Brisbane Blacks Protest British Royal Family Visit

Australia Royal Welcome 1“It is only through the Royal Family’s false and illegal claim of sovereignty over this continent that the Federal, State and Territory governments derive their authority to pass laws and enforce them.  Give back what you stole.  Our sovereignty has never been ceded!” – Wayne Wharton (Kooma) Read the rest of this entry

Cayoose Creek band refuses to cede salmon-spawning territory

Sekw’el’was Chief Michelle Edwards says the community won’t leave the creek until their demand for meaningful consultation is met

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Defend the Territory PDF

Tactics and Techniques for Countering Police Assaults on Indigenous Communities

A 24 page, 8×11, PDF document.  Download: Defend the Territory PDF Zine  Defend Territory Zine Cover

From the introduction: Communities that are effective in carrying out resistance will inevitably face some form of state repression, most often carried out by police forces. This text is intended as a review of tactics and techniques that have been used in countering police assaults on crowds and communities.

For police, these types of assaults are referred to as “public order” or “crowd control” operations. Communities targeted by such operations may face riot cops as well as armed tactical units, dog teams, armoured vehicles, the use of chemical agents and baton charges. Read the rest of this entry

Mixed martial arts builds aboriginal youths’ confidence

Darwin Douglas from the Sto:lo nation teaching youth at the Four Directions gym in Cheam, "BC."

Darwin Douglas from the Cheam nation teaching youth at the Four Directions Martial Arts Academy.

Sto:lo coach uses MMA to teach discipline, confidence and respect

By David Geselbracht, Jumy Dapo, CBC News, April 15, 2014

Kolton Higginbottom is being choked and is struggling for breath.

From the seats surrounding the ring, hundreds of people are watching intently as Higginbottom twists and turns, attempting to escape his opponent. Read the rest of this entry

SWN returning to New Brunswick as Mi’kmaq plan renewed resistance

, April 15, 2014
Another round of battles loom between the Mi’kmaq in New Brunswick and a Houston-headquartered energy firm exploring for shale gas deposits in the province.

SWN Resources Canada has submitted two proposals under the province’s environmental impact assessment process to drill exploratory wells in separate parts of New Brunswick. The projects were registered with the provincial environment department on Monday, according to an official. Read the rest of this entry

Eagle Spirit pipeline proposal faces First Nations opposition

Enbridge anti-pipeline logoProposed pipeline would carry refined oil from Alberta to B.C. North Coast

CBC News, April 15, 2014

A First Nations-led proposal to build an oil pipeline from Alberta to B.C.’s North Coast will still face stiff opposition from some communities, including one situated at the location of the proposed marine terminal. Read the rest of this entry

Warrior Hip-Hop West Coast Tour: Building A Culture of Resistance

Warrior hip hop logoZro Prophet of X Vandals  * Savage Family * Alas * Shining Soul

Welcome to the Warrior Hip-Hop Tour fundraising page! The purpose of this tour is to begin to build a culture of resistance through hip hop and art, and to inspire and educate others through hip hop all throughout Turtle Island. 
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Rosebud Sioux Tribe Counts First Coup on Megaloads

Keystone XL "megaload" turned back by Rosebud tribal council, April 14, 2014.

Keystone XL “megaload” turned back by Rosebud Sioux tribal council, April 14, 2014.

by Ann-erika White Bird, Lakota Voice, April 14, 2014

Tonight, a small number of Sicangu Lakota Tribal members took a stand against the megaloads rolling through reservation lands.

Lakota Voice arrived, after being passed by one megaload headed north on Highway 83, a common thoroughfare for semi-trucks traveling from Nebraska. Read the rest of this entry

Northern Gateway setback could mean opportunity for aboriginal energy proposal

Calvin Helin doing power point presentation in his button blanket regalia.

Calvin Helin doing power point presentation in his button blanket regalia.

The Aquilini family, which owns the Vancouver Canucks, said it will underwrite the estimated $18 billion pipeline proposal as long as it gets support of all First Nations through whose territory the pipeline would travel

VANCOUVER – A First Nations-backed organization has partnered with the Aquilini Group to propose a new pipeline to compete with the struggling Enbridge Northern Gateway project. Read the rest of this entry

Support “Mocassins on the Ground”: Lakota resistance against Keystone XL pipeline

Keystone XL Lakota support graphicHere’s an excerpt of a recent statement by the Lakota grassroots organization Owe Aku:

“We do not want kxl, we do not want tarsands in our lands, the tarsands must stay in the ground, the extraction and its aftermath is killing humans and all of life up there, and wasting precious water… Please take a moment to help get our words, thoughts, and prayers out to the world, all over Unci Maka, that Lakota People, and many other Red Nations people, we have painted our faces. Our allies up north have painted their faces. For sacred water, for Unci Maka, for our generations.” Read the rest of this entry


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