Secwepemc Women Warrior Society disrupt meeting, No to Kinder Morgan Trans Mountain Pipeline

Secwepemc Women KM disruption 2Tuesday, January 14, 2014, Tk’emlups, unceded, unsurrendered Secwepemc Nation, (Kamloops, Bc, Canada)

Secwepemc Women Warrior Society said a resounding No! to the Kinder Morgan pipeline today at an illegal engagement session between government and elected chief and council in Kamloops. The session was to push forward the federal government’s recent Eyford report on West Coast energy infrastructure and supposed “tanker safety”.Secwepemc Women KM disruption 1

The women’s opposition is to the Kinder Morgan Trans Mountain pipeline proposing to cut through the heart of Secwepemc Nation, crossing countless clean rivers, creeks and streams, carrying 890,000 barrels of crude oil per day, coming from the controversial Alberta Tar Sands.

According to Secwepemc Women Warrior Society, Defenders of Mother Earth: “We take this uncompromising stance of No Pipelines! No Infrastructure! that is threatening our Sacred Water. We need clean water for our future. Without clean water there is no life.”

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  1. yes. wonderful women warriors withstand against the duplicitous deceitful dealers. Resource sellers are nothing but dealers on a large scale stealing from The Land strictly for personal gain. Thank you brave women.

    • Yes, thank you, courageous Women, for standing your ground against destruction of Land and clean Water. If the Greedy Ones can learn from your Values, then there is Hope for our fragile Earth.

  2. While your people fight for their rights, here in Ontario we have a group selling out our Algonquin nation. They call themselves the Algonquin of Ontario (AOO). Most of those negotiation the Algonquin land claim aren’t Algonquin. They are puppets of the government.

    • Oh no! What can people do to help?

    • The Secwepemc Women Warrior’s did not ask for permission to take that stand, Warriors do not ask for permission, we were all born into the same misery and we all have to begin by taking our power back, by reclaiming ourselves in order to take care of those we should be, of our people, lands and lives. The structures that canada has created have been forced on to all people, we are all Indians in their eyes so don’t feel lost and alone when you watch that, the power they are demonstrating is within all people, follow their lead, respect what they are doing, be proud and do likewise, find your own power again. We are all one, and until we are all free the Warriors will keep fighting, that is our way, to give aid and not allow suffering, harm and abuse to occur.

      This is not going to be easy, this is not going to happen soon and no one in power is going to do it for you, not under colonial rule, colonial rule is for the benefit of the Elite, it is based upon selfishness, they have contempt for everything and have proven that time and again and they have also proven that they are incapable of taking no for an answer, so what does that make them? You are not the property of the ‘white man’ as they keep trying to claim, they are not going to change their stance on this, but you can, do it for those yet to come. For those of us who are labelled Indians this is far more than a battle for the Mother, this is also a battle for basic human rights and freedom on our own land. Avarice, racism, narcissism, sexism and contempt for life are not the traditions I want to be passed onto my grandchildren, and I do not want them to have to suffer lives like we have had to. This self issued right to entitlement over our lands and people has gone on long enough, no more!

  3. Wonder why Coldwater Indian Band councillors are at this meeting? They need to talk to the people before making “Big Chief” meeting decisions…

  4. I applaud the women who are standing up for themselves and for everyone else, in a struggle for their nation’s right to clean waters. This truly is a far-sighted vision being introduced and all of our leadership (men, women and all our nations) should stand behind the women and follow this vitally important message to permanently ensure and protect the safety and security of our waters and our future generations. Thank you, pjp. TFN

  5. So, the people have spoken, the pipeline is refused, the sellouts have been put on notice. The next stage will necessarily be enforcement of this expression of Secwepemc people’s sovereignty. Bravos to all involved. Onwards and upwards…

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    Kukwstsétsemc! Go raibh maith agaibh! D’fhéadfadh muid ag iarraidh a troid le chéile amháin, le haghaidh an “tellquelmucw.”

  7. We the American Indian Movement of Indiana and Kentucky stand with our Warrior Sisters of the Secwepemc First Nations !!!! NO TO KINDER MORGAN PIPELINE !!!!

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