Native Veteran arrested for carrying Native Flag, Remembrance Day 2013

Two Natives were arrested during Remembrance Day events in Toronto, Nov 11, 2013, Davyn Calfchild for carrying a Haudenosaunee flag, the other for carrying a Mohawk Warrior flag.  A third person, the videographer, was also arrested.

Occupy Canada – STATEMENT UPDATE OF ARREST : SHARE! Ras Haile X “So today is Remembrance day and I went down to old city Hall both as a soldier and also to represent all native soldiers who are never remembered in the ceremony or here in Toronto. I was arrested and detained because I went there and was flying a NATIVE flag I have 3 medals for this country and I served it 5 years and I am not allowed to show support at the remembrance day parade with a flag what is worse is that when I mentioned to the police I was a war veteran I was still hauled off and people were yelling shame shame I felt disrespected highly by the police but it just goes to show I as a veteran am not allowed to carry a native flag but the veterans can carry their own.”

Update via his wife: Tsong Deh Kwe Ndishnikaaz

“davyn is at home. hes ok. and for the record, they were there for two reasons.. one davyn is a war vet and two… we’ve done this for three years now and each time we get hassled for bringing the confederacy flag. yet we tell them there is no representation for native soldiers that died over the years in battle and were used in the front lines. No treaty flags, no cedar wreath, tobacco ties or eagle feathers. you can show solidarity for other soldiers but not a first nations soldier on their own land.”

by dylanxpowell – Social media lit up with outrage this afternoon with video of an Onkwehon:we War Veteran, Davyn Calfchild, being arrested at a public Toronto Remembrance Day Ceremony. The video showed Davyn refusing to put away two traditional flags – the Hiawatha and the Unity Flag – and refusing to leave the public ceremony at the request of Toronto Police.

Davyn, who served in the Former Yugoslavia from 1992 – 1997, repeatedly tells the officer that he is a War Veteran and is defiant and adamant about his right to be at the ceremony. As the officer continues to make the ask to put away the flags and or leave – Davyn responds, “This is supposed to be for us – so fuck off!” The officer then moves to arrest and remove both Davyn and two friends with him – one of whom was videotaping the incident.

The flags were all confiscated and the men were held by the Police until the end of the ceremony and then released without ticket or charge.

Davyn has been a vocal critic of the Toronto Police, including their role in the shooting death of Toronto Youth Sammy Yatim, and has been assaulted previously be the Toronto Police in response to his advocacy.

Davyn relayed that the men had been at the ceremony for just a few minutes before they were approached by Toronto Police. He also said that the men went out of their way to let the Police know that he was there as a War Veteran and that their presence was in no way to protest or disrupt the event.

To those looking to support Davyn, Onkwehon:we women in Toronto are organizing to go down to 52 Division (52 Division 255 Dundas St. W.) in Toronto tomorrow at 3pm to demand a return of the flags and also to hold the Toronto Police accountable for this incident. Food Not Bombs Toronto will also be serving food at the demonstration.

After the incident Davyn was most shocked by the complete lack of response from those in the crowd at the ceremony, many who could be seen looking on, “My message is that this is nothing new. We saved them in numerous wars. It goes to show that white people want all of our glory and don’t want the truth. There flags are all there – but ours are not. I go down there to show solidarity and let people know that we were in those wars and that our flags should be there. What crime did I commit showing up with that flag? They always feel threatened.

Everyone says that they respect the veterans – even when I was yelling out that I was a war veteran – no one said anything. They all say they support the veterans. They want to wear poppies and talk about sacrifice – but they can’t speak up?

I served in the Former Yugoslavia. I would not want people to witness that. I think it’s great that it is supposed to be for us. I just want those white people to realize that not only is this our territory, but we want our flags to be equally represented. Why are our flags never there. Why can’t they be there?”

We will be at police (52 Division 255 Dundas St. W.) in Toronto tomorrow at 3pm Tomorrow 3 pm for the safe return of the flags, it will be caught LIVE

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  1. obviously natives should not serve in the military. the battles are fought for the canadian flag not native flags. for the same reason a person cannot be dressed in the full military uniform of a foreign country on canadian soil. and making a politically charged statement such as “this is our land” is inappropriate. it is a challenge to canadian sovereignty. and you should expect to get arrested for that. and i am sure they did it deliberately, and i am sure the food for the protest was cooked last week. and i am sure the guy in caledonia that was beaten to the point of brain damage “over a land issue”, by natives, still can’t walk. and i am sure all the treaties which are not honoured today, will not be honoured tomorrow. and i am certain that Jesus is still the Son of God. but one thing is strange in all this. why is a drunk indian more pathetic than a drunk white man?…….it is because we all expect nore from the indian….so it is more disappointing….

    • Another ignorant Canadian

    • my grandfather my great grandfather and great aunt were all in the WWI WWII wars. all 3 of them came back. they all fought for our land. they fought for everyone in “Canada” and Native War Vets were promised a whole bunch of things when they enlisted. when they got back a LOT of native war vets got nothing or were even enfranchised and lost their Indian Status. even in 1812 before Canadian constituition it was the Native people who helped the British Crown fight for the land that is now called Canada. and what did Canada do? they turned around didn’t thank us stole our children and sent them off to residential schools to “save the man but kill the Indian” my grandpa always says he fought for us. his kids and grandchildren so that we could live and be free to learn our ways as Indian people. the Indian people were put on the front lines and fed nothing but rotton horse meat. look it up if you don’t believe me. just make sure you do your history about native people in Canada And The U.S before you start to assume things about people. I’m very proud of my War Vet grandparents.

    • get a life Drago, it is our land, CANADIAN LAND

      • Not “OUR’ Canadian Land.. This land was built with First Nations and European people mixed on this land…IT IS EVERYBODY’s LAND who settled here for a better and peaceful life…AND they were here first before you were born into this life.. so do your research first before spewing!!!

      • And who was here first? Who has lost the most with the least attention for it? Who was denied moral rights at this ceremony? I suspect that it wasn’t this “our” to which you refer.
        and finally,
        Thou beslubbering knotty-pated jolt-head!

  2. That guy is a fraud, he never served in the Canadian Forces, 3 medals in 5 years, for what? he’s a joke, He should be Criminally charge, all the uniform parts he’s wearing is not Canadian Forces the rank or anything, his beret is not even the right color blue for a UN beret. The camouflage jacket he’s wearing is not Canadian, probably from an Army Surplus. He makes me sick, hope the Judge puts him away for a long time. Total Disrespect for real Veterans.

    • He was apparently released shortly after without charges. As for what he was wearing, there are no criminal charges for wearing camo jackets or berets.

    • you and your kind make Me sick!! Just plain racist like Drago! Are You Canadian??? I can only hope not!!

      • Jean Pierre Forest

        Yes I am Canadian and proudly served in the Canadian Forces, so did my brother, father in WWII and grand dad in WWI . I have served along good friends that are First Nations and they would never use an occasion like Remembrance Day to further their own cause, they have integrity. Nov 11th is a day to remember the people we have lost in war, NOT to get publicity or fly any other flag then the Canadian flag.

      • The man arrested has stated his intent is to represent Native veterans at the Remembrance Day ceremony. The only reason he has received any publicity about this is because the cops overreacted, confronted him and thereby caused a disturbance, then arrested and later released him without charge. And if you look at photos or videos of Remembrance Day ceremonies you will see many flags besides the Canadian flag, such as regimental flags, Legion flags, cop flags, etc.

      • Jean-Pierre Forest

        The main thing is he was belligerent towards the Police Officer and did not respect the ceremony, saying that your a veteran when your not and wearing another country’s uniform and rank is insulting to real Vets. There’s other places to show his discontent, Remembrance day is not. I understand its not the first time he’s been in trouble. What he did, gives a bad name to Native Canadians and doesn’t represent the Native soldiers I served with.

      • He only became ‘belligerent’ after the cop confronted him, otherwise it appears he was standing silently as he reportedly does each year. I’ve seen only speculation that he’s not a genuine veteran. What he wears isn’t the issue, and I think there are a number of Natives who support him, including Native veterans.

  3. This does not surprise me in the littlest. I am very disappointed that we, as a society, still have progressed enough that these oppressive, racist mentalities from the people to represent our governemnt exist to this day. for as long as the river flows….we will need to fight the oppressors

  4. This is shameful what happened. What happened to him was wrong and disgraceful. I stand up for him and what he did and he was disrespected by the authorities. I have shared the post of his arrest on my FB page for peaceful awareness and to note what these disgraceful officers did to them. Thank you to his wife for updating us. We were concerned for his/their wellbeing. A.Mason – Toronto, ON

    • You stand by a man who is swearing and acting like a child? This day is to remember those who have passed. It is a solemn celebration; he turned it into a political one, while disrespecting every other veteran out there.

      • Actually I think it was the police who made it a political issue, those arrested were simply standing with their flags and observing the ceremony until the cop approached them.

  5. I am outraged!
    This is disgusting!
    I am appalled and embarrassed….I believe in fairness and equality and justice and these traits are becoming translucent in our society. This need a public apology at the very least. I am absolutely irate! Thank you for sharing

  6. What is wrong with this country. First of all this man served for us and second of all how dare they put his flag on the ground. As far as I’m concerned, the Toronto police are a bunch of biggot bullies

    • The police officer was being more than kind. I’ve seen people arrested for a lot less. The shouting veteran turned this into a racial issue. No pity there.

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  8. Try showing up at a Canadian Remembrance Day celebration flying an Irish Flag, and telling Police to F-Off. Just see how long you last. Now, replace that with a British Flag, American Flag, or a German Flag, guess what SAME OUTCOME. What this man did (Aboriginal or not), was unacceptable, and a disgrace to Canadians, Veterans, and Aboriginals who did fight for our country.

    Get past the fact the man was Aboriginal, NOBODY should get away with such things. Remembrace Day is to remember the brave who fought/fight for our country and our rights. It is to remember and show respect to all of our veterans.

    • The only reason he told the cop to fuck off was because the cop was confronting him and telling him he’d have to leave or be arrested. People who show up with an Irish flag, or a British flag, etc., aren’t confronted by belligerent cops, and many of these flags can be seen at Remembrance Day events across the country. Natives are unlikely to “get past” the fact that he was Aboriginal because if he wasn’t the cops would never have harassed him.

  9. In any official public event, there are protocols to be followed, before and during. This man could have followed them and been welcome. He did not. He and the others with him were given a warning at last year’s Remembrance Day Ceremonies by police for this very thing and chose to ignore it. (Groups wishing to be included in the official Remembrance Day Ceremonies apply for inclusion in order to keep the event organized. It’s the same everywhere. If these protocols were not in place, we could have groups like Westboro Baptist showing up. *shudder*) These folks, one a Veteran and former U.N. Peacekeeper, did not respect the protocols of Toronto’s Remembrance Day Ceremonies and in doing so breached the peace. (It’s in the law, “Breaching the Peace” Look it up if you want to know more) Toronto Police, charged with keeping that peace, were in the right when they arrested them for doing so. Pity, he could have stood proud, for his People and his Country, and brought awareness directly to Toronto’s residents about the role Natives have had, and do have, in serving in our Armed Forces and brought respect to their sacrifices. IF HE HAD FOLLOWED PROTOCOL. As a Veteran and former Peacekeeper, he should be familiar with it.

  10. History I believe the navaho were a great asset to WW2. The natives served. So why are they not able to particapate.

  11. I can only speculate, but if they were just standing around watching the ceremony with a flag on their shoulder, I doubt a police officer would approach them and ask them to adjust their behaviour. The sad part is that the guys getting arrested try to make this seem like they’re being discriminated against. Ask yourself, if a First Nations officer had been present would they have supported the arrest? The Asian guy didn’t seem to have a problem with it. The Remembrance Day Ceremony I attended had a specific section to recognize our First Nations Vets as they not only served our country, but also faced extreme discrimination…

  12. 25 years from now, our children will wunder why there is a civil war in our country……you have one answer in this situation. we are turning into a police state not because of our law, but because of the lach of judgment from those who are supposed to inforce it. Shame on us to let it go, We have the obligation to fight for our freedom, and we dont, Sad to say, but we have to make a few exemple with policeman, they only way they will understand who is the boss in the society, them or we, the people of Canada. For now they are the bosses of our streets and our institutions, Is it what we want? seems like a yes, we want to leave our children in a police state

  13. We should honor all veterans that fight for are freedom and the ones who gave there life’s so we can be free and maybe more people so remember them more then one day a year and for the native flag if there good enough to die in war for us then it should be good enough to let them fly there flag.

  14. I thought Remembrance Day was to honour all veterans who have served for their country.

  15. I am a white female and rarely give attention to Remembrance Day sensing there is too much talk about ‘our’ rights–with the ‘our’ pronoun referring to white Canadians, primarily (as depicted in this video). In that context, I find it hypocritical to defend ‘our’ rights while we took away others’ to redefine Canada without indigenous customs. I don’t like the modern definition of Canada (that claims multiculturalism when some of us know this is a lie). I find current ways, systems and the media harmful to our citizens. I also worry Remembrance Day fosters more discriminatory righteousness in a large majority whom conceal racist views. In that context, it reminds me of mongering fear of others around the world. I worry about that–a lot. I empathize with soldiers of any colour whom are usually undervalued and appreciate their efforts. But wonder if anyone else feels like me…. that Remberance Day causes more harm to our society than good…

  16. OIC – It’s disgraceful for Indigenous PPL, to have HUMAN RIGHTS.
    Who have served or represent their Indigenous Veterans & PPL.
    Who could not be their to Represent their Indigenous PPL.
    Our Indigenous PPL have sacrifcied their lives, to serve, protect.
    To carry their Indigenous Flags, Treaties, etc. To be Proud of their contributions to CREATOR (GOD) & Countrys. It is a sore reminder to the Non-Indigenous PPL. The PPL that are upset by this Indigenous Veteran.
    Need to get a grip. If that offends you. Then what is your Mayor of Toronto going to do to you. Push you over the edge. With his NATIONAL FAME of crack, pills, alcohol, prostitutes. From one week to the next of behaving badly. Publically speaking of his sexually explicit escapades, his strange behavior. belingerant out burst.
    What a fine representation of the PPL of Tornto.
    Hold your shame, disgust, etc., for your Mayor.

  17. Purpose: To promote warrior culture, fighting spirit, and resistance movement. As a Indigenous person, I gave my view. I stated that the video clearly shows what Canada thinks of First Nation Veterans. I agree with Curious. This day of Rememberance, brings the cowards out to Disrespect and Harrass Our Indigenous Veterans and PPL who represent them.
    You can see in the video how Non Indigenous PPL. Ignore what is happening right in front of their faces, Hypocrits.
    My questtion is where is my post?

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    My only thoughts as I watched this was…

    Why are the white people NOT saying anything?

  19. Thank you my friend. I thought my post that was written on 11/16 6:28 a.m..
    Was not going to b posted. Sorry I apologize. I know you r not a machine.
    I look forward to your site, appreciate all the informative news.

  20. This land belongs to Aboriginal people who were the victims of the biggest genocide that ever took place on the face of this earth !

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