Violence Against Indigenous Women:


“Sexual abuse of First Nation’s children is at crisis proportions. This form of violence is a legacy of colonialism.” (Jackie Lynn, Colonialism & the Sexual Exploitation of Canada’s First Nations Women)

“Discrimination & violence against Indigenous women is Canada’s untold human rights issue.” (Alex Neve, Amnesty International Canada)

Like European society itself, scratch the surface of violence and abuse against Indigenous women & children, and you will quickly find a dark world of corruption, exploitation, perversion & depravity. One that exists at a broad social level as well as in the family household. Sexual violence & abuse against Indigenous women & children has reached proportions that some describe as epidemic. The vast majority of this occurs in the family home, with most of it never being reported. This problem is especially prevalent in Indigenous communities due to the legacy of colonialism.

Sexual abuse of women & children is also part of a multi-billion dollar global industry, involving organized crime groups, prostitution, sex tourism, pedophile rings, massage parlors, escort services, pornography, human trafficking & slavery, etc. Due to impoverishment, family & community dysfunction, trauma, & subsequent drug addiction, many Indigenous women & children are vulnerable to sexual exploitation through prostitution.

Yet, whatever form this violence & abuse takes, the most terrible acts occur behind closed doors, out of sight & out of mind. It’s easy to ignore, or rationalize that it doesn’t “appear” very widespread. When it is talked about, people don’t want to hear about it. Many don’t even want to think about it. As disturbing as this phenomenon is, we must confront it.

There is no doubt that violence & abuse against Indigenous women & children is a primary factor in the crisis of social dysfunction gripping our communities, both urban & rural, including alcohol & drugs, suicide, gangs, prostitution, imprisonment, mental & physical health problems, etc. This dysfunction has a negative impact on our resistance movement & seriously undermines our ability to organize & fight. If our struggle is ever to advance, it must come to terms with violence & abuse against women & children at the family & community level.


Since the 1980s, some 32 women, mostly Aboriginal, have disappeared along Highway 16 between Prince Rupert & Prince George, in northern BC. Officially, 9 of these, aged 14-25, are under investigation. All but one were Aboriginal.

In 2005, a Take Back the Highway march was held to draw attention to the issue. In 2006, the killings & disappearances along Hwy. 16–dubbed the ‘Highway of Tears’ –received national & international media attention following the most recent case, that of 14-year old Aielah Saric-Auger. The young Native women went missing on February 2, 2006, and her body was found 10 days later. Community members began to organize. A walk was held along the highway, and calls for action began to sound. This prompted the government, along with RCMP, local municipalities, and band councils, to organize a public symposium in Prince George in March 2006.

Highway 16 is a stretch of highway 724 kilometers in length running between Prince Rupert on the coast, & Prince George in the central interior. There are about a dozen Native communities/reservations along it, including those of the Tsimshian, Nisga’a, Cheslatta, Gitxsan, Wetsuwet’en, Carrier-Sekani, and others.

In June 2006, a report was released based on recommendations made at the public symposium held in March. It cited poverty & a lack of social activities in isolated reserves as the “root causes” of the disappearances & murders. It noted that many of the reserves have no essential business or recreation centers, and are several kilometers from nearby town centers. Combined with poverty & lack of transportation, many young women end up hitchhiking.

The report saw these factors as making young Native women particularly vulnerable to sexual predators, and recommended shuttle buses between communities, a network of safe-houses along the highway for women to stay at, a series of emergency phone booths, increased police patrols, and a 1-800 phone line to report hitchhikers, be implemented. Government officials promised tens of thousands of dollars, and the RCMP assigned more investigators.


There is little doubt that the response from government officials & police to the Highway of Tears was due to the ongoing criticism of police for their handling of the missing & murdered women of Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside. Since the early 1990s, some 68 women, many Aboriginal, have disappeared and/or been found murdered.

Beginning in 1991, Native women’s groups in Vancouver began holding an annual Women’s Memorial March every February 14 (Valentine’s Day) to remember the missing and/or dead women. The march passes through the Downtown Eastside, stopping at locations where women’s bodies have been found, or where they had last been seen. Songs & ceremonies are carried out. In addition, the march always stops outside the Vancouver Police Department building located at Main & Hastings (in the heart of the DTES).

Over the years, as more women were added to the list of missing, public criticism of the VPD increased. They were criticized for their apparent lack of effort in seriously investigating the disappearances & murders, with critics charging this was due to racism & the social class of the victims (many were Aboriginal, and many are alleged to have been drug addicts & prostitutes).

In September 2001, the RCMP were called in to assist the VPD, and a joint task force was established. America’s Most Wanted, a popular US television show, did a feature article on the missing women. Public pressure was increasing for the police to at least be seen as doing something towards solving the disappearances. Eventually, in February 2002, Robert Pickton was arrested & charged with over two dozen counts of murder, based largely on DNA evidence found at his Port Coquitlam pig farm (Coquitlam being a rural suburb of Vancouver).

Following Pickton’s 2002 arrest, more revelations of Vancouver police & RCMP incompetence came to light. Despite assertions that a serial killer was involved, police & city officials had vehemently denied this. In 1998, Kim Rosso, a geographic profiler in the Vancouver Police –a highly respected & award-winning investigator– stated that there was a strong possibility that a serial killer was involved. He was then excluded from the case & much of his work undermined.

In 1999, the mayor even suggested offering a $5,000 reward for any of the women on the list of disappeared who stepped forward, implying that they weren’t really ‘missing’ (later offering a $100,000 reward for tips). In a 2004 report on violence against urban Indigenous women, Amnesty International found that in Vancouver, “Police & city officials had long denied that there was any pattern to the disappearances or that women were in any particular danger.”

Pickton himself had been charged with attempted murder in 1997 after he repeatedly stabbed a woman working as a prostitute. The charges included unlawful confinement & assault with a weapon, but were later stayed when the victim would not testify against him. Then, in July 1998, police received a tip regarding a woman who had been at Pickton’s property and saw bags of bloody clothing as well as ID from various women.

Another tip came from Bill Hiscox, an employee of Pickton’s at the time (“Informant in Pickton case fails in bid to claim reward,” The Province, June 26, 2003). At this time Pickton was considered a ‘person of interest’ in the case and was even placed under surveillance for a brief period (“Pickton farm searched 3 times in 1997,” The Vancouver Sun, Feb. 28, 2002). Along with these incidents, tips from community members about parties with prostitutes, assaults & even killings occurring at Pickton’s farm –known as ‘Piggy’s Palace’– were provided to police. Despite all this, it would still take several years for Pickton to be arrested.

In August 2006, prosecutors reduced the number of charges to just 6 because the amount of evidence that would have to be used would be an “unreasonable burden” for a jury. Police say the 20 other counts are still ‘active’ and may be tried separately. Pickton’s trial is set to begin in January 2007. Despite Pickton’s arrest, and his alleged association to 31 victims whose DNA were found at his pig farm, there still remain over 37 unsolved disappearances from the Downtown Eastside of Vancouver.


In 1996, a report by Indian and Northern Affairs Canada found that Aboriginal women between the ages of 25 & 44 were 4 times as likely to meet a violent death, compared to non-Native women. A 1989 study by the Ontario Native Women’s Association found that while 1 out of 10 women in Canada experienced some form of abuse, for Aboriginal women it was 8 out of 10 (Speaking of Abuse, BC Legal Services Society, January 2004).

Across Canada since the 1990s, there are an estimated 500 missing or murdered Aboriginal women. Some claim the real number may be in the thousands. In Edmonton, the bodies of some 20 women, most involved in the sex trade, have been found since the 1990s. There are a reported 40 unsolved murders & 39 long term disappearances in Alberta overall.

In 2003, the RCMP established Project KARE to investigate these cases, and have stated that at least 8 of the deaths may be the result of a serial killer. A large number of these women were Aboriginal. The situation is similar in Regina, Saskatoon, & Winnipeg, cities with large Native populations that are impoverished & heavily impacted by anti-social criminal activity, including gangs, drugs, and the sex-trade.

This phenomenon of violence against Indigenous women, along with police & government incompetence, is part of a broad, systemic pattern with deep historical roots. Although seemingly concentrated in urban areas, it frequently occurs in rural communities as well, and is often not reported. In the modern era, the case of Helen Betty Osborne is often used as an example of this.

In 1971, Helen Betty Osborne, a 19-year old Native woman, was abducted, raped & brutally killed by 4 white men in The Pas, Manitoba (population at the time: 6,000). Many residents knew what had happened and who was responsible, but maintained a conspiracy of silence (the name of a book & TV show about the case).

Despite strong evidence, police did not seriously investigate the case until 1987, when one man, Dwayne Archie Johnston, was convicted & sentenced to life in prison. Another man was acquitted, one was granted immunity from prosecution in exchange for testimony, and one was never charged. In studies of this case, it was found that racism & abuse against Natives in The Pas were part of a general pattern, including the sexual harassment of young Indigenous women.

The four men had been cruising the streets purposely looking for a young Native women to have sex with. It is reported that when Osborne, who was not a prostitute, refused, she was abducted, raped and brutally beaten, her face being smashed in.

Three decades later, Felicia Solomon, 16, a cousin of Helen Osborne, disappeared in March 2003. Her body parts were found & identified three months later. Although the case of Helen Osborne is well known, it is but one small part of an overall pattern of oppression & exploitation that Indigenous women experience in reserves & urban ghettos across the country. It is sometimes referred to as racialized & sexualized violence (in particular, white supremacist & patriarchal violence, also directed against African & Asian women).

The murder of Felicia Solomon reveals not only these aspects of violence & hate against Indigenous women, but also its continuity over several decades. If we go further back in time, we find that sexualized violence against Indigenous women & children has been a constant factor of colonization. On the prairies, it can be traced back to the so-called ‘Indian Wars’ of the 1800s, when massacres, rapes, & sexual mutilation were common aspects of European military campaigns against plains Indigenous nations.

The same is true in Central & South America, from the time of the Spanish conquistadors to more recent massacres, torture & rapes carried out by state police, military, & paramilitary forces. In these regions there are also thousands of disappeared Indigenous women, with hundreds of corpses having been found, many with signs of torture & mutilation (i.e., Juarez, Mexico, Guatemala, Colombia, Brazil, etc.).


In 2004, Amnesty International released a report entitled Stolen Sisters, documenting violence against Aboriginal women in urban areas of Western Canada. It cited several factors in the high rates of violence against urban Native females, including the legacy of Residential School abuses, fostering out of Native children, racism & sexism, as well as economic marginalization. The result was that many urban Native women were impoverished, homeless, and forced into the sex trade. Many had experienced a loss of culture & identity, dysfunctional families & communities, as well as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. All these factors contributed to making young Native women especially vulnerable to sexual exploitation & violence.

Another study reached similar conclusions:
“We interviewed 100 women prostituting in Vancouver, Canada. We found an extremely high prevalence of lifetime violence & post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Fifty-two percent of our interviewees were women from Canada’s First Nations, a significant over-representation in prostitution compared with their representation in Vancouver generally (1.7 — 7%).

Eighty-two percent reported a history of childhood sexual abuse, by an average of four perpetrators. Seventy-two percent reported childhood physical abuse, 90% had been physically assaulted in prostitution, 78% had been raped in prostitution. Seventy-two percent met… criteria for PTSD. Ninety-five percent said that they wanted to leave prostitution. Eighty-six percent reported current or past homelessness with housing as one of their most urgent needs. Eighty-six percent expressed a need for treatment for drug or alcohol addictions.” (Abstract from Prostitution in Vancouver: Violence & the Colonization of First Nations Women)

The 2004 Amnesty International report also found that police officers had responded with indifference when informed by Natives of missing family members. There was also a failure to report missing persons due to lack of trust in the police, an observation common in many analyses of sexual assault (and seen as a major contributing factor in the massive underreporting of sex abuse). This mistrust is based on fears the complainant will be criminalized by police, that police will fail to provide protection if a report is made, and/or that the justice system itself will fail to prosecute, convict, and/or punish the offender.

Amnesty recommended that more research be done, that police receive culture-sensitive training, that more Native police be hired, and that the government ensure adequate social & health services for Aboriginals, and especially Native women. Also in 2004, the Native Women’s Association of Canada began its Sisters in Spirit Campaign to “raise awareness of alarmingly high rates of violence against Aboriginal women in Canada.” The group subsequently received $5-million from the federal government to carry out this work.

Overall, the main recommendations for dealing with this phenomenon have been to increase government funding for services & programs for Native women (including shelters & crisis lines), to increase policing, and to raise public awareness. None of these deal with the fundamental causes of violence against Indigenous women, however. The problem is systemic & social, deeply rooted in European history & culture (see “Roots of Patriarchal Violence” article). It is also deeply rooted within our own communities. To better understand how institutionalized the problem is, consider the following cases:

• In 2005, former RCMP officer Gary Stevens plead guilty to sexual assault of an underage girl. The allegations were first made in April 2004 while Stevens was a member of the RCMP’s Kitimat, BC, detachment.

• In 2005, two RCMP officers were suspended during an investigation into allegations they were buying sex from young prostitutes in Prince George, BC. Lee Lakeman, a spokeswoman for the Canadian Association of Sexual Assault Centers (CASAC) stated that this was “just the tip of the iceberg,” referring also to the case of judge David Ramsey (“2 Mounties suspended in ‘misconduct’ probe,” by Jered Stuffco, The Province, May 22, 2005).

• In May 2004, David William Ramsey, a BC Provincial Court judge in Prince George, pleaded guilty to buying sex from and assaulting 4 Indigenous girls & youth aged 12, 14, 15, & 16, who had also appeared before him in court. These attacks had occurred between 1992 & 2001. As part of a plea bargain, Ramsey was sentenced to just 7 years and became eligible for parole in 2006. Despite the first complaint being made in 1999, when the RCMP began an investigation, Ramsey was not removed from his official position until 2002.

• On February 17, 2000, two sisters, Doreen LeClair & Corrine McKeowen, both Aboriginal, repeatedly called Winnipeg’s 911 emergency number to request police protection from an estranged boyfriend. Although they called 5 times throughout the day, both were killed.

• In a 1996 trial for two white men charged with beating to death Pamela Jean George, a Salteaux mother of two from Sakimay First Nation, the trial judge instructed the jury to keep in mind that George was “indeed a prostitute.” The men were convicted of manslaughter & sentenced to 6 1/2 years. They were paroled in 2000.

• John Martin Crawford was sentenced to ten years for brutally killing 35-year old Mary Jane Serloin in Lethbridge, Alberta. After just 5 years, he was released in 1989 and subsequently killed three more Native women.

• Gilbert Paul Jordan, known as the ‘boozing barber’, was in the company of at least 10 women –most Native– whose deaths were related to alcohol poisoning. In 1988 Jordan was convicted of manslaughter in the death of Vanessa Lee Buckner, 27, who was found naked in a Vancouver hotel room with a blood alcohol level 11 times the legal limit for driving. Jordan has also been convicted of rape, indecent assault, abduction, hit & run, drunk driving, and car theft.

In June 2000, Jordan was charged with sexual assault, negligence causing bodily harm & administering a noxious substance –alcohol– while drinking with a woman in a Victoria hotel. All charges were dropped in October of that year due to lack of evidence. Then, in November, police found Jordan trying to drink with a women in another Victoria hotel, a breach of his court-imposed conditions. In May 2001, he was sentenced to 15 months in jail and was out in 2002 on probation.

• In 1992, charges of sexual assault were stayed against Prince George Catholic Church bishop Hubert O’Connor. He had been accused by former students at the St. Joseph’s Residential School near Williams Lake of molesting them in the 1960s. The charges were dropped after Crown prosecutors failed to fully disclose all evidence to the defense. Complainants also stated that the Crown had failed to notify them or witnesses about important developments in the case and were generally negligent in prosecuting the case. O’Connor was the highest ranking official in the Catholic church to ever by charged with sex crimes.

These cases, along with those in Vancouver, illustrate a number of important points. They show the targeted abuse & exploitation of primarily Indigenous women, as well as the extent to which this abuse permeates all levels of colonial society (from downtown losers to cops, judges & priests). Not only are government officials & police incompetent in their investigation & punishment of these anti-social crimes, there is a clear pattern of their involvement as perpetrators.

The cases of judge David Ramsey, bishop O’Connor and the RCMP officers in Kitimat & Prince George area are especially disturbing considering the murders & disappearances along Highway 16. The very authorities that the people turn to for protection are morally corrupted and directly involved in the sexual exploitation of young Indigenous women & children. Lakeman’s comment that this is just the “tip of the iceberg” indicates that the problem is far greater than has been reported by the corporate media.


In 1999, one independent BC interior newspaper, The Radical, did report on allegations of an organized sex trade in the Prince George area involving judges, doctors, lawyers, police, and even band councils. The paper was forced to close down after one of the accused –Ed John, a long-time chief of the Tl-azt-en band (near Prince George) and head of the First Nations Summit –launched a lawsuit. Ironically, Ed John was named minister of Child & Family Services in November 2000, just as the allegations against him were becoming more public.

For those involved in exposing Ed John & others, his appointment as an un-elected minister “brought to light the extent of official protection for pedophiles in public office, and the systemic nature of this crime” (see Appendix VI: Evidence of crimes against aboriginal children, including pedophilia, Hidden from History).

These allegations have been echoed by others over the years, including Squamish elder Harriet Nahanee, who has stated that she saw young Native girls being removed from the reserve to serve as prostitutes for wealthy businessmen connected to the Vancouver Club.

James Craven, a Blackfoot & constitutional lawyer, has corroborated this story & stated:

“It has been alleged with considerable supporting evidence, that some of the same forces involved in trafficking young Indian boys & girls for the rich & powerful pedophiles are also involved in key aspects of the BC Treaty Commission as well as being involved in using isolated reserves for the landing & distribution of drugs…” (“Reprisals due to exposure of pedophile ring,” Statement by James Craven, August 3, 1998).

In 1994, two elders of the Tseshaht band on Vancouver Island stated that “Edward John & Nuu-Chah-Nulth Tribal Council members Ron Hamilton & Charlie Thompson have… embezzled money from the Union of BC Indian Chiefs & the federal Department of Indian Affairs to finance an extensive drug trafficking & pedophile network” that sells drugs on Native reserves & supplies Native children to wealthy clients in Vancouver, Victoria, Whistler, and other areas (quoted in Appendix VI, Hidden from History).

Similar claims were made in Vancouver by speakers at a public tribunal on Residential Schools held in 1998, organized by the International Human Rights Association of American Minorities (IHRAAM, a United Nations NGO with the Economic & Social Council), including Frank Martin & Helen Michel, Harriet Nahanee, and four others.

According to Martin, “Ed John sponsors drug trafficking on northern reserves using Treaty Commission & Indian Affairs money. He’s the power up there… but for Ed John to keep power he needs to manipulate drugs & the cops” (Appendix VI, Hidden from History).

Allegations of an organized drug & sex-trade involving government, business, as well as band chiefs, are not so far fetched and fit within systemic & intergenerational patterns of abuse. Many current chiefs & councilors are survivors of Residential Schools, and some have been convicted of sexual crimes, yet still remained in power. In reality, however, most sexual abuse in Native communities goes unreported, with perpetrators rarely being charged & convicted.

In 1992, for example, Native women on reserves around Victoria spoke out about concerns that sentencing circles, proposed as an alternative to imprisonment & comprised of selected elders, would be co-opted by band councils to protect male family members accused of sex crimes:

“Saanich Indians fear an experiment in native justice… will turn into a cover-up of sex abuse. Native social workers, elders, women & court workers worry their leaders will use a BC government project to keep assault charges within the community.

“Native women from Saanich Peninsula reserves say they live in fear of powerful band members who pressure & intimidate women not to report instances of assault & sexual abuse. They say crimes such as rape & child molestation are covered up by some of those closest to the alternative justice program. Most victims have yet to speak publicly because they live in fear of telephone threats, of their doors being kicked in and of their children being molested, says Mavis Henry, a Pauquachin band member.

The evidence points to widespread corruption, says Rhonda Bowie, a Tsawout native who has laid sexual assault charges against her uncle, considered an elder and leader in the native Shaker church. ‘I don’t believe this justice system helps anyone. All it does is protect the offenders.'” (Indians fear justice experiment will hush sex abuse charges, The Vancouver Sun, July 31, 1992)

Commenting on the potential for self-government, Sharon McIvor, spokeswoman for the Native Women’s Association of Canada stated “It’s really scary to know that these guys are going to be in complete control, they are going to be able to do whatever they want” (“Indians fear justice…” The Vancouver Sun, July 31, 1992).

Other reports on sexual violence & abuse in Indigenous communities reached similar conclusions:

“Today, there are northern communities in which the entire female population has been sexually assaulted by males who are living in the community with them. These men are their brothers, cousins, uncles, fathers & grandfathers. Some of these abusers hold powerful positions in band councils –most of them are held unaccountable for their assaults… Often, women feel powerless to effect change, and are threatened with further violence if they attempt to stop the abuse.” (Jackie Lynn, Colonialism & the Sexual Exploitation of First Nation’s Women, August 1998).

“A mental health worker for Indian Health Service reported, “It is the expert opinion of this writer after a records review & talking to many other health care providers, that rape, sexual assault & incest occur at a much higher incidence than generally thought. Sexual abuse at a young age is quite frequent and almost always involves a relative such as a father, brother, cousin, uncle or grandfather.”
Phyllis Old Cross Dog (Sexual Assault in Indian Country)

In his 1995 sentencing of dormitory supervisor Arthur Plint, who abused many Native children in the Port Alberni Residential School, BC Supreme Court Justice Douglas Hogarth used the term “institutionalized pedophilia” to describe the Residential School system overall, and the systematic sexual abuse by school staff & church officials. That this would continue well after the last such schools were closed, and as many survivors gained positions of power & authority in their communities, appears logical considering how widespread patterns of intergenerational abuse have been.


Considering the nature & extent of the problem, are the solutions offered by groups such as Amnesty International, the Native Women’s Association of Canada, and other organizations, really viable? Will more money & police adequately protect Indigenous women & children? As violence & abuse against Indigenous women & children continues at an extremely high rate, the answer appears to be No.

Violence against Indigenous women & children is not a new phenomenon. Although we would be naïve to suggest it never existed in pre-colonial societies, its expansion to a social & systemic problem most certainly has its roots in the violent colonization of the Americas by Europeans, beginning in 1492. European colonization was fueled by racist & patriarchal ideology that was legally & morally sanctioned by the Christian church.

These beliefs served to dehumanize Indigenous people & instill in colonial settlers a profound fear & hatred. Indigenous women were seen as ‘squaws’ & whores, sexually available for depraved Europeans away from their homes & families. The result was campaigns of rape, torture, murder, and massacres. Women & children were abducted to be used as slaves & sexual objects.

The same beliefs that fueled genocidal military campaigns also guided colonial policy, including the Indian Act & Residential Schools, which were designed to assimilate Indigenous peoples by suppressing their culture & imposing European forms. It is no surprise, then, that the same techniques of rape, torture, murder, abduction, & enslavement were used in the Residential Schools.

Prior to colonization, most Indigenous nations were matrilineal, with women having far greater autonomy & power than their European counterparts. Indigenous women were frequently in positions of leadership in family, community, trade, military & ceremonial life.

Under colonization, all this changed as European culture was imposed, including patriarchal forms of social organization. Christian missionaries played an important part in this process.

Patriarchy was institutionalized under laws such as the Indian Act, which recognized only male leaders and placed the most assimilated of these into positions of power & authority through the band councils. Native women, in fact, were not even considered legal persons and were not allowed to own land or participate in band councils or even elections.

In addition, Native women who married a non-band member (Native or non-Native) lost their status, a measure designed to further undermine their position & influence in Indigenous society. Combined, these measures disempowered women politically, socially, culturally and economically, making them increasingly dependent on men & the colonial system.

By the late 1800s, Residential Schools had been established in both the US and Canada to forcibly assimilate Indigenous children into European society. Run by the churches, where staff had absolute control & were accountable to no one, the result was widespread sexual, physical & mental abuse of Native children.

Many survivors returned to their communities traumatized, where the patterns of abuse learned at the schools was perpetrated against their own people. The result has been widespread intergenerational patterns of physical & sexual abuse in Indigenous communities that continue to this day.

If we agree the problem is a systemic and social one, this means that there must be systemic & social changes made. Not only must we raise awareness & understanding in an effort to change individual views & practices, we must also address ourselves to making the necessary systemic change. This must involve not only our communities, but also the entire colonial system that maintains oppression & exploitation, for it is here that the root causes of violence & abuse directed against Native women & children originate.

More money & programs, more police, will not help to make these changes. Instead, they retard our ability as a people to come to grips with this phenomenon, even if they are able to capture some of the perpetrators & provide shelter for a few women. Ultimately, they will increase our dependence on the colonial regime while perpetuating division within our communities, at the same time disarming us of our ability to self-organize and take action.

INCITE!, a US-based women’s organization, has stated that,”Law enforcement approaches to violence against women may deter some acts of violence in the short term. However, as an overall strategy for ending violence [against women] criminalization has not worked.

“The reliance on state-funding… has increased the professionalization of the anti-violence movement & alienated it from its community-organization, social justice roots…

“The reliance on the criminal justice system has taken power away from women’s ability to organize collectively to stop violence & has invested this power within the state. The result is that women who seek redress in the criminal justice system feel disempowered & alienated. It has also promoted an individualistic approach…. Such that the only way people think they can intervene in stopping violence is to call the police. This reliance has shifted our focus from developing ways communities can collectively respond to violence.”
(Conquest; Sexual Violence & American Indian Genocide, pp. 171-72)

In the past, before colonialism, our peoples had the ability to protect ourselves from both external & internal threats. People were held accountable for anti-social crimes and could not seek refuge behind closed doors or colonial institutions. Under colonialism, this ability to defend ourselves has been dismantled along with the breakdown of family & community structure.

“Domestic violence & sexual abuse among Native Americans have become a problem of epidemic proportions that effects both old & young…” (Charon Asetoyer, Seminole Tribune, June 17, 1999)

“It is commonly known throughout Indian Country that 90% of Indian women in chemical dependency treatment are victims of rape & childhood sexual abuse.” Terri Henry (Cherokee, quoted in Sexual Assault in Indian Country)

It would be a grave mistake to see violence & abuse against Native women only at the level of serial killers & unknown predatory males stalking sex-trade workers. In its 1989 survey, the Ontario Native Women’s Association found that 80% of Indigenous women had experienced some form of family violence, with 53% reporting they had been physically abused. According to most data, the vast majority of abuse & violence against women & children in general is perpetrated by male partners or family members (with most of this going unreported).

The European family structure, in which the man is traditionally the head of the family (“His home is his castle”), itself enables patriarchal violence & abuse to occur, while at the same time concealing it behind closed doors.

Every household then becomes a separate ‘kingdom’, in which the levels of abuse rest entirely on the nature of the individual male in command. Community division & social isolation enable this abuse to continue, along with tolerance, indifference, or outright denial, by family & community members.

In regards to violence & abuse against Native women & children, it is in the family & community structures where real change must be made, for it is also here that the vast majority of abuse occurs. It is from the home that many Indigenous children & youth attempt to escape in the first place, through gangs, drugs, alcohol, & urbanization. Along with poverty, it is this domestic violence & abuse that propels so many Indigenous women & children into drugs & prostitution.


Domestic violence & abuse is based on power & control; usually, it results from the efforts of a male to control & assert power over women and/or children. Alcohol & drugs are often a part of this abuse, and are seen as contributing factors to the loss of self-control associated with violent & abusive acts. This power & control is manifested in different ways:

• Psychological Abuse includes intimidation, controlling behavior, isolation from family & friends, possessiveness & intense jealousy, control of money & other resources, as well as verbal abuse such as threats, degrading language or constant criticism.

• Physical Abuse includes acts such as slapping, punching, kicking, shoving, etc. It can result in assaults & death.

• Sexual Abuse involves forced sexual acts such as molesting & rape, or violent & degrading sex.


For women or youth in a violent & abusive relationship or situation, they must devise a safety & escape plan for themselves and their children (if any).

These might include:

• Talk to others that you trust so that they are aware of your situation.

• Telling trusted friends & neighbors to intervene or alert others if they hear or see violent assaults occurring.

• Plan a safe location to go to if you decide to leave. It may be a local transition house/women’s shelter, a relative or friend, where your partner cannot locate or approach you.

• Acquire money & resources to aid in transportation, food, etc.

• Packing bag for yourself & children and storing at friend’s.

• Putting ID or important documents (i.e., custody papers) in a safe place, both your own and child (if any).


• Men who abuse women and/or children must be exposed. Take or acquire photographs of individuals confirmed to be abusers and anonymously make posters revealing their actions. Share information & knowledge, both within & between communities. This alerts others to the problem and enables them to better protect themselves and/or children.

It may also result in more severe consequences for abusers, so every effort should be made to confirm charges against specific individuals.

• Form a group of trusted friends to take direct action against violence & abuse when necessary.

• Challenge patriarchal attitudes & beliefs in the family, at school, at work, and in the community. This includes beliefs that men are inherently smarter, stronger, better, etc., and that women are naturally inferior, stupid, weak, etc. It also includes views that women are sexual objects to be exploited by men (i.e., the glamorization of prostitution & pimping as promoted through corporate entertainment).

• Whether you are male or female, work to promote women’s leadership & participation in the resistance movement. In Chiapas, Mexico, many commanders in the Zapatista Army of National Liberation are Mayan women.

It is our duty as warriors to defend & protect our people, territory & way of life. Abuse & violence against women & children, whether in the form of attitudes or actions, must be challenged. The traditional role & status of women in Indigenous society must be reaffirmed & strengthened. The church & state have a long history of institutionalized violence & sexual abuse against our people, which has resulted in intergenerational patterns of abuse within our communities. The criminal justice system has proven itself incompetent & incapable of protecting Indigenous women & children. This struggle will necessitate confronting both abusers in the community and the source of systemic abuse itself: the colonial system.


Juarez, Mexico
Located across the border from El Paso, Texas, Juarez is a sprawling city of some 1.3 million. Its population has grown as new maquiladora factories, part of free trade zones set up in the 1990s, have been established along the US-Mexican border. Juarez has also become infamous for the number of disappeared and murdered women. Since the 1990s, hundreds of young women have disappeared, with some estimates as high as 700. As many as 380 bodies have been found, many with signs of torture & mutilation.

As in the Vancouver cases, government officials & police have long denied there is any serial killer at work, or that the killings are in any way related. While officials & police appear baffled by these grisly killings, many women’s organizations, human rights groups, and individuals have their own theory: it is in fact government officials, police and wealthy businessmen who are behind many of the disappearances & killings. It is their involvement that has blocked any serious investigations.

In fact, in 2004 a special federal prosecutor Guadalupe Lopez Urbina, recommended charges against dozens of current & former police officers for negligence in dealing with the killings. But state officials charged only two investigators, and later dropped the charges. According to one spokesperson for Amnesty International USA, “In these cases, it is evident that state authorities were incapable and unwilling to provide justice.”


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  1. there is a small problem with your information here. The main issue is with the issue of the most of the abuse going on within the home. In many cases the Non_first ntaions community has identified racial assults against First nations women and children to have been committed more often by Foster parenst and each foster parent has hundreds of victims. First nations are 7 times more likely than a Non-First nations woman to have a stranger or acqauainyance attack against her. the attackers are gnerally Non_foirst nations. In many of the cases the idea of intergnerational transfer among First nations belies the facts that Intergenerational transfer is not form white institutional or foster care to First nations unrelated child but within their own families and to their own children as a result of the fact that these are unconfronted untreated offenders. Cross cultural intergenerational transferr stops short when a child who is attacked by a white step parent or offenders even within their own home looks in the mirror, they do not realistically identify witht heir attackers.
    In the attack on First nations by rape propaganda there is a little too much chest thmping mea cupla amaong First nations. The issue of patriarchy is still going strong. The information is there but it must be mined. White on Aborigenal crime is still a thousand times more common.

    The most horrifying of these assaults is the use of step mother and foster mother assaults and murders of First nations childen identifyed as if this were a Native women hurting their own child. In many cases First nations people report a rape of their mother but they don’t identify the race of the offender who was a white friend of their fathers in many cases. In many cases children identify abuse without attaching the nationality of the actual offender. They are attributing actions to the community without effectively identifying the problem as rape propaganda and refusal of equal protection before the law to First nations women and children. The issue of remoing children form the community on these basis has been the resulting not simple colonial policy but has created opprotunities for Non-First natoions offnders to abuse ione genrationafter another. The foster care ssytem in Alberta and the sate of the White lead First nations NGOs is THE PROBLEM. Theses people are denying their culpabilty . tehy pi[=oint to past abuse while refusing to recognize the terrorization and horros pof the present day. We are not all dead yet.


    Anne Fox

    • Sorry I didn’t spell check This!!1 The issues here in Edmonton as can be seen by the fact that one of our sixties scoop victims ( Georgina Papin )was placed in British Columbia as a child and was a victim of Robert Pickton as a young woman tempted away by offers of friendship from a rehabilitation service. These children are often driven into the streets when they reach the age of questioning their identity. There they are further abused. In some cases as here they are escaping severe group home and foster care abuse as well as institutional abuse. Cult ideals are rejected by them and forced religious indoctrination is not effective. Allegations are made by the offenders against their character.

      The issue of the ongoing transport of the children to areas outside of Alberta into British Columbia has been done with the use of the adoptive services transferring the scoop children through the Mormon based programs. Evidence is now coming forward though the FLDS documented statements that a forced labor camp in Sundre Alberta, operated by a member of the cult, has been used to demand that the girls of the FLDS marry. Investigation of the abuse has tied the issue geographically to what is referred to as the Mormon Corridor. Yellowknife is the latest area of missonary recruitment.

      The trafficking of girls cross border has been proven by the Jeffs diaries and information and the issue of as many as 31 under aged Canadian girls trafficked. The RCMP are scheduled to investigate the issue in Texas.
      In The United States three areas are mentioned and they are the Colorado/ Texas Utah and in Canda there is a single community ( Bountiful /Creston British Columbia mentioned but a labor camp is revealed in Sundre Alberta.
      The issue of transferring services from Creston with Karen Erickson ( NCSA formerly Family Services Association) has been questioned. Wendy Morgan appears as transferring services along with Gilchrist from the programs of Lancashire University in London ( UK) to Lower mainland British Columbia and to LDS Community Services in Lethbridge. ( Hypnosis Rapid eye movement recovery Therapy, as well as intuitive responses to issues rather than evidentiary.) These techniques are used to discredit witnesses. ( Alberta Courts and most around the world will not accept evidence from any person who has been hypnotized in therapy.)
      Wendy Morgan and Gilchrist are also known in Alberta as in the program co-ordinator for The Grant Macewan University In Edmonton providing services in training for child care providers and service providers since 1997. ( A ten week short course for all services through a work fare intitiative.) At Aboriginal Initiatives in Edmonton the services are done as a part of three person team of program services providers working with Bosco Homes and within the Children’s services programs including the managers Clay Golden and Robert Buist. Wendy Morgan and Gillian Colquhuon are also involved in these Mormon Based programs at East Neighborhood office. False allegations are made through the Crisis Unit and followed by this route to the Mormon programs within Aboriginal Initiatives.

      Buist coordinated the privatization of adoption services and the investigation funds for the children trafficked in this manner were stopped in 2004. This has been a matter of continual creation of untrackable transfer of children to paces outside the province through the private adoption agencies as organized by this group working within the services for the entry of the program of trafficking humans.
      The systematic abuse of these children with the use of the Mormon based programs has been revealed through the use of geographical profiling both techniques adherence to practices and the use of false allegations, character assassination, ambient psychological abuse and munchhausen’s by proxy against victims and witnesses.

      Prior to the deterioration of the Warren Jeffs factions the Alberta Children’s services has introduced the use of forced religious programs via provision of funding to services such as Bosco Homes which is guilty of transporting thousands of scoop victims through their programs in Saskatchewan prior to 1987. They left Saskatchewan under a cloud of suspicion after a series of First nations children had come forward as complainants. They have been re-established in Alberta and are wide spread. Laws allowing the educational religious and health care decisions to be controlled by the Alberta Children’s services legally as soon as an apprehension or agreement takes place creates the opportunity for the abuse. This was accomplished fully at 2004. ( Preventative and investigative apprehensions were also then permitted to be done.) Time frames were shortened. Adoption agencies now announce that they can usually get a child from Alberta Children’s services in an open adoption by the latest time of two years. They also make it clear that if in an open adoption the family moves away and does not give a forwarding address that is acceptable since no one is able to track them. Only letters are sent through the agency giving them devolved powers of self control and self regulation.

      Information in the study of human trafficking triangles within Canada based on crime reports. ( The American DEA also tracks this and a report is provided each year Canada has a bad record ( 2Nd tier) especially in the 2003 reports.)

      MLA Janis Tarchuk made arrangements in 2006 at the International Adoptions meeting in Hong Kong to create smoother paths for the adoption of children bringing a flood through Vancouver private adoptions of girl children. This issue was shown on websites the sale of Chinese babies for 3000 dollars American using Canadian documentation. The issue is that these abuses of First nations children and babies are not tracked and the abuse of their families is done under these circumstances of allegations and removal on a preventative level.
      This is effecting as many as 800 children via this agency in a single year. The fact that Alberta has permitted this attack on children and the use of private religious based abuse has been clear. In most cases the victims will be turning up for years. This has been a program with the intention of removal of children form good homes obviously since the beginning. This trafficking of children has been known and understood for many years. The sixties scoop was first investigated in the 1980s but is only now being litigated. The plan here is to abuse as many children as possible before the attack can be ended in Alberta.
      The reverberation of this abuse is ongoing and the issue has not stopped and is not alleviated but has instead been legalized and systematized.

      The issue has been somewhat fewer apprehensions in Edmonton proper but his abuse program has already swept the province. The abuse is underway yet in the areas of Calgary and Canmore. The issue of bodies along highways is not the only matter the tracking of actual disapearances with 50.000 children missing across Canada. Many of these are First nations children which have to be tracked. In Alberta over fifty are missing from Alberta Children’s Institutions. See the RCMP website. The use of this program of trafficking and violation of children’s rights has been a part of the major intention here which is to remove and to abuse as many children as can be managed over shorter periods of time. Child trafficking routes have not been related to the actual offenders until I have written about them here. The issue of the offender base and their intentions has not been revealed tot he public. False allegations are at the base of this program in the Alberta Response Model. The entire program is a cover-up for the abuse of children by government staff and their streaming from the government offices to the private programs in an attempt to remove liability. Bosco Homes has operated in Alberta since 1987 and this has been done with their efforts at the heart of it and with their programs entered. I have tracked their progress through the system. Salmon of the Mormon Missionaries has now after having been involved as Auditor General in providing cover for Bosco Homes moved on to work in Yellowknife. This issue is larger than the programs of the Catholic issue and includes Ontario with Don Bosco Homes as a part of this expansive assault on children. United way programs such as the family service associations have also been implicated. The removal of the funding for any First nations issue or child from these programs and the separation from their policy or decision making capacity must be immediate. Partnerships must at this time be dissolved as the programs are not intended to serve the families in any preventative way but as a build up to abuse.

      The Parental Alienation Syndrome/ The Residential School Survivor Syndrome/ and the older (False) Recovered Memory Syndrome attacks on children have been forwarded in this manner. These syndromes as recounted by these policy makers are not genuine nor effective and they provide a false victims blaming strategy. As fads in diagnosis and refusal of genuine issues of civil rights for First nations or genuine services these are intentional assaults on the people who have undergone the horrible tragedy of therapy abuse under these programs. These are simply replacement of the blame for the abuse of a child to internalization or intrafamilial abuse or form offender to victim and witness in many cases. They are travesties of racism and social injustice on the people they are intended to serve.

      Part of the trail of tears may be investigated as the route between Alberta and British Columbia programs of abuse such as the known transport through Calgary to Mission British Columbia, of the 7 and 8 year old victims who were who were sexually abused by J. Morgan who quietly plead guilty to the offenses in Calgary. Child trafficking done by this route has included First nations children and teenaged girls falsely referred to as prostitutes by their offenders. Human trafficking routes have been revealed ,however the offenders who support these programs are well placed and it is in their defence by Alberta Children’s services that the issue has been created. The programs of abuse to be prevented must first be stopped internally and the attackers removed. No person who has been abusing children with false reports or intuited investigations after the fact of apprehension must be permitted to continue. Their case files and the programs they are involved in must be revealed. Their track records on these matters are to be properly investigated and their corrupt practices must be stopped. The removal of these Rus Pickford ( director of child intervention traveling also to Vancouver speaking engagements) and Kathy Campbell manger of the team program as well as Liz Hedeguardt operations manager are supported and the established routes of attack are to be stopped not with a single arrest but by the issue of criminal investigation of a criminal organization or removal of the legal sanctions for their abuse.

      That is no further apprehensions on the basis of these peoples judgement and with bad cause or intuition or “stated” belief, without reliable evidence. Nothing relates reasonable or probable grounds and no issue of any apprehension support must be issued without that. False “emergencies” have to be prevented from reinforcement. These children are being attacked and abused after the fact to justify a ‘bad bust” and racial tracking without a genuine belief that any crime or abuse has actually been committed. The rights accorded a suspected criminal are not given to the children. They are busting children at birth these days. You will note that the information I have provided is relevant clear factual and is not based on gossip or any intuition. It is time for an objective analysis. No more health care fraud nor any use of a trend in diagnosis to abuse and assault children.

      At this time the use of contacts within the FLDS in which a “crack down” under Warren Jeffs took place with the issue of controls placed in Canada since 1998 when he took over their leadership from Rulan Jeffs. Warren Jeffs has been convicted in Texas ,however the investigation in Alberta has not been done. The trail of tears is here as well. Project EPANA appears to end at the British Columbia border and the government of Alberta is uncooperative. See the websites in Saskatchewan for a better understanding of the types of systems co-ordination which could easily be done in Alberta by the RCMP here. There is no reason that the system can not be expanded Canada wide.
      The use of funds promised by Rona Ambrose to the First nations women for the investigation have been provided for the recovery of human remains. That is too little too late. ( 4 of 10 million pledged with Deputy Chief of Edmonton Police services Norm Lipinsky at the head. I suspect he’ll have the same success with the RCMP that he had in Edmonton.)
      These assaults are ongoing with as many as 51 murders in care in the last ten years most of whom were First nations children. The intention here is to make a finding that First nations children are at risk but to make the numbers tell a different story than the facts. The issue of selection of worst possible placement which is done with the intention to abuse the First nations community. At this point the use of Children’s services delegates to attack families by making inappropriate apprehensions then placing the child with the worst choice in a placement Is the method. the use of placement criterion of who is the least likely to support the return of the child is used. The issue is the abuse of the family by telling each member not to talk to the others and by making suggestions about the suspicions which they have. The suspicions are often based ion falsehoods intuition and bad judgement. In some cases they use a jealous relative or a person who has some interest in controlling the parent or the child for advantage or any of the business interests which have been built up in the Non-First nations community, for example each of the many agencies which now has a small cut of First nations dissipated funding under their control in a private agency or childcare outlet.

      The issue of subsidies for these agencies which are now involved in the action to attempt to make a finding of suspicion against any person who may report them for abuse of the children in their charge was a major issue for Alberta. During the 17 years of deregulation a series of complaints regarding the abuse of First nations children while in the care of a daycare,family day home or at a preschool were intentionally mishandled and no charges were laid against the worst offenders until after the ban on external investigation was ended November of 2008. At that time a Daycare center in the main area of the avenue of Nations on 118 avenue was closed temporarily after the proprietor was found to be providing “special help” and support to a family while abusing the child. The other issue was a family day home provider who was unlicensed due to direct prior knowledge by Mamowe Child and Family services of abuse in the day home which continued in operation and in which no charges were ever laid. He was found to have been sexually abusing children at that place Near Fort Road for as many as ten years the irregularity in subsidy payments was permitted to continue and the Alberta Children’s services is responsible through their offices for not investigating the issues further while permitting continuation of subsidies. In that case the issue of the payments after the closing have not been dealt with although a seven year old child has now been the subject of a later investigation and charges at this late date against the sexual offender. In the other cases there was abuse at the Stoney Palin daycare which had been open for the full 17 years of the deregulation period. The other abuse program was in Camrose with a series of five children physically battered. Another offender murdered a child by shaken baby syndrome in Lethbridge.

      This was not a spate of new complaints but the first in the series of complaints which arose once children’s services stopped protecting the offenders by simply refusing their reports if the report was not site inspection based. The protection of offenders formula involves those who complain being told buyer beware. The complaint are uninvestigated due to the refusal as the responsibility for the investigation was to be done by no one as no one outside the site inspection office of Mamowe was to look into this. The next step was to allow those businesses receiving subsidy to punish the reporter and to endanger her position in employment of in job search and otherwise by allowing them to use the subsidy as if it were rent demanding a first month and last month deposit.

      The reports of a child receiving subsidy could be abused by the use of this tactic against a child by attacking the child and then refusing investigation at Children’s services followed by a counter allegation against the child witness and parent which is often done. ( Note abuse of families who file complaints with the Police services concerning the abuse by one of their members or a team member against a child is handled the same way.)

      ( See Glenora preschool and several community League based preschools.) For example if a mother took her child from a program she lost three months subsidy. Contracts state that the first month deposit is to be paid and the month in which the child is withdrawn brings a penalty the next month the taking of leaving of program without notice deposit. For the facilities and the abusive programs this has been a windfall of cash and all they have to do is abuse children and parents. Several of the programs have a waiting list. No information of the nature of these bad programs or the danger to the children or the child witness of abuse is a considered issue. The abuse of the children in that 17 year period has been intense. In the case as it now stands the issue of demand for regulation has not reached the major problem of false accusing children who are abused of mental illness which is the new method being used to prevent the friends and business associates of the Alberta Children’s services from being regulated or investigated for the abuse of children. The abuse of children often involves former children’s services delegates Police wives and Teachers and their partnerships.

      They stream the referrals to the false programs called pilot programs and which are issues identified by this group, accessing health care funding. They actually create their own market. The use of trauma and abuse is the action and the cover for abuse is done continually. Screening by unqualified staff which is absurd since children see a public health nurse for all of their vacinations and they see doctors for regular check-ups. Attack at a daycare of preschool is done as matter of pretense. These individuals see issues in those they don’t like or who are somehow different or who they have abused or bullied. Teacher involved ( Ie teacher as bully supporter or those who initialize bullying through encouragement and example ) bullying is common as part of racism and bigotry.The most recent abuse has been the fake Autism programs which do not use a recommended doctor or any type of services which could reasonably be expected to assess children This has been done through the acceptance of ‘social workers or child care workers as health care staff under the health professions act. These individuals have no ability nor actual training not provided by Alberta Children’s services in the recognition or care of an Autistic child and teams are subject to the lowest common denominator. Systems complexity can’t be blamed here since once a child is false labelled by these individuals the issue has attached. They have both ulterior motives and a clear agenda of abuse.

      The action is ridiculous on the face of it health care funding for a program of care to children improperly diagnosed and treated. The use of this program is unconscionable with children recommended by the business associates at Alberta Children;s services to start a business to allow them to false accuse children and this is requested by Alberta Children’s services as they make use of an improper “medical care” services with no doctors, no nurses, no responsible person with a genuine program of study related to the child’s rehabilitation genuine diagnosis or or successful recovery from trauma.. In short a health care funding fraud.

      The investigation would not turn up any abuse since it was site inspection only. .The other issue. For example a jealous sister, cousin or a bad mouthing mother or grandparent who has been abusing the person through-out their life is actually cause for an apprehension. This is done as a suspicion and the caller is never identified. Often this is done internally as a screener contacts by internal memo the subject of the complaint. ( All screeners are now members of the AUPE which is involved at the entry level of every program access is blocked otherwise Alberta Connects as well as the support network and every other program streams the caller.). The complaint is not registered before the team member has made their excuses and has had an opportunity to destroy evidence. In the case of the team programs they are informed of a complaint against a police officer etc.
      Retaliation which includes abuse of the child is done by other team mates. The teams are interactive. In some cases the Children’s services delegates contact the child and call them a liar at school.
      They request that the teachers not tell the parent they are going to accuse what they did. Sometimes they go over all files and observe and talk to the child all day. This is recorded in a single entry of about five lines and no contact area is given. Investigators abuse the child in unrecorded interviews at intervals. ( How do you know that?!!! who told you to say that? To a five year old and at preschools to children as young as three.) The interviews can be considered an abuse and attack on the child they are not recorded for the purpose of abuse of the child. When teachers call to try to protect the child they are refused entry into the file. Eg Someone claiming to be a teacher called and nothing of what was said or who they claimed to be? From what school.) Constantly using the method of saying “someone” instead of the name of the caller. The use of “Someone” is often done to prevent the record in official records and documents as redacted files are provided to people who are not to have the private information and all staff are aware of this.) Any person who uses the words someone rather than the caller refused to identify themselves should immediately be fired. Law enforcement can not be done by this technique, factual information is necessary and is the basis for genuine services. Vague musing and the recording of contacts we don’t know where or by what means in summaries of up to ten contacts allow workers to claim sporadic or no contact or interests. ( MLA Janis Tarchuk actually made this statement on the floor of the legislature “claiming” it was her workers who say this. Since the AUPE represents the workers I would guess this comes from them in an effort to prevent the use of documentation as evidence against those who abuse children and families. This is not only bad business it is rude incompetent and is cruel. Furthermore if the individuals intended honest services they would not have to or want to do this at all. Their opinions would be based on what they saw. heard, did or observed and understood from a valid placement or source of truthful information.

      Documents can’t be misused as they are presently and those who do this regularly as some ( Karen Kerr / Roberta Allen/ Sandra Azocar Karen Collins etc Edmonton Crisis Unit staff should be prevented from doing this again by firing. This is definitely a firing offense. These are legal documents and no person who is intentionally misusing them to abuse children should be permitted to continue. This is deliberate falsification of a document. These are already trained for use at Alberta Children’s services and these individuals know they are law enforcement personel. They must abide by the law and each one of them should be fired. These are not errors but deliberate and intentional.

      The next health care funding fraud to be aware of is the use of the Goup home systems run by former childrens services delagtes and their relatives or the mebers of the training programs for dependent adults. these flop houses are bsuiness alberta wide which prey oin the dependent adults demnding group home care and eseparating families. In additon the pay for one on one care to a person caring for a dependent adult is exhorbiatnt at as much as 3000 dollars per month live inh. The assessors for this gigantic fee are in fact the providers of the service. That cost is 500 to 1000 dollars. The demand is provided by the Assured Income for the Severely Handicapped but the inhabitants who are not in need of placement. Demands and harassment precede the placements from the Alberta Health services nurses leaving the elder in a large home alone or families with a room at home and one at the group home. This is done as the promise of greater services and relief care is provided to a person who does not want relief. They are the mentally ill patients that suffer most as they are prevented from thriving phsyically and moving forward with clear programs of advance,ment and especially with interrupted and abused family support. ( This is most common for dependent adults who live with a senior parent or elder who has cared for them through-out their lives. This is phased market manipulation and privatization. In many cases they are caused to be in severe ill health by refusal of services and supports to the family then alternate promises that the supports will be permitted if they enter the business programs and will then be provided as included in a “professional” service. No such thing takes place and the person’s health deteriorates and what gains they have accomplished are prevented exercise and proper nuitrition are taken from them and no programs of recreation are permitted they are not allowed to do many sheltered work positions of their selection and may be completely degenerated when confronted by the community abuse of families living nearby. They want all dependent adults out of their area due to problems with property values etc. Dependent adults who have lived in their families community and are well known there are accepted and included by their neighbors, and in some cases work mates. Some dependent adults begin to overeat, drink, gamble and abuse pornography as the situation deteriorates. Obsessive compulsive behaviors arise. The business holders encourage this as it permits them to operate without complaints from the dependent adults themselves. Those who do not succumb to this as they are not interested in these types of inducements are often demanded to be severely over-medicated and isolated and abused by the ongoing select deterioration of their mental state or so it is reported.

      For the abuse of Elders see the Alberta Elders advocates Website. Please note these abuses are done as prods for business gain and the constant threatening and aggressive sales tactics of the government and public services workers supports their private business interests. At those services as you can see substandard care is provided.

      See the Genocide Watch Website for the eight stages of genocide.

      These issues are placed within this framework and the actions of these individuals are the planned attack of the individuals . As you can see policy is not formed in a vacuum and they are aware of human rights and civil rights abuses and how they track. They are well informed.


      Anne Fox

  2. I’ve done additional Research here and there has been further evidence of abuse of First Nations in the Prince George area through the Judiciary David Ramsay. He has been charged with sexual assault of a minor and has been removed from the bench. No investigation of the RCMP or Children’s Services systems or youth courts in those areas has been entered. The abuse of children especially those in care is reaching a crescendo. Many girls and youth are running away which increases their vulnerability to “disappearance” which at last reported count from the RCMP is at over 50,000 of all missing children nation wide.

    In the cases which have been investigated in recent history First nations girls and women make statements at public meetings and through their use of criminal charges against many of thee individuals. They are not being heard the charges are not persued at all as in the cases of Thomas Svekla in Alberta or they are covered up with the help of Alberta Children Services and Alberta Justice.

    The abuse of children in care is still and issue and more than that the rate at which the Alberta Government and others are attacking. The sweep which is terrorizing abusing and murdering children especially babies in Edmonton Alberta the murder capital of Canada is underway. Terroristic attacks on children by the combined services in the Alberta Response Model are underway. The terroristic abuse is patterned after torture techniques which are used at Abhou Grabe. The abuse often is an attack which is referred to as ambient psychological abuse and abuse by proxy. In short there is no safe place for a child once Alberta Health Services/ Alberta Children’s Services / The RCMP/ and the Edmonton Police Services begin attacking.

    This is the pattern used through-out Alberta and in the world wide assault. The use of the UN program referred to as Safer Cities Programs is in practice In Surrey BC. Edmonton Alberta and in Thunder bay Ontario. The policy has been to have the Police stand down and permit the growth of organized crime. In each case a policy of third world style abuse of families and of children and refusal of Police services to those in need.

    The Safer Cities Task Forces expand organized crime by removal of enforcement and in most cases local corrupt Police as in the many now arrested in British Columbia at this point. This refusal of Police Services and misapplication of Protection to the sources of abuse has been done in an effort to defend those who defend attacks and to prevent in Canada the calling to account of the Police forces and the Children’s services delegates who fully participated in the sixties scoop terror assaults on children. The most recent assault is the backlash attacking the community attempting to destabilize and to destroy family bonds.

    The use of programs of assault include the Alec Baldwin Gambit most often used here in Edmonton and reinforced buy the local programs. This program is about the “parental alienation syndrome” taught at Parenting After Separation,or pop psychology and fads from the United Way partnership with the Alberta Government. Each of these assaults is done with intent to harm. The oppressive mental health services marketers are involved in ambient psychological ( gas-lighting) attacks on families. The abuse is so extreme that once the recovered memory syndrome therapy is used that the individual is considered to be discredited. The use of this terror attack is done at Native Counseling Services of Alberta with psychologist /program manager Karen Erickson formerly of The Family Service Association abusing the youth. In some cases children have been savagely attacked and the Police are intentionally preventing their disclosure. Mobbing bullying drugging very young girls ans sexual assaults by gang rape even on school property has become common. Raves and radio programs in the Universities have been established.

    In the case of Chrystal Coombs, the Police actively covered up the involvement of Mike Krywoheza in the murder of an eight month old baby and the beating and abuse of the mother who at that time was 18 years old. The attack on the child and on the girl had been reported in two 911 calls. the second one from outside the building. Krywoheza had absented himself then contacted the sympathetic Edmonton Police Services who then rushed the victim. The child was removed and the offender not present at the time of the assault was never charged. The 18 yr old ,reported years of sexual attack by the offender Krywoheza but was accused as in her contact with the Native Counseling Services Youth Program Manager ( Karen Erickson) as having recovered memories by the court ( Justice Mandersheid) after her plea agreement.

    Erickson a long term self proclaimed “expert” on may issues from the Family Service Association of the United way has been involved in the refusal of the offenders who have been involved in abusing children to a more acceptable person within the individuals own family. In many cases the abuse which has taken place has been done by those individuals in the hierarchy within Edmonton who are yet active abusers and are not to be accused.

    Those offenders include the people who have long been included in the abuse of sixties scoop victims at the Mapleridge and Marydale children’s facilities as well as the Children’s Center abusers who have been involved in assaults on First nations teens or children and sexual abuse of those in their charge. In addition the creation of fear and threat as well as excessive medicating of the children has created issues o for each of the children who were present at the institutional facilities. In most cases the children now grown have blamed themselves and the authority figures and social workers involved in the abuse and it’s cover-up have been transferred and elevated through-out the system. Conferencing and shared resources ( Health Pro/ GHX and Rus Pickford Director of Child Intervention attendance at several Vancouver conferences.)

    They are all still in contact with youth and have a track record of refusal to accept the word of a child. In discrediting child testimony the false mental health accusation has been used as well by LDS Family Services in Lethbridge. The use of Lancashire University training ( Gilchrist/ Morgan) in London has permitted the children to be continually abused by the intentional use of psycho-tropic medications as well as hynosis, play therapy and rapid eye movement recovery therapy or other programs which involve intuitive but not actual observations and statements by the supported opinion of members of the Cult Mormon religion. Bosco Homes uses this style of assault as well with medications targeting children in order to create the prized symptom agitation which will entitle them to physically assault as listed below. The effects of these attacks last long into the future and i some cases have created a generation of dependent adults and those who are drug addicted or criminally involved and in prison. Their increased vulnerability is often used to indoctrinate and to extend the membership of the 60s scoop victims in their programs of abuse.

    The use of multiple medications is ongoing ( see Frontline reports online) and it a part of market manipulation by Elly Lilly lobbyists which have actively participated in the making of the Alberta health Act. They have been criminally convicted of the market manipulation but have this under appeal. In the mean time Alberta has accelerated their abuse of children and is now false diagnosing children as Autistic or as having FASD spectrum disorder which can now be found in absence of parental information.

    The use of these abusive programs of assault has been written into the Child Youth and Family Enhancement Act which contains a section on matters for consideration . This section includes the consideration of ” pervasive developmental delay” this is on the spectrum scale of Autism. It also includes the presence of domestic violence (or disharmony). The abuse of children with the wide spread screening attack has been underway since November of 2005. Falsification of the Autism Spectrum has been the outcome via the use of Alberta Children’s Services teams. The attacks have included an abuse of each child involved and the manufacturing of evidence against that child by a series of assaults. (Physical assaults usually involve dragging, grabbing, shoving- pushing chasing and hair cutting “restraining” in public places or in front of parents and at school ranging to more damaging blows in private.)

    The abuse of the child involved a constant and continual use of a play one off against the other campaign with each family member abused. The force with which the child is attacked is dependent on the health of the child. To reduce a very healthy child to the level of ill-health required for this diagnostic attack must be prolonged and continual over a period of several years. Each of the series of assessments and there are many is done after a ambient psychological assault or a flurry of abuse. The children abused are younger than ever at this point and the attacks on the child by the use of supervisors who attack using behavioral psychology supported disciplines ( Changes visitation/ The Family Center supported by the United Way) which in fact are torture assault verbal abuse inappropriate and unfair treatment and punishments or ongoing repeated accusations not only of them but of their protectors ( parents).

    ( see the NWAC 2010 report) The abuse of Nina Coutepatte is one such clearly racist attack at the Crisis Unit of Edmonton. She is an older child victim (13) but it was clear that the social worker had increased her vulnerability and when the abuse was not immediately effective she was reassessed a second time as the victim of a false allegation intended to disrupt her life and her school work as well as her family relationships. As a more vulnerable victim of Child service’s abuse she became involved with those who she could not screen as she would them have believed that those who are attacked are all as innocent as herself. She was viciously beaten and raped murdered and dumped on a golf course as many of the girls and women of Edmonton are attacked.

    The last known victim this year in the now familiar pattern, was Bun Tacciruq who was attacked after she was abused by Alberta Children’s Services with an at birth apprehension of her baby and an attack which allowed Children’s services agressers and their funded NGOs to create a situation of homelessness for the girls and women who they assault via the preventative or investigative apprehension.
    ( Note these methods have been transferred fully through-out Alberta and are in practice everywhere at this time. They have created increased violence through-out the province culminating in the most danger to small children or babies in care of while being subjected to improper health services blocking in the inner city. ( 20 children died in a single neighborhood as a result of improper health services and outbreaks of STDs. In care 51 children died in the last ten years, most of “shaken baby syndrome” really beaten to death.) Dr. Jerry Predy of AHS has been the Safer Cities Task Force member responsible at this time for services studies and he has now created a 12 child study which is to include babies by the use of First nations programs and it is patterned after the failed programs in the California and in Nigeria targeting Black and Hispanic babies too young to be vacinated at that point. ( The issue is the age and weight of the child as well as mercury containing preservatives).
    Most of the women and girls attacked by the teams are then made homeless as they run from the offender who the Police and children’s services support with all the programs and backing including every type of service. ( Housing/ food supplies/ mental health counseling/ health care/ financial assistance /genuine advocacy) these services are always denied to their targets by the use of conferencing and networking. The refusal of services and abuse of the individual who will not make false charges is the norm. In addition the housing projects are abused by the staff. In cases where a woman has propped open a door to the apartment building to get a heavy stroller in she has committed a breach of security. She can easily be evicted when she or her family have been subjected to unfair scuttiny.
    These buildings are very badly served and in most cases so much violence is done in them and around them that the streets in front have fresh blood on the pavement.

    In matters where the abuse of the clients involved is a matter for Police interventions which are targeted to the actual issues for the area which can include the entry of the gang members and their public identification as identified with a particular gang. In the year since this has been the method several gangs have grown up in Edmonton and expanded from here to other areas creating a crime haven here. ( Russian Mob/ Crazy Dragons/ White Boys Posse/ Bandidos MC Bloods/ UN Crew and Cryps)These matters evade mention in the press as a result of Police interference and the use of privacy protection extended to adults who are present with a group of teens or preteens. The secrecy of nationality of the individuals are so ensured unless the actor appears to be First nations and these are confused as to who is or is not a First Nations person in the areas which are multi-national as in the Avenue of Nations.

    For this breech of security a woman and child can be made homeless on short notice and demands and advice given to surrender the child. Once an agreement has been made the Children’s Services delegates boldly laugh in the face of their victim at Boyle St. Co-op stating we don’t care what you do now. In most cases the use of this set up is so common that women have been murdered in large numbers. The head of the Children’s Services office is known for screaming and intimidating as well as involvement with workers who accuse the girl/woman of bad associations in a place where drug dealing and physical violence take place regularly. I suggest that the issue of security is the problem of the organizations and that the safety of the clients is not to be compromised especially for youth. This is an unsuitable family/youth or children’s program and requires immediate closure. The staff are best suited to service to those individuals traditionally served in this area and with the least security in the setting of a possibly dangerous environment more suited to transient men.

    If a girl or woman will not make a false statement or blame the individual who the Police and children’s services demand and this includes children as young as three years old they are physically and psychologically abused continually in an effort to force them to make a false statement. In most cases where no information is available the woman or child is treated as if they committed the offense intuited and without evidence. These men live in the area are known to Police and services but are none the less involved as if reliable confidential informants. Local services where they attend without purpose include the Boyle Street Co-op and the Bissel center, the Mustard Seed Church or the Hope Mission. In some cases reports from men known to consort with prostitutes and heavily intoxicated or drugged are used to counter-accuse a victim of a robbery, or attempt at sexual assault, unlawful confinement or kidnapping.

    Techniques include what it scenarios multiple interviews and play one off the other abuse shaping testimony by the use of threat or favor especially contact with family but often the ability to return to a normal life with routine rest nutrition and exercise. ( These same methods applied to an adult have been considered psychological torture in the prisons of Abhou Grabe for military tribunals of terrorists.) Contagion is another factor. This is very much a part of a plan of discrediting the First Nations witness. That is after torture if a child can be made to say what is demanded then the child is considered thereafter unreliable.

    The Zebra Child Protection Center is especially guilty of this abuse and has convicted hundreds of First nations men using the method and allowing a high rate of conviction with false statements gained by abuse and with reverse onus. In a single year of operation they convicted 158 First Nations men of only 200 prosecutions in the province an insanely un characteristic piece of work with only the main issue of inability to defend or plea bargains. In cases where a person has been able to afford the type of defense which would prevent the false convictions of a witch hunt operation from coming to fruition would any person be able to defend once accused. ( Private investigators, scientific reviews or studies of the facilities and actual investigations left undone when the issues are not too aged to be considered.) Improperly handled investigation and after the fact reviews will not prevent this operation from creating a thousand travesties as it has in every place where it has been used.

    .In every other province the convictions were aligned with the numbers in the population or less. This methodology is so harmful that in cases where the matter could not come to a satisfactory conclusion as a result of the investigatory centralized ( Saskatoon style witch hunter programs and hysteria false convictions were obtained in every case and children were deemed mentally ill once the program was completed and treated as if in need of institutional care at one of the Youth Assessment Centers or at the Mormon facilitated Bosco Homes Treatment Centers.)

    Having been the victims of terror, and improper assessments/ psychotropic pharmaceuticals as well as victims of coercion and entrapment as well as a plethora of human rights violations at Zebra the children have been assaulted most severely. Court preparation classes in which they have been exposed to information and contact with other victims receiving greater attention or access to parents and family has caused some ongoing contagion. In addition their wish to help or support others has been taken advantage of in convincing public displays of heroism. This effects many adults as well. In some cases the Edmonton Police Services were able to convince their own mothers that they had been lying. They had no idea of the state of duress that the child has been under as each child is isolated for that purpose.

    One of the main actors in this attack is psychologist Perlitta Toress, Since 1999 Toress has made thousands of false assessments which adhere to false allegations and create interventions and detentions/ Toress often withdraws her allegations after complaints but only when the damage is done and for large fees. ( Les Block/ Ray Block) These individuals involved in administration and as consultants or as expert witnesses for the Crown have become involved in a long term program of discrediting witnesses and abuse of their offices as psychologists and as mental health advisers and administrators. Block has family relationship locally involved with a criminal MC gang referred to as the Rock Machine and a murder took place with the offender who had in fact killed a person ( Troy Challifoux) and was then released on parole. He was an active participant in recruitment for criminal activity and has had a facebook page with the use of programs of recruitment guns and displayed.

    Familial relationships and personal relationships between members not just of the Police services but of the administrative bodies involved in the provision of services to criminal gangs has prevented their address in Edmonton which has witnessed the growth of several gangs over the time period involved here. The gang recruitment process has included these individual through the entry at the Children’s Services offices of several Police Wives ( Roberta Allen/ Karen Kerr)and their Team partnerships. These women rotate through the Zebra Programs from the Edmonton Crisis Unit. In this case the issue has been the rotation of the criminal actors through services which allow them to make use of their influence to false accuse the innocent or those who would report their relations to organized crime.

    This has included the use of the services to control real estate transactions and to overcome the registries bids for regulation by the creation of two bills entered in the legislature allowing this. The mortgage scams allowing access to the homes and assets of those under attack has permitted property development schemes such as those at Prestige or Now Prestigeous Realty and property investments to overtake the market and to abuse the residents in particular neighborhoods with Police co-operation. The use of the program attack in the inner cities and gentrification areas allows the gangs to get a foothold and encourages their attack on the families businesses and local real estate development as well as construction.

    Note in some cases as in the Disciplinary Hearing Jully 11,2011 for EPS by Superintendent Thomas Grue involving the conduct of three members in breach of confidence. The matter was dismissed as the rental manager had made several conflicting statements as he wanted to both please the officers and maintain their use as a threat to the tenant. The officers had no effective charges made against them in the breach alleging that they had instructed the landlord to act against the renter at #2, 10711-104st.. ( 2004 They referred to him as a suspected drug dealer and gang member and a problem tenant.) Interference in tenancy issues are often done and Police are involved in disputes where the possablity of making the alleged crime hot spot a market ploy deflating values for developers and investment properties for themselves. The same technique is sued to force the purchase of private security devices for business. ( Robberies are uncharged and uninvestigated over a period of several years.) Nearby Community Policing stations refuse reports and are surrounded by actual murders as in the Avenue of Nations station where 14 murders took place within view over a period of ten years. The murders stopped when a local stip mall installed private security cameras and lighting.

    The use of the refusals of the vice detectives to intervene in the gang developments has made a windfall of real estate investment for the Police and for their retirement funds. ( Policy in the Heritage Trust Fund fro Alberta /Fraser investments) Actively involved in the so-called “preventative” non-enforcement and refusal of service to First Nations women, children and youth has been individuals such as Maurice Broduer of EPS. He took advantage of the Federation of Community Leagues portion of the Safer Cities Task Force.The abuse of these children has not only been permitted but has escalated the attacks on specified neighborhoods with connections to Real Estate sites allowing the entry of a policy of refusal of services and then an escalation of violence against the women and children and a final enforcement policy against those who then must defend themselves having been repeatedly denied services.

    This went so far as to allow the AUPE through their intake screening and use of the provincially controlled dispatch call centers to prevent police services to a 16 year old girl kidnapped at gun point by an acquaintance attacker who had used a concoction of street drugs to attack the girl. ( Gambler) The Police at that time had refused to permit the full development of the McLeod center which could have allowed the use of effective forensics. The use of toxicology has been denied in most cases and although the forensic programs have been permitted to have the open positions they have not hired as the ongoing attack of children youth and women has advanced. Police services have lobbied for the use of the funds to create the most highly paid Police in the country and the least educated and trained. ( Their budget has increased by ten million in each of the last six years. )Psychologist Les Block does screening a “treatment” interviews for the Police. The hiring policies have permitted and influx of those who should have been screened due their inability to pass the former usual psychological screening.

    The reduction in professionalism and independence in the services of Forensic Assessment and Community Services was accomplished by the false allegations made against the psychiatrist at the head of the service in Edmonton Dr. O. Cadsky who was removed from his position. The issue was the use of private recordings at a party which were being used to invade privacy to harass and to lower standards in order to permit the use of only those psychologists who would allow the false allegations to be recorded as genuine psychological assessments. The independence of the FACS came under fire when an Alberta Crown prosecutor was dissatisfied with the psychiatric evaluation of the accused which then had the repercussions of abuse of the entire service by political attack. The use of defamation suites against those who make reports has been common in Edmonton as the advancement of corruption and abuse of power under the Stelmach government has corrupted reorganized and cross referenced and disorganized each service.

    The abuse of the individuals victims and witnesses has been the outcome of the reorganization in total of Alberta laws especially those attacking property rights. Bills 19,36. and 50 abuse private property rights. There have been two administrative changes to real estate registry accomplished which both prevents tracking and permits the entry of the Mortgage frauds and ongoing straw buyers, speculation and flipper frauds done not just by the realtors seated as advisors in the Safer Cities programs but by Police members and their private businesses. The Judiciary are likewise involved through the use of this abuse which is in fact corruption and is organized criminal abuse. ( Eg Justice JE Toploniski has a relative involved in Collum Realty which has been providing the value reduction and appraisal falsehoods as well as high interest loans.) Toploniski.

    Justice Donald Mandersheid a former City of Edmonton Municipal Lawyer have been involved in decisions which are allowing the use of a program of attack through both the Public Trustees office as well as the Public Guardian to gain control of the interests of families and to promote their involvement as victims of institutional care in private businesses and increased forced fees. ( Mandersheid sits on the board of Grant MacEwan which has created a diploma mill for the AHS enforcers involved as diploma level psychiatric nurses with a far lower standard of ethics.).SAGE the former program of seniors advocacy has been absorbed under the umbrella of Alberta Justice to prevent effective advocacy for seniors and to defund all effective representation.

    In each case the use of expensive evaluations done by unlicensed individuals in the private services can be used to create a false investigation into the mental health of seniors and place their assets at risk. ( See the Alberta Elders Advocates website) Psycho-tropic medications miss -used are responsible for the deterioration in health prevention of effective services and delays for treatment of genuine illnesses such as cancer. In addition the use of the anti-psychotics causes deterioration in seniors health by their use. This is equivalent able to that of the children and youth. All vulnerable people are now being evaluated at the lowest threshold of intervention and by those improperly trained or evaluated.

    For example a forced assessment and abuse of the vulnerable populations by the use of the mental health first aid programs now being trained at high levels of speed. These mental health first aid responders have none of the necessary requirements to enter into this field. They are also not medical personnel and their use is simply an advancement of abuse and political oppression by the use of false diagnosis and increasing attack on the vulnerable the poor and especially on their assets by organized crime and corruption.

    I have named the main perpetrators of this overall scam with the entry of several actors all of whom are politically active in their professions and in administration at Alberta Health Services. They are involved in reorganization to permit the abuse of children seniors and dependent adults and the control and theft of resources. The issue of ongoing abuse is underscored by the removal and confusion of advocacy roles. These advocates removed under Alison Redford as the main actor in a global removal on transparency and on security as well as in a traitorous role attacking each of our effective institutions while we have been at war. In fact a transfer of assets in the billions of dollars has been accomplished while these attacks took place on the citizens of Alberta. This was the use of Bob Turner working for Fraser investments ( also in the portfolio of the Heritage Trust savings investments) and through Harvest Oil in Houston to transfer control of four billion dollars with of Alberta’s undeveloped oil to the United Arab Emerates in contravention of federal law. The law had been established to proven he foreign governments from controlling assets belonging to Albertans.

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