Apocalypse Now (or Never)! – Part 2

Indigenous Resistance & Survival into the 21st Century

Spring 2011, WarriorPublications.wordpress.com

For all of you who’ve slept on the issues, here’s an update on the real world:

Globalization & the Assault on Indigenous Resources

“The present global economic system, & the global corporations & bureaucracies that are its driving force, cannot survive without an ever-increasing supply of natural resources: forests, minerals, oil & natural gas, fish, wildlife, freshwater, and arable land, among others. In an economic model based on exponential growth, all of these resources are being rapidly depleted, so much so that it has already led to recent wars over oil, notably in Iraq, and soon, over water. The global model also depends on highly developed new modern infrastructure, often built in pristine areas, where Indigenous cultures still thrive. These include giant hydroelectric dams, pipelines, canals, roads, seaports, airports, electricity grids, etc., to efficiently extract resources, move them across different terrain to oceans, and then on to industrial processing & markets.”
(Paradigm Wars; Indigenous Peoples’ Resistance to Economic Globalization, Special Report of International Forum on Globalization, 2005)

New World Order

“As we enter the 21st century, the new world order continues to prevail with a lone superpower and its transnational corporations relentlessly seeking greater & greater hegemony & control over the peoples & resources of our planet. The consequences are unparalleled hunger, poverty, & human suffering as the gaping chasm between the few wealthy & the destitute millions widens. ” (CovertAction Quarterly, “Global Recolonization,” 2000)

Global Environmental Crisis

“Earth will face more & bigger hurricanes, floods & tornadoes, caused by a warming climate in the century to come… Natural disasters appear to be becoming more frequent & their effects more severe.

“Rising global temperatures are likely to raise the incidence of extreme weather events, including storms & heavy rainfall, cyclones & droughts.”

(Global Environmental Outlook, United Nations report, 1999)

System of Self-Destruction

“What becomes clear from our research is that the economic model that evolved in the industrial West & which is now spreading throughout the entire world is slowly undermining itself. As now structured, it will not take us very far into the next century. The question, then, is whether we can find another path that can be sustained.”

(State of the World, World Watch Institute, 2000)

When Civilization Collapses

“Modern civilized people spend most of their lives in artificial cocoons, where indoor temperatures can be regulated, food, water, & clothing are easy to obtain; and shelter is always available. The underpinnings of technology that support this existence are fragile, as can be seen when a natural or man-made disaster occurs; the amenities of civilization collapse, & the basics such as food, water & shelter are difficult or impossible to obtain. Even a temporary power outage illustrates the thinness of civilization’s veneer. Modern man is at a loss when electric stoves, refrigerators, air conditioners, & automatic garage doors cease to function.”
(Outdoor Emergency Care; Comprehensive First Aid for Nonurban Settings, National Ski Patrol, 1998)


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