Mob Attacks RCMP, La Loche, Saskatchewan

Violent mob storms Saskatchewan hospital

CBC News, Sep 30, 2011

[Located in northern Saskatchewan, La loche has a large Dene population.  According to wikipedia, over 90% of the population speak Dene Suline.   The town is one of the largest in northwest Saskatchewan and borders the Clearwater River Dene Nation.]

A crowd of 50 to 70 people in the small northern town of La Loche, Sask. left a trail of destruction on Friday, storming a hospital, burning a police truck and attacking RCMP officers and ambulance workers.

Police said at around 3:15 a.m. CST in the town of about 2,300 residents, there were two big parties going on and two people were driving around on all-terrain vehicles.
When police tried to stop the ATVs, one of the vehicles went into a ditch and crashed. The driver, a 29-year-old man, passed out and an ambulance was called.
Then, crowds of people came out of the parties, apparently blaming the two RCMP officers for the man’s injuries. The crowds attacked the Mounties, as well as ambulance workers, police said.
“Emergency personnel had cans, bottles, and other debris thrown at them,” the RCMP said in a news release. “Several of the party-goers surrounded the police truck and ambulance and were threatening the members.”
After the ambulance left the scene, police said they went to the hospital to check on the injured man. However, a crowd of 50 to 70 people also showed up at the hospital and tried to get in.
“It is believed the crowd’s intent was to forcibly remove the two La Loche members that were inside the hospital,” the RCMP said.
The police and hospital staff barricaded themselves inside, but people smashed the windows and kept trying to get in, police said.
Police said they had to use pepper spray to keep people out. All of the remaining Mounties in the town were called in for backup.
An RCMP truck was set on fire and the ambulance was severely damaged, police said.
The ATV driver was treated for minor injuries from his crash. None of the police or emergency workers was seriously injured.
Police are continuing their investigation, but have not yet said what charges will be laid.

Mob scene in La Loche

The StarPhoenix September 30, 2011

An RCMP truck was set on fire and dozens of civilians created a chaotic mob scene Friday morning in the northern village of La Loche.

According to police, the chain of events started around 3:15 a.m. when two members of the La Loche RCMP responded to a complaint of a fire outside a local residence.

The officers, after parking their vehicle and activating their emergency equipment, attempted to stop two ATVs that were heading north on Janvier Street from Descharme Street. The drivers of the ATVs drove around the RCMP truck at speeds of approximately 40-60 kilometres per hour, with one fleeing the scene successfully while the other – a 29-year-old man – drove into a ditch and lost control.

After police approached the injured driver, the 29-year-old man stood up and identified himself before passing out. RCMP called an ambulance to the scene.

At the same time, there were parties at two nearby residences. Police said in a news release that while officers were talking with the injured man, “beer cans and bottles started to rain down on them from several people attending the two parties.” According to police, several people surrounded the RCMP truck and were swearing at the officers, blaming them for the man’s injuries.

When an ambulance crew arrived, emergency personnel also had cans, bottles and debris thrown at them. In addition, say police, several civilians in the area surrounded the police truck and ambulance, and were making threats.

After police and ambulance staff left the scene and took the injured man to hospital, approximately 50-70 people gathered outside the hospital and attempted to get in, say RCMP. Police believe the crowd intended on forcibly removing the two RCMP officers. Police and hospital staff barricaded the doors to keep the crowd outside.

In addition, RCMP used pepper spray on several people.

The front doors and windows of the hospital were heavily damaged. The ambulance that was used to transport the injured ATV driver suffered major damage to all of its windows, and a police truck was set on fire and destroyed.

All members of the La Loche RCMP detachment were deployed to the hospital to disperse the crowd and get the officers out safely.

The 29-year-old ATV driver suffered minor injuries. There were no serious injuries suffered by La Loche RCMP officers, ambulance staff or hospital employees.

This incident remains under investigation.

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  1. At this point RCMP First nations relations are strained to the breaking point via the abusive programs of surveillance and interventions against First nations children. The ongoing programs of intrusive intervention as well as prevention of access to services and to justice has become a matter of extreme mistrust. It may be necessary for several communities to contract separate Policing services for their towns and for reserves in First Nations communities if issues can not be effectively resolved. The over-policing and under-protection of First nations groups has been a part of corrupt practices within the RCMP networks associated with several of the justice initiatives and racial tracking using a entirely invalid approach to the issue of peaceful protest and access to services. This has been a time of severe cut backs and denial or renegotiation of long standing agreements in principle.

    Civil rights violations and the use of a security and suppresion policy which does not include the higher level importers and organized crime members has been an issue. Lone wolf terrorism initiatives and domestic terrorist groups in the United States have created a series of security pressures which are improperly targeted as a racial tracking and abuse of the people.

    Policy decisions have been adopted for the matters through a globalizaton pattern which does not apply to the persons being investigated. A series of agents provocateurs and those involved in an effort to submerge their crimes or to cloak them with the appearance of legitimacy through associations with First Nations are causing an abuse of the individuals who like the broader community are their victims. Witch hunts and crack downs abide with the ineffective investigations often aimed at the most vulnerable under the guise of “preventative” services.

    The transmission of a system of inadequate forensics and under-developed community relations and planning has stymied RCMP from dealing with the organized crime and deregulation and privatization issues. The downloading of the internal security programs without the requisite resources ten years ago to develop a genuine more advanced approach to criminality in the information age has the RCMP jumping at shadows.

    Legal developments have been delayed or denied and the requisite updates in laws and accountability and transparency have created a dirth of effective communications operational supports and forensic investigation.
    Reorganization has focused on gender bias issues and uploading an equity program at high speed leaving several effective commands out in the cold. The necessary military structure has been threatened and the organization has become ineffective as they struggle to create the necessary progressive development without the critical legal codification and policy development which has been dormant far too long since the repatriation of the new Constitution of our own country.

    Much foreign public policy is a bad mismatch to our own Charter of Rights and Freedoms which is modern. The waves of litigation theory of the Americans dealing with a much older established Constitution does not fit in practice with the Canadian law. The issue of creation of a latest litigation policy of negative rights: that is the freedom from intervention but not the right to a policing service has been at the root of this problem of derivative legal development. Legislative powers belong to the elected officials and the Supreme Court can not be relied upon as the judicial branch to create the legislation which has been lacking. In terms of the issue of proper country wide stock markets and regulatory bodies as well as an enforcement strategy which matches our international commitments.

    Corruption at heights creates a downward spiral. Internal security is not necessarily the issue for Canadians, but threat from abroad may be imminent for the individuals who refuse to take our sovereignty seriously.
    If environmental and international treaties and conventions are in place then we can not afford to skate so close to the edge with the protections of our own citizens. Enactment of laws, localized increased access to forensic supports and the initiation of country wide federal law enforcement initiatives are at hand.

    The creation of an environment favoring investments without the comprehensive enrichment of safeguards for investment will defeat the purpose.

    Criminals globalize their resources at a fast pace and Canada lags.

    The attack of the attorneys general in the west must come to an end. failure in the provision of checks and balances and the creation of independence in the crown prosecutors invites corruption. The low hanging fruit is now the only fruit which interests them. Plea bargains aim at numerous convictions not effective ones. Pretrial custody is at an extreme high. Funding relies too much on fines. Refusal of witness protection extends even to the constitutionally protected Police families. Refusal to prosecute or investigate offenders who prey on children through the service provision agencies and refuse reports and requests for services while escalating abuse against child witnesses in an all out attack on First Nations children through privatization across the west. The refusal to effectively prosecute organized crime and fraud has also been a matter of concern. The creation of a Police state by the use of Police services in areas which had been the domain of public policy administrations of social welfare is at a cross roads.

    The individuals who are being oppressed and refused treaty rights to honest health services education and freedom of association concerning religious practices have been at odds with services providers who without effective consultation and resolution of the political pressures have created a crack down falsely identifying First Nations as security threats. Moral cowardice prevents them from doing their duty and they have been reduced to hiding behind the skirts of these programs. It is about time that the issue of the latest information regarding genuine threat be accomplished in the terms of spheres of political influense as has been pointed out by CSIS Richard Fadden and stop picking on kids.


    Anne Fox

    • Anne Fox is dumb

      too long did not read. Have you ever even been to La Loche? The place was fucked long before this, or the recent shooting. Pull your head out of the sand.

  2. Stinkweed McPuff

    so, like hows everthing now eh?

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