Submedia Video: Showdown at Highway 134; Mi’kmaq anti-fracking blockade

New video from the Stimulator at SubMedia on the Oct 17, 2013, RCMP raid and Mi’kmaq resistance in New Brunswick.

Link to SubMedia:

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  1. Blockading, threatening, bullying, drumming, spreading hatred — all that energy being used in such a negative way. Maybe taking stock and finding useful ways to contribute to the world could actually make more of a success of your own futures.

    • Ya, how terribly hateful to defend the land and water for the future generations, especially that drumming. Hardy, if you’re such an expert on “making a success of your own future,” whatever that means, why don’t you share with the rest of us a better way to stop greedy, destructive corporations and their partners in crime (such as the state and its police forces)?

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    Resource wars – all over the world

  3. reblogged and shared, thank you for sharing this

  4. It always amazes me, but probably shouldn’t, that you will always have some people deliberately try to subvert and turn those simply standing up to say they will no longer allow themselves or the land be abused….as actually being the ones supposedly threatening or bullying.

    This is the exact same mentality and flawed rationalization that prosecutors or others try to use to make victims of rape as somehow culpable in the crime, thereby excusing the perpetrator.

    The only good thing about those like “Hardy Bunn” is that their empty, biased, skewed views and seeming lack of ability to cope with the reality that many government officials, forces and their directors are helping destroy the environment while flooding the media with self-serving lies, can clearly show their aims and lack of education.

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