Kahsatstenhsera: Indigenous Resistance to Tar Sands Pipelines

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Oct. 9 2013

Media Contact:

Amanda Lickers 705-957-7468


Grassroots Media Production: An anti-pipeline movement resource
Elevating Indigenous Voices of Resistance and Growing Active Dissent
[Tiotiahke, so-called Montreal QC] Kahsatstenhsera:Indigenous Resistance to Tar Sands Pipelines is a short documentary film and antipipeline movement resource now available for free online at reclaimturtleisland.com. This short documentary hopes to act as an accessible and educational tool to shed light on Indigenous resistance to the expanding project of slow industrial genocide known as the tar sands. Kahsatstenhera hopes to build awareness within an Indigenous context of the struggles against the Enbridge Line 9 and TransCanada Energy East pipelines while touching on the role of fracking in tar sands expansion.

Pipeline expansion projects and resource extractive industries are part of the continued land theft and genocide of Indigenous peoples. It is for this reason that that environmental justice movements must take leadership from grassroots and traditional Indigenous governance that are on the front lines of colonial-capitalist violence. This tool will communicate the importance of action in the face of environmental devastation and ongoing colonization.

Line 9 Pipeline Reversal – is a 38 year old pipeline owned and operated by Enbridge Pipelines Inc. There has been widespread opposition to this project in both Indigenous and non-Indigenous communities. The pipeline puts over 17 First Nations communities at direct risk in the event of a pipeline rupture, and is slotted to bring tar sands diluted bitumen as far east as so-called Montreal, on occupied Haudenosaunee territory. Mobilizations are taking off this Thursday Oct 10th in so-called Montreal and on the 19th in occupied Miizi-zaagiig Anishinaabe territory, in so-called Toronto, ON.

Energy East Pipeline – is a natural gas pipeline owned and operated by TransCanada that will require the reversal and conversion of the current pipeline to transport Tar Sands diluted bitumen. Stretching as far as occupied Mi’kmaq and Wolastoqiyik territories in so-called Saint John, New Brunswick, the bitumen will then be processed at the already existing Irving refinery. Requiring the construction of several new pump stations, including a “marine facility” and hundreds of kilometres of new pipeline, the Energy East project, 4500km in total almost completely shrinking the Keystone XL.

Featuring the voices and perspectives of Dene, Wolastiqiyik, Mi’kmaq, Anishinaabe, Haudenosaunee and Wet’suwet’en land defenders, this documentary will not only educate the public on the issues being faced by pipeline construction and expansion, but will showcase Indigenous resistance and provide an anticolonial lens for understanding environmental destruction. The online resource launched with the film hopes to connect grassroots Indigenous land defenders in the struggle against colonial-capitalism and help support collective assertion of Indigenous sovereignty.  ###

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