RCMP under fire for 911 response

Fear may leave first nations people afraid to call for help, association says

By Christopher Reynolds, Vancouver Sun June 13, 2012

Three separate cases that left first nations people injured after RCMP were called indicate an institutional flaw that could deter aboriginal families from seeking police help, says the B.C. Civil Liberties Association.

“The RCMP needs to look very carefully at its 911 response in domestic situations and fix it,” association executive director David Eby told a Vancouver news conference Tuesday.

“People shouldn’t be afraid that when they call the RCMP for help, a family member will be seriously injured. And unfortunately, that is what is happening.”

The cases, which occurred between April 4 and May 15 of this year, all in northern B.C., sent two men and a 15-year-old girl to hospital after Mounties responded to calls for help.

Holmes said the girl, a single mother from Prince Rupert whose identity cannot be revealed under the Privacy Act, suffered a broken arm.

Two Terrace men, Robert Wright, 47, and William Watts, 36, suffered head injuries during altercations with police.

Municipal police departments are doing external investigations into the case of the girl and Wright.

The Watts case is the subject of an internal investigation by an RCMP detachment following a complaint to the Commission for Public Complaints Against the RCMP.

Citing privacy concerns, the RCMP said the identity of the officers under investigation will not be released unless charges are laid. Until then, said Supt. Ray Bernoties, allegations of misconduct and assault are unsubstantiated and amount to grandstanding by the BCCLA.

Delta police, who are investigating both the 15-year-old and an RCMP officer for assault, said Prince Rupert Mounties responded on April 4 to a call warning the girl was upset and threatening to kill herself.

Police apprehended her under the Mental Health Act, then arrested her for allegedly assaulting an officer. She was injured and taken to a local hospital, where staff confirmed she had a broken arm and sent her to Kitimat for surgery.

The 15-year-old told the news conference that she would remember the traumatic experience for the rest of her life, and said she doubted she would ever trust RCMP again.

The Wright case occurred after Terrace RCMP responded to his wife’s 911 call about Wright driving drunk, according to an April 23 news release from New Westminster police, who are handling the investigation into Wright’s head trauma.

Robert Wright, badly beaten by Terrace RCMP in April, 2012.

It says Wright was non-compliant in cells after his arrest, had to be physically restrained and “subsequently suffered a head injury and was taken to the local hospital three times through-out the night.”

After receiving 12 stitches, he was transferred to Royal Columbian Hospital in New Westminster for further care. Wright remains in hospital following the stroke sustained in RCMP custody, according to a statement released by his wife Heather Prisk on Tuesday. She said he has had difficulty walking, speaking and comprehending his environment since the April 21 incident, which has deeply affected her life as well.

William Watts called 911 on May 15, after a family member who appeared drunk arrived outside his house. He told the news conference by speakerphone that an RCMP supervisor came to his house, forced him outside, placed his head in a bag and punched him repeatedly without apparent cause. “He called me a dirty f——Indian, he grabbed me by the shirt in front of my children, in front of my whole neighbourhood, he started punching me numerous times,” Watts said. “I felt almost 10 punches on my face and then blacked out.”

He awoke in hospital, and said he still feels pain around his face, which remains scarred.

Chief Bob Chamberlin, vice-president of the Union of B.C. Indian Chiefs, attributed the incidents in northern B.C. to endemic problems embedded in provincial institutions and national attitudes.”It is something that Canadians need to wake up to. It’s time that we stop pretending that Canada does not have racist attitudes found within the RCMP, within the judiciary, within society as a whole,” he said.


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  1. The use of Emergency Mental Health services has been perverted by both the Municipal forces and the RCMP as a method of attacking or retaliating againts complianants.

    The tactci is dangerous since the forced toxic meduications can harm a personb severely. There is no intent to provide a services by this technique. It is simply a blitz attack done to slience critics and as a political oppressions tactic. If it were possible to reposnd to a mental health issue in this way we as a modern nation would have used these methods long ago.

    It is not possible or reponsible the damges against the community are severe. It may take the young girl years ot overcome the attack and to heal from the sense that the Police may now make use of chemical restraint false allagations of mental illness and toxic subsytances which provide an extraperimidal effect and create a false set of symptoms. The attacks of course mean that those who have genuine mental health issues also can not be treated as the spaces required for them are filled with the falsified emergencuy type. That endgers the public and has lead to about five deaths in Alberta so far. It has likely been leading to severe oppression. I too am a victim and this was done to me in retaliation for a complaint.

    I hvae written about it on youtube at AnneFox7 channel.
    I too have been a victim of these attacks in retaliation for making a complaint. See the information from Dr. John Breeding also on Youtube he may help in recovery. The attacks are based on the methodology of widespread torture as described in a Short history of Torture by Dr. Alfred McCoy.

    The shameless assault left me with a loss of my faith in humanity for many months.While I attempted to have those responsible for the BLITZ style attack by the team technique investigated and punished they began an attack on my child.

    These issues are related to political oppression and political hostage takings or terrorism. The racist assaults aimed at preventing public participation in all aspects of community life are horrifying in their indignity and in the lasting character assassination against the individual who has been assaulted.

    If the individuals are willing it is a good idea to publicize this event. Please don’t feel ashamed of the fact that they selected you for this terrifying attack. It was racially based and intended to keep you silent. Others have been beaten and seriously harmed. They too are treated as if they had done something to deserve this horror. They too are innocent and brave in the face of extreme adversity.

    The worst of it is the attacks on the children. Efforts are now made to prevent them from developing and to stop them from being in contact with their culture. The pain of this is unbearable. I believe that many of the despair murders ( Including mass or multiple school murders) in the wider society and suicides among Indigenous people are caused by this horror of spite and hatred. The medications have an extra- pyramidal effect and are extremely dangerous.

    It is difficult to believe that they are doing this while we recover from the last assault and are forced to speak again of the cruelties of the sixties scoop and for our parents the terrors of the Residential School Abuse. Yet we must continue to expose them since we have no other option for justice. The courts here permit this horror and at no point do they hear any of the issues. They simply continue in a cumulative assault with assessments, reassessments and refusal to clear those they are abusing. The litigation expenses against these criminals are exorbitant. There are delays and additional attacks to thwart recovery The cumulative mess of this is building upon itself and of course it is illegal and out side the bounds of all jurisprudence.

    Never-the less one can not even have the jurists involved in perpetuating the attacks stopped or sanctioned. I believe that public condemnation for these acts of terror are the only possible option left to most people who have been attacked. I believe in naming names since the faceless offenders continue their attacks and some even misrepresent themselves as heroes. The attacks are done with malice and intent to harm there is never a reason why the offenders should not be named. In Alberta many of the attacks were lead by Sandra Azocar of the A;Alberta Union Of Provincial Employees in an effort to prevent any of the staff of Human services from being prevented from abusing more children. Team members include several of the doctors who declare that they have been intimidated as well as in Politics: Janis Tarchuk, Iris Evans and Alison Redford among others. In the judiciary there are listings within the channel at Youtube and this may become a source or method for future lobbying to have these individuals properly investigated.

    The method of fraud has also researched and corruption sources exposed.

    These are political attacks and they do require a political solution. We have to get these people of the Progressive Conservative Party out of office before they maim our entire society.


    Anne Fox

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