SWN ending exploration work in NB, will be back in 2015: Elsipogtog War Chief Levi

New Brunswick Dec 2 fire flag drumAPTN National News, Dec 6, 2013
ELSIPGOTG FIRST NATION, NBA Houston-based energy company that has faced ferocious resistance from a Mi’kmaq-led coalition is ending its shale gas exploration work for the year, says Elsipogtog War Chief John Levi.

Levi said Friday that the RCMP informed him that SWN Resources Canada is ending its exploration work, but will return in 2015.

Levi said SWN and its contractors would be picking up geophones from the side of the highway today. Geophones interact with thumper trucks to create imaging of shale gas deposits underground.

“They are just going to be picking up their gear today,” said Levi. “At least people can take a break for Christmas.”

Demonstrations against the company escalated this week. Demonstrators twice burned tires on Hwy 11 which was the area where SWN was conducting its shale gas exploration.

SWN could not be reached for comment.

SWN obtained an extension to an injunction against the demonstrators Monday after arguing it needed two more weeks to finish its work. In its court filing, SWN claimed it needed about 25 km left to explore.

Levi said the Mi’kmaq community, which sits about 80 km north of Moncton, will be there again in 2015 to oppose the company. Levi said SWN will be returning to conduct exploratory drilling.

“We can’t allow any drilling, we didn’t allow them to do the testing from the beginning,” said Levi.

Levi said word that SWN is leaving is no cause for celebration just yet.

“We went through a lot,” he said. “We need some time for this to sink in and think about everything, think about what we went through…People did a lot of sacrificing.”

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  1. Couldn’t help but notice that someone who goes by the handle bill brown finally got around to asking ‘what the hell is a war chief?’

    Not that I am going to answer that question, because my answer would be phrased ‘what the hell is a retard?’ someone ignorant enough to condemn, disregard and destroy that which they won’t even attempt to understand.

    • Hereditary Chief Kahkakew Yawassanay

      War chiefs are sub chiefs like clan chiefs who. are directly accountable to the lifetime hereditary chief who are directed by the clanmothers. All society chiefs are similar in the scope of their responsibilities. They are governed by our Indigenous laws which include respect and compassion for every lame, questionable or tainted questions and inquiries. War chiefs DO NOT have the authority under our laws to take up arms uon their own which is happening in FN where pseuddo hereditary governance partially exits or modern day self appointed or created war societies are created. Even in conflict hereditary war chiefs must ashere to our laws and traditions as directed by lifetime chiefs and clanmothers. These immigrants wrongfully calling themselves Canadian and our lands Canada are ignorant og our ways and need to become better informed regardless the situation..reinstate our hereditary governance and educate our own first on our laws and live accordingly will go a lot farther than all INAC elected and appointed councillors, senators and self appointed war chiefs. Change attitudes and create awareness of our inherent laws and governance at home then educate non-indigenous as sadly we did not deal with their illegal residence when we first encountered them

      • They do need to become better informed, about their own culture, their history and the fact that they are illegal settlers on unceded territories. They need to take off their rose coloured glasses and stop believing the lies and misinformation that their governments and ancestors have created for them, but that for the most part is their problem, my primary concern is those of us who are suffering due to their ignorance.

        Sadly we are still suffering due to their continued interference with our lives, lands and culture. There are only five clans left here, after the blankets were used to kill the people when they would not sign over our territories, only around one hundred remained. Of the one hundred, the white man took many and cast them out. Our families forced enfranchisement took us temporarily off of our territory but not for very long. Basically they came right back, purchasing property on our traditional territory, the territory of our clan. It has been four generations, since the enfranchisement removed us, some of us are pretty determined to pick up all the pieces and put them back together, to find our lost relations and get back to being ourselves again.

        Right now I am just an Indian, it is unlikely that I will ever be able to be who I should have been, a Salish person working and living with my clan and family. Despite the fact that I am simply an Indian, I count myself lucky, I am not being forced to live as a Canadian anymore, it is miserable, and not an assimilated Indian who despises myself and my children. This is not about status cards and treaty money, not for me at least, that shit is contemptible. This is about the past as well as the future, even though I cannot be who I was suppose to be I still want my history and the knowledge of who I should have been so I can pass that on to my descendants so they can again hold themselves up and live the lives our ancestors intended, on the territories they preserved for them.

        For many of us this is about survival, about protecting our families, the children and elders and about protecting our territories for them, for the future of all life. Many of us are far different than the warriors we should have been, because the ignorant white man has used, harmed and abused us since we were very young, this is true for me, this is true for a lot of us. We may not have our support systems, our proper protocols and guidance but honestly we are a rather determined and somewhat formidable lot in our own right. What does not kill us makes us very strong indeed, and I have been of the mind that this is how it has to be for us to overthrow the settlers oppression and control so we can on with the re-establishment of our clans, cultures and traditions.

        It will not always be like this, I am pretty sure of that, what you wrote of the people making stuff up is very true, it has been happening for a long time now, too many are aware of it and steps are being taken to prevent its further spread. It will go away once we are able to be who we were suppose to be, when we can be real again that make belief won’t be needed. It will take some time, for many of us, we are just the few lost generations, many of us are simply casualties of the white man’s war on us, and that cannot be changed for us. I stand the lines when others will not, I will fight to protect my family and territories against anyone who is doing them harm and that includes other Indians, the bands who are doing so much harm. I do this as a buffer I take and offer the blows to protect those who need to work on the healing, for the elders and youth who are coming together to teach and learn, to re-establish the old ways for the future. I have seen the young ones rising up, the new chiefs being trained, I have see people like yourself stepping forward to offer guidance to those of us who do not have that guidance in our lives anymore. I know I will never be apart of this, I will never have the time and energy to put towards being who I should have been, I’m also far too damaged now to participate in many things, and that is okay because they are important and they come first, my love for them is all I need.

      • I am the 16th hereditary chief of the pre treatyThunderbird clan chief of the Yawassanay Band. This was a Nakawe’/Nehiyaw(Ojibwe/Cree band) thatoriginated in the great Lake regions of present day Minnesota, Southern Manitoba and NW Ontario. In the late 1200″s Yawassanay adopted six other clan chief sinto his small band and they moved westwrads base don visions he had of a place in the mountains where they could live undisturbed as he knew what was coming. They resided in the Rockies for approx. 650 years before returning to the foothills and prairies. They had 3 main settlements, in the present day Mt.Robson-Valemouint , Purden Lake and Kamloops region.
        My grandfather as the previous lifetime chief requested upon my succession to reinstate this hereditary community. This was 2000 and I began looking at ways to start a community that wa snot part of treaties or would be accountable to INAC or Health Canada. I saw this was not possible as almost all descendants of the Yawassanay band had long ago signed into treaty with many other INAC created FN. I do not want to recreate the socio-economic issues we already struggle with and I have decided to have a community that will never seek federal recognition or reserve status. It will have indigenous people who will follow the indigenous laws and hereditary systems the Yawassanay band lived by regardless of their indigenous ancestries. I will not accept Bill C descendants, metis or non status. It will be a self supportive community where ceremonial and political issues are dealt with through the lifetime chief. How I will do this is in the process of being decided upon. I am a treaty member of a band in Alberta and that will not change but the vision to reinstate the Yawassanay band will happen hopefully in my lifetime..so for me there is hope that such a community can live and propser.

      • Good luck to you on your pursuits.

        I do understand what and why you have chosen this path, or perhaps more accurately have been placed on this path. Had things not been interfered to the extent that had, or handled with even the tiniest amount of respect, dignity and comprehension you and I and many others world wide would not be in the positions we are in today.

        The anglo-euro-aryan-brotherhood has committed heinous and irreversible damage all across the face or our Mother, because they developed and adhere to many culturally sick beliefs and customs. My own anglo ancestor came here because as a young boy he was sold into slavery to settler farmers who were illegally residing in the thirteen colonies. That is a sick, sick thing to do, to sell your children as slaves, or to have a society so greedy and blind that the people are forced to sell their children. Clearly a culture that has lost its humanity likely due to their eradication of the Mother where they lived which took place due to their inability to comprehend how essential she is to our mental, physical and spiritual well being. The fact that the descendants of these people continue to laud and praise themselves while continuing to force themselves and their oppressive beliefs and actions onto the rest of the occupants of the Mother is twisted. The failure of so many of them to look carefully in the mirror, to carefully consider what they are participating in is only serving to compound they massive shame and debt that have been accruing for a very, very long time now. Being ignorant of the truth does not make the lies factual of valid in anyway. Anglo’s are not well liked by many due to the misery that have caused so many other human beings and life forms, that is truth. Not being aware of that is foolish because people are held to account for the crimes they and their ancestors have committed, this is seen time and again throughout history. Communities such as your own will come into being, area’s where white skinned people are not allowed to venture, they should not expect to be liked, or trusted for quite some time to come due to the fact that they have committed some horrible and vile crimes based upon their racial belief’s, which are wrong but are the system their cultures are now based upon. Their attempts to assimilate natives away from our cultures failed for the most part but have illustrated that culturally we do not easily turn away from the teachings and foundations that we have been reared upon thus it will be a long, long time before the golden age of human beings respectfully co-existing comes into being, despite how so many long for it.

        You already know that Canada will not accept or acknowledge your rights or the rights of your community but they only exist because they refuse to acknowledge or accept any one beyond their own rights. That is the foundation they have created themselves upon and as any human being with common sense knows anything built on a rotten foundation will eventually collapse. Settlers have no other option except to go through the long and arduous process of learning and accepting the fact that they now must understand the underlying elements of the problem, themselves and accept their place in the position their ancestors placed them into, illegal settlers on native land.

        You are also probably aware that you will be attacked by many and labelled a racist because you are not allowing mixed raced people into your community, but be re-assured, for what little it is worth that I am one mixed blood Indian that won’t be amongst that choir which will attempt to condemn you for feeling and acting as you are. I see what you are doing as part of a healing and grieving journey that the white man has created and respect your rights and understand that perhaps places need to be created for people to get away from the ongoing insanity that the canadians continue to inflict. People are allowed to heal, and if the absence of the white skinned taint is the trigger to the suffering and continued misery than they should be allowed to function away from that trauma triggering element especially on unceded native land. In away you are helping everyone simply by taking this stand you have expressed for a lot of people exactly how bad the situation really is and are illustrating that the crimes that have been committed because of creating a racist culture will result and are resulting in race based consequences through exclusion. The confused settlers who call themselves canadians often make the mistake of opening their racist mouths in my presence and when they do I open my mixed blood mouth and inform them that I am not only not impressed by them but in fact I despise them for being so vile and want them anywhere near me or my family due to their egregious attitude and words. They always behave as though I have mortally wounded them when I express this to them, they seem to have wrapped themselves in the delusion that no matter how horrible they behave or speak does not matter because they believe they are so nice and wonderful and that delusion makes it okay to be vile so therefore everyone has to like them and is not allowed to think or feel otherwise. One would think that it would be perhaps better if they had been taught when they were still young that if they say and do something bad, they aren’t going to have many friends throughout their lives. So I can understand why you want to create a community and be a part from these people and their damaging behaviour. That will never be true for me, inbreeding you see is an extremely taboo amongst coastal people so it is not something I foresee happening to any extent with our communities. We are all mixed and family is family, I have hundreds of cousins and welcome more no matter what their racial mix is. I am not sure your formula for deciding who is and who is not acceptable to become a part of your community will prove to be that successful because of the vastness of the damage done to all people who were and are still being interfered with by the settlers. It is very hard to tell who is who and what is within their hearts without communicating in depths with them.

  2. Hereditary Chief Kahkakew Yawassanay

    These energy companies and. Their associates are like bed bugs, only way to get rid of them is to turn up the heat. I am curious if John Levi is a self appointed war chief as this is a hereditary role selected by clanmothers only?
    All chiefs, even lifetime chiefs are selected though traditional protocols overseen. By clanmothers, not these contemporary warrior societies started by Mohawks

    • Good question, the clan mothers are essential to our being able to re-establish ourselves, our culture, governments, societies and lands. Problem lies in the absence of these women, we need our grandmothers, our clan mothers to pull us back together. Not even sure many of them are even aware of who they are, or what they are suppose to be doing because the patriarchal colonial system that has been imposed upon us. I personally will not accept any government that is not created through the proper traditional protocols we need them back in place. The bands have no authority, as far as I am concerned, and the treaties they are wasting their time negotiating are illegal because of the fact that those government’s, band and council are colonial frauds nothing more.

      • Hereditary Chief Kahkakew Yawassanay

        I agree with what you have said. Many FN were created under the Indian act and hundreds if not thousands of hereditary band were extinguished due to treaties and our own ppl following the elected system. I would look at your own communities history of what bands formed were enfranchised into your FN and see what knowledge exists on the clans, their clanmothers and then one can identify the appropriate members who are descendants of clanmothers who if appropriate can be approached to take on their inherent roles. Clanmothers were selected at birth and. Trained and versed in our laws and traditions and they are our nations leaders. Often daughters or granddaughters of clanmothers were chosen to become clanmothers or nieces or through custom adoption ewhen no other suitable child existed. Each clan had a clanmother sit on a council that consulted with the lifetime chief directing him to carry out their decisions or advise the band. Small pre treaty bands were often made up of one clan and the subclans or houses would each have a clanmother to guide them. Turn to your Algonquin speaking relations and their hereditary people for guidance and knowledge. Our inherent ways have never left us and they are there waiting to be rightfully reinstated instead of the corrupt INAC system too many of our ppl favor for their benefit

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  4. …what, pray tell, will they do in 2014? 

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