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Leonard Peltier Statement on his 70th Birthday

Greetings my Friends, Relatives and Supporters

I want to send you all this personal message on what is now my 70th Birthday. I really want to thank you all for your years and years of support and love, I would have never made it this long without your love and support.  As you can imagine, it has been a VERY long path. At times, more difficult than I could have ever imagined.  I don’t regret any of it for one minute.

It has been my honor to stand up for my Native brothers and sisters and all good peoples of the world.  I am very proud to have fought what we call “the good fight” for our future generations. For me, there is no other way.  Unfortunately, we have not won the struggle for freedom and today we live in an even stronger police state.

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PHOTO REPORT: Amazon Indian Warriors Beat and Strip Illegal Loggers in Battle for Jungle’s Future

Ka'apor warriors stand guard over illegal loggers they tied up during a jungle expedition to search for and expel them from the Alto Turiacu Indian territory.

Ka’apor warriors stand guard over illegal loggers they tied up during a jungle expedition to search for and expel them from the Alto Turiacu Indian territory.

By David Sim, International Business Times, September 4, 2014

A group of warriors from Brazil’s indigenous Ka’apor tribe tracked down illegal loggers in the Amazon, tied them up, stripped them and beat them with sticks.

Photographer Lunae Parracho followed the Ka’apor warriors during their jungle expedition to search for and expel illegal loggers from the Alto Turiacu Indian territory in the Amazon basin.

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Keep Calm and Warrior On

Warrior keep calm graphic

Marchers remember 1974 Anicinabe Park Occupation

Kenora Online, Published on Aug 22, 2014

On the 40th anniversary of the Anicinabe Park uprising in Kenora, Lorraine Major and Roslyn Kelly offer their thoughts.

Anicinabe Park Occupation observed in Kenora, 40 years later

Anicinabe Park 1974 1CBC News, August 22, 2014

A gathering in Kenora this weekend will mark the 40th anniversary of the Anicinabe Park occupation.

Dozens of young First Nations people from across the continent, including members of the American Indian Movement, joined the protest in 1974.

They were demanding better living conditions, education and access to land. Read the rest of this entry

A Close Look at Two Jailed Mi’kmaq Warriors Who Protested Big Oil in New Brunswick

Germaine Breau looks one during the RCMP raid of Oct 17, 2013, shortly before his arrest.

Germaine Breau looks on during the RCMP raid of Oct 17, 2013, when he was arrested.

By Miles Howe, Vice, 

On Tuesday, July 29th, after over nine months in custody and an extended trial which took place over the course of several months, Mi’kmaq Warrior Society members Germaine ‘Junior’ Breau and Aaron Francis were finally sentenced for their involvement in an RCMP raid of an anti-shale gas encampment near Rexton, New Brunswick in October last year. Read the rest of this entry

Statement from Leonard Peltier: 39 years in prison

Greetings my Relatives, Friends and Supporters

As I have said so many times in the past I am deeply and truly honored that you remember me on this day and I am honored to have my words read to you today.  I think this commemoration day should be about the lives of all our people who in some way lived and died for us.

By the time of the Oglala shoot-out there had already been some 60 something of our Native people killed.  These people are the ones we are commemorating here today.  I always especially remember Joe Stunz,  who was a mentor to some of the younger boys in the community. Read the rest of this entry

Tlingit attack on Russian Fort at Sitka, June 1802

Tlingit warriors painting“The Battle of Old Sitka, June, 1802”, © Ray Troll, 2002

This drawing was inspired by reading historical accounts of Russian and Tlingit conflicts in Southeast Alaska in the late 1700’s and early 1800s. It intended primarily as a study of the incredible carved wooden war helmets and intricate body armor that Tlingit warriors of high status wore into battle. Read the rest of this entry

Oka Crisis, 1990

Kanienkehaka Resistance at Oka/Kanehsatake & Kahnawake, 1990

The Kanienkehaka resistance at Kanehsatake & Kahnawake had a profound impact on Indigenous peoples in Canada. Oka set the tone for Indigenous resistance throughout the ‘90s, and inspired many people & communities to take action. Like Wounded Knee 1973, Oka was an awakening for an entire generation. Read the rest of this entry

Between the Light and Shade: the Last Words of ‘Subcomandante Marcos’

This morning, at the end of the homage to comrade Galeano, over three thousand Zapatista support bases and militants, along with around a thousand adherents of the Sixth, listened to the “last public wordsof Subcomandante Insurgente Marcos of the EZLN. Six leaders of the Clandestine Revolutionary Indigenous Committee, along with Moisés and Marcos, took the stage. Below are included some fragments from the five parts of Marcos’ letter. Read the rest of this entry


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