Awalaskenis copper cutting 1by Stephen Hui, Georgia StraightJuly 3, 2014

When Haida copper is smashed on Parliament Hill on July 27, the ancient shaming ceremony won’t just be sending a message to the federal government.

On the first day of the Awalaskenis II journey from Vancouver to Ottawa, Kwakwaka’wakw hereditary chief and carver Beau Dick told the Georgia Straight that he sees performing the copper cutting ritual as a “challenge” to all Canadians as well.

“It’s about consciousness and about waking up to realize that, as human beings, we have a lot of things to sort out,” Dick said on Wednesday (July 2), as he marched with about 40 people on West Broadway. Read the rest of this entry

Survivor’s Totem Pole to symbolize resistance, persistence, and inclusion in Vancouver

Haida carver Skundaal.

Haida carver Skundaal.

By Matt Kieltyka, Metro Vancouver,

Like the Bear Mother at the base of a totem pole, a Vancouver artist hopes her latest community project will provide strength to the Downtown Eastside.  Skundaal, Bill Reid’s only female apprentice, and three apprentice carvers have been whittling away on a survivor’s pole dedicated to communities that have struggled for survival in Vancouver.

After the totem’s completion, it will be installed somewhere in the Downtown Eastside (the location has been kept secret) as a lasting symbol of inclusion between Aboriginals, Chinese Head Tax survivors, victims of Japanese internment during the Second World War, the homeless and those currently facing gentrification and other issues in the DTES. Read the rest of this entry

Confronting Canada Day Rally and March in Vancouver

Confronting Canada Day march down Commercial Drive, July 1, 2014.

Confronting Canada Day march down Commercial Drive, July 1, 2014.

By Zig Zag, Warrior Publications, July 2, 2014

Approximately 100 people attended a “Confront Canada Day” rally and march in Vancouver, BC, on July 1, 2014.  The rally began at Clark Park in East Vancouver with Natives drumming, singing and speaking against the colonial history of Canada.  There was also a contingent of anarchists dressed in Black Bloc and carrying black flags.  The group then marched down Commercial Drive behind a large black banner that proclaimed “Decolonize Means Attack”, chanting slogans such as “No pipelines on stolen Native land” and “Fuck Canada”  with fireworks and flares being lit periodically. Read the rest of this entry

‘Building rage’: Decolonizing class war

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Accomplices Not Allies: Abolishing the Ally Industrial Complex

Indigenous Action Media, May 4, 2014Accomplices not Allies graphic

This provocation is intended to intervene in some of the current tensions around solidarity/support work as the current trajectories are counter-liberatory from my perspective. Special thanks to DS in Phoenix for convos that lead to this ‘zine and all those who provided comments/questions/disagreements. Don’t construe this as being for “white young middle class allies”, just for paid activists, non-profits, or as a friend said, “downwardly-mobile anarchists or students.” There are many so-called “allies” in the migrant rights struggle who support “comprehensive immigration reform” which furthers militarization of Indigenous lands. Read the rest of this entry

Brisbane Blacks Protest British Royal Family Visit

Australia Royal Welcome 1“It is only through the Royal Family’s false and illegal claim of sovereignty over this continent that the Federal, State and Territory governments derive their authority to pass laws and enforce them.  Give back what you stole.  Our sovereignty has never been ceded!” – Wayne Wharton (Kooma) Read the rest of this entry

Warrior Hip-Hop West Coast Tour: Building A Culture of Resistance

Warrior hip hop logoZro Prophet of X Vandals  * Savage Family * Alas * Shining Soul

Welcome to the Warrior Hip-Hop Tour fundraising page! The purpose of this tour is to begin to build a culture of resistance through hip hop and art, and to inspire and educate others through hip hop all throughout Turtle Island. 
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Canada is the problem

Ancestral Pride, April 10, 2014Ancestral pride logo Colour

Ancestral Pride ~ Husband and wife, mother and father, grandfather and grandmother, allies in solidarity with those are fighting for our rights to a future for our great great great grandchildren. Nothing more, nothing less, dedicated to our way of life, and to upholding the ways of our ancestors.

One of the most important ideology’s that exist right now in “kkkanada” that we confront as Ancestral Pride and aim to dismantle, is the idea that Stephen Harper is ‘kkkanadas” problem and ousting him is the solution. Read the rest of this entry

Indigenous diets can help fight modern illnesses, say health experts

Chinook salmon.

Chinook salmon.

Traditional food consumed by rural communities contain nutrients that are lacking in high- and middle-income countries
The Guardian, February 3, 2014

Unprecedented levels of chronic non-communicable diseases are prompting calls to revert to the diets of our ancestors to regain lost nutrients.

It is believed that such a shift would help to improve society’s relationship with the Earth and restore human and environmental health. Read the rest of this entry


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