Sinixt Nation call out for support

 Submitted by sinixtnation on Wed, July 24, 2013 Sinixt poster

Sinixt Nation is being threatened with “Trespassing on Crown Land” by the Ministry of Forest, Lands and Natural Resource Operations for establishing a Sinixt cultural encampment within Sinixt territory on slhu7kin/Perry Ridge. The recent treatment by the Ministry and the RCMP towards our concerns and matters is a continuation of the same inhumane processes that led to the extinction status of the Sinixt/Arrow Lakes Indian Band by Canada in 1956.

We are calling on everyone to come to Slhu7kin/Perry Ridge to assist Sinixt Nation with our cultural encampment on the ridge and to protect Sinixt human rights and defend our right to self-determination. Please join us to protect our cultural ways, the water, and all that is sacred.

Please Bring what you can. The camp is 5km up the Perry Ridge Forest Service Road near Slocan BC.

Contact us for directions or for more information.

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