Native Capitalists Seek to Exploit Energy Resources

First Nations group formed to create energy corridor

Calvin Helin using culture for his capitalist endeavors (encouraging greater resource exploitation and collaboration by Natives with corporations).

First Perspective News, 27 September 2012

A group of BC first nations leaders have come together to create what will be known as an aboriginal energy corridor from the B-C coast to the Alberta border.

Called Eagle Spirit Energy Holdings, it proposes to be the facilitators between energy companies and the local first nations in Northern British Columbia on any energy projects proposed to come through their territory.
Lawyer and Author Calvin Helin is the company’s Chairman and President and he says that now the aboriginal community has a group advocating on their joint behalves.

“a lot of these projects that have been proposed completely ignore the aboriginal people or they come to you as an afterthought and essentially people feel they’re having stuff rammed down their throats.”

Eagle Spirit Energy Holdings is financially backed by Aquilini Investment Group. The Vancouver based company is most famous for owning the Vancouver Canucks and also own the Highliner Tower in Prince Rupert among other ventures.

Helin believes with this organization in place, they can place first nations environmental concerns at the top and he also says that many of the energy projects are key to the success of the Canadian and provincial economy.

Note: Calvin Helin is a Tsimshian businessman who has written Dances with Dependency, a book that reinforces racist stereotypes of “lazy” Natives who need to get educated and work harder to escape the welfare trap.

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  1. calvin helin is a hafi sellout. and by hafi i mean “hang around the fort injun”. he is a ripe example of total assimilation because he is promoting an ideology that is anthithetical to his tribe’s value system. any which way you try to color it, capitalism is a stank tool of oppression used by colonizers to convince, coerce, manipulate, bribe indigenous people to abandon sanity & behave like wihtikos. but its even more disgusting when indigenous people do it. youd think they had more sense and respect.

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