Brazil: Indigenous group burns down police station

BBC News, July 4, 2012

Indigenous warrior raises bow during protests at UN summit in Rio de Janeiro, June 2012.

Police in Brazil are sending reinforcements to a remote town in the Amazon jungle after members of an indigenous group burned down a police station.

An officer was hit in the arm by an arrow during the attack on Monday.

Officials said about 60 Munduruku indigenous people attacked the station after a judge released two suspects in the murder of a tribesman.

The Munduruku man was killed in an armed robbery in June.

Police said tribesmen sacked the station in Jacareacanga and seized three guns before burning it down.

Police commander Silvio Maues said the attack was prompted by the decision of a judge to release two of four suspects arrested over the murder of a Munduruku on 23 June.

Mr Maues said the situation in Jacareacanga was now under control.

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  2. Its been these indigenous warriors attacking Riode Janeiro Brazilian people fill bad about the brazil club blowing up 250 people died. Brazilian people are not living in peace.

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