Idle No More Winnipeg Nepinak

“Grand Chief” Derek Nepinak of the Assembly of Manitoba Chiefs, Idle No More Rally in Winnipeg, Dec. 10, 2012.


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  1. Chief Txsuu, Clifford C.W. Morgan, member of Gitwangak Band, B.C.

    I do believe that it is the “grassroots” people who must bring their demands to the PM. We have seen too many misrepresentative chiefs and leaders making demands to the Indian Affairs Minister and PM, to abolish the Indian Act, and replace it with fee-simple reserves, traditional lands given up, and give up our statuses, and now, we see much new laws that will not protect all, all, all of our rivers, wild game, wild salmon, fishes of sorts, and our lakes, streams and our lives mostly, from the mining poisons. The “grassroots” people are the ones who will be troubled with Bill C-45, and those living in cities will not feel the effect. Millions will feel the drastic effect. Why is parliament of Canada doing this to not only indigenous aboriginals, but, to all people in general who will drink poisoned waters soon. China is doing this to their own people, and greed driven mining companies is doing this to the poor indigenous people. Canada is one of lthe main one guilty of such an offence globally. Let Chief Nepinak bring to the Prime Minister and various ministers of Indian Affairs, Environment Canada, and to Provincial governments.

    Chief Morgan
    Member of Gitwangak Band, within Gitxsan Nation
    Author, Writer, Elder Chief

  2. Chief Txsuu, Clifford C.W. Morgan, member of Gitwangak Band, B.C.

    Yes, I have always believed that the grassroots people are being ignored by misrepresentation of AFN, and those who think abolishment of the Indian Act is the way to go. The grassroots people all across Canada must be the ones to take their demands and declarations to Ottawa. They do not want fee-simple reserves, giving up traditional lands, and their statuses, especially when over 600j,000 finally won their rights as status indians, and many more, as the Metis people won their aboriginal rights just recently. Grassroots are the ones who will suffer with Bill C-45, and C-38 as rivers, fishes of sorts, lakes, rivers, streams and poisons from mining and fracking by greed driven mining companies andd the Provinces and Federal government. Why must this special distinct people be targeted with genocide that is managed by the Federal government of Canada.

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