Mi’kmaq warrior James Pictou sentenced, released from jail

James Pictou on his release from jail Dec 17, imprisoned since Oct 17, 2013.

James Pictou on his release from jail Dec 17, imprisoned since Oct 17, 2013.

by Warrior Publications, Dec 17, 2013

James Pictou, one of the Mi’kmaq warriors arrested during the October 17, 2013, assault by RCMP against anti-fracking blockade in Mi’kmaq territory (in New Brunswick) has been sentenced and released from jail.

Pictou was charged with Threats to officer, Mischief, Not keeping the peace, Obstruction At large, Assault with bear spray, and Uttering threat to a police dog.  On Dec 17 he plead guilty to all charges.  His sentence includes 2 years probation, 9 months house arrest (3 months house arrest, 6 months curfew from 9pm – 7am), he is prohibited from entering Kent County (the site of the anti-fracking blockade), and must pay $4,500.   Other warriors will also be in court over the next few days and weeks for charges arising from the Oct 17 police assault:

Germain Junior Breau – December 18th
Aaron Francis – December 20
Coady Stevens – December 20th and January 3rd
Jimmi jr Pictou – Jan 13, 2014

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  2. Thank you Jim

  3. Thank you

  4. Prayers and healing light to all the warriors.

  5. prayer to everybody espically the swn for what there doing

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