RCMP abandons Elsipogtog detachment after arson attempt

APTN National News, Oct 20, 2013

Aftermath of police raid and burned out RCMP vehicles, Oct 17, 2013.

Aftermath of police raid and burned out RCMP vehicles, Oct 17, 2013.

ELSIPOGTOG FIRST NATION, NB-The RCMP vacated its detachment on Elsipogtog First Nation following a police raid on an anti-fracking encampment just north of the community.

Elsipogtog Chief Aaron Sock said band officials were working on a transition plan to have the RCMP return to the community as early as Monday.

“Unfortunately they have left,” said Sock.

RCMP Const. Jullie Rogers-Marsh said a fire at the detachment forced the officers out.

“There was some damage sustained and it needs repairs and our members are not using it at this time,” said Rogers-Marsh.

RCMP station  in Elsipogtog, with Canadian flag replaced by a Warrior flag.

RCMP station in Elsipogtog, with Canadian flag replaced by a Warrior flag following the RCMP abandoning the building after an arson attempt (Photo by Stimulator).

Rogers-Marsh said someone tried to set fire to the detachment, which is next to the community hall, early Friday morning following Thursday’s raid that led to 40 arrests, the seizure of three rifles and improvised explosive devices.

Sock said the raid “shattered” a 20-year relationship between the RCMP and the community.

“Right now we are still reeling from it and healing as best we can,” said Sock, following a ceremony with the senior grand chief of Manitoba.

Assembly of Manitoba Chiefs Grand Chief Derek Nepinak arrived in Elsipogtog late Saturday night and visited the encampment that was the scene of Thursday’s raid.

Nepinak and Sock participated in a ceremony at Elsipogtog’s Sundance grounds. The two exchanged gifts. Nepinak offered Sock a beaver pelt, sage and pipe tobacco from Kahnawake. Sock offered Nepinak a thick braid of sweetgrass and a hand-woven basket.

“Love and respect for one another is what is going to win the day,” said Nepinak, who was also gifted an eagle feather.

The two are expected to attend a community meeting scheduled for Sunday afternoon.


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  1. Mainstream media, taking their lead from the RCMP, are dividing protesters into ‘good’ and ‘bad’. The next phase will be attempts to force the first to denounce the second. This must be resisted. Consider too that on Miqmaq territory, any ‘illegal’ arms would be Canadian not Miqmaq.

    Defend the Territories!

    John Gilberts

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