Seton Lake blockade CN Rail line in solidarity with Chief Spence, Sarnia blockade

By Kenneth Jackson, APTN National News, Dec 30, 2012

Tsalalhmec/Seton Portage band members blocking CN rail mainline. Dec 26 2012, as part of Idle No More protests.

Tsalalhmec/Seton Portage band members blocking CN rail mainline. Dec 26 2012, as part of Idle No More protests.

A blockade of a CN Rail main freight line is going into its third day north of Vancouver.

Chief Garry John of the Seton Lake Indian Band says community members put up the blockade Friday at 3 p.m. in solidarity with Attawapiskat Chief Theresa Spence’s hunger strike that began Dec. 11 in Ottawa.

John said the rail line is the main route for CN from North Vancouver and Prince George. They are positioned near the mile 138 marker.

“An average of four trains go up through here each day,” said John.

John said CN hasn’t issued a court injunction to have the protesters removed like they did in Sarnia where a blockade of a spur line is in its ninth day. A court has ordered Sarnia police to remove the blockade but so far they’ve refused to intervene unless it’s done in a peaceful manner.

“We’re going to take it day by day. We certainly want the folks in Sarnia and Chief Spence to know we are in support of them,” said John as to when the blockade could end.

He said they expect to go into Sunday and are there now, where they’ll remain overnight.

Before blocking the line they called CN to give them a heads up.

APTN National News contacted CN but spokeswoman Emily Hamer provided no information.

CN is currently working to reroute freight trains in Sarnia because the blockaders say they’ll be there until there is a meeting between Prime Minister Stephen Harper, the Governor General and First Nation leaders, which is the same demand made by Spence.

Friday December 28, 2012
Today the T’Salalthmuc (People of the Lake) Stand in and voice Solidarity with Chief Theresa Spence on this, the 18th day of her Fast at Victoria Island.
T’Shalalthmuc are in Unity with the Global Idle No More Movement; In support of the Railway Blockade in Sarnia, Ontario AND to remind Prime Minister Harper that we have much to discuss in regards to Bill C45.
The T’salalthmuc are in Seton Portage at the railcrossing to Stop CN Rail from passing through today.
“It is with Honor We the St’at’imc of T’Shalath, Stand in Solidarity with Chief Spence. A Big Unity Shout out to our Brothers and Sisters in Sarnia, Ont, and Stop Bill C45/ Stop Harper!!”
Chief Garry John

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  1. This is an outrageous LIE. I know PERSONALLY that Theresa Spence NEVER CALLED FOR A BOARDER BLOCKADE! That was a lie developed by people trying to start violence and to cause Idle No More to lose National support. How would we get out side help if we closed the boarders?! There is a FAKE THERESA SPENSE FACEBOOK PROFILE promoting lies to get a war started. It is called Spence In and there are others as well. Theresa Spence doesn’t even own a Facebook account! Not one! So if you see that on Facebook it’s lies. She only has a twitter, which she isn’t using! She is fasting. Please CHECK YOUR RESOURCES and don’t just believe what you see right away. Our enemies will try to promote violence because if we get violent we lose support. Wela’lin. Thank you.

    • You have all the facts messed up. The Jan 5 border blockade called for the Peace Arch border crossing was part of a call out made by Turtle Island Movement. They had nothing to do with the fake Spence FB account, other than their event page was included on it. This is how misinformation spreads, ironically by those who demand that people “check their resources”. As for allegations of violence, the TIM called for “peaceful” protests, and there was no incitement to any “violence.” That is more misinformation.

      • You’re not understanding me. People are using this information to spread lies and start violence by saying that Theresa Spence ordered the shut down of the entire Canadian boarder. This information is being exaggerated. Theresa Spence would not have called the closing of the entire Candian boarder. That rumor is causing the loss of a lot of support.

      • I don’t see the connection to “violence” just becuz some people called for border blockades. The only “lie” is the fake Spence FB site. Otherwise this whole matter has been greatly exaggerated, resulting in some sincere brothers and sisters cancelling their event becuz some people thought it was a bad idea. Oddly, they haven’t said boo about the Sarnia train blockade or other similar railway blockades that have occurred.

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