Jailed Mi’kmaq Warriors Denied Access To Spiritual Practises

Reclaim Turtle Island, January 20, 2014New Brunswick Mi'kmaq warriors spiritual


The colonial state strikes again. State repression against and the targeting of Mi’kmaq Warriors has escalated. The state is now denying 2 Mi’kmaq Warriors, Aaron Francis and Germain Jr Breau, access to spiritual practices. Aaron and Jr have been held in Kanadian custody without trial since the raid on Oct. 17th – just over 3 months.

A statement from Mi’kmaq Warrior Suzanne Patles, “I just came back from Southeast Regional Correctional Center in Shediac, New Brunswick to deliver some things for our men. I attempted to leave them sage so that they can smudge, seeing that since their incarceration they have only seen a spiritual helper once. Each request made by the men to be smudged by the helper, so that they may pray in their traditional manner, has been denied by the facility. They did not allow me to leave them sage and stated that they do not allow ‘that’ in their facility. Human rights violations? Yes. Desecration of their Indigenous spirituality? Yes. Prisoners at other facilities have been able to have their own bundles. They hold them as political prisoners of war, and deny them their right to be Indigenous. Something needs to be done.”

With your help, Junior was released from solitary confinement! Together we can make our voices heard. Flood the phones and let the jail know that the Warriors’ have support and this treatment must not continue!

CALL SUPERINTENDENT JONAH BRIAN – Demand jailed warriors Aaron Fancis and Germaine Jr Breau have access to spiritual practices! (506) 532-7885

Also contact:

New Brunswick Premier, David Alward: 506 453 2144


  • All Indigenous peoples jailed by the state have access to spiritual practices
  • Release of Aaron Francis and Germain Junior Breau, Mi’kmaq Warriors, Land Defenders and Prisoners of War
  • Mi’kmaq inherent and treaty rights and title be respected by the Province
  • A complete moratorium on shale gas exploration

Federal Minister of Justice, Peter McKay: 613 992 6022


  • End systemic discrimination against Indigenous peoples in the Prison Injustice System
  • All Indigenous peoples jailed by the state have access to spiritual practices
  • Release of Aaron Francis and Germain Junior Breau, Mi’kmaq Warriors, Land Defenders and Prisoners of War


Aaron Francis and Germain “Junior” Breau

435 Lino Rd
Shediac, NB
E4P 0H6


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  1. Such refusal is in seeming violation of their own internal policy. I obtained the following, courtesy of the Communications Officer at the NB
    Department of Public Safety/ Ministère de la Sécurité Publique:

    Adult Institutional Policy
    Public Safety
    POLICY: F – 5
    Native Traditional Spirituality & Elder Services
    Effective: March 2003
    Revised: August 2012

    Community and Correctional Services will provide reasonable opportunity and support for inmates in all institutions to participate in native spiritual traditions and practices.
    The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms guarantees everyone the fundamental freedom of conscience and religion.
    The New Brunswick Human Rights Act states:
    “No professional association or business or trade association shall exclude any person from full membership or expel or suspend or otherwise discriminate against any of its members because of race, colour, religion, national origin, ancestry, place of origin, age, physical disability, mental disability, marital status, sexual orientation or sex”.
    Inmates have the right to possess sacred articles and to respectful treatment of these articles in all institutions, providing they do not compromise safety and security.
    Reasonable efforts will be made to secure the services of an Elder to address native spirituality needs. Arrangement may be made through the Director of Correctional Services to assist with expenses on a case by case basis.
    Elders providing programming must be recognized as spiritual leader in their local native community.
    Staff will be informed of the Elder and the Elder’s role so they can provide support and assistance.
    Elders will provide for, and personally direct spiritual traditions and ceremonies such as the:
    • Smudging Ceremony
    • Sacred Circle
    • Pipe Ceremony
    • Social Gathering
    • Feasting;
    • Fasting;
    • Others as are requested.
    An Elder may be called upon to provide staff training and assist in the better understanding of native spiritual practices.
    Elders will obtain institutional approval before finalizing plans for ceremonies. Elders may bring spiritual medicines (ie Tobacco) into the facilities for use during any approved ceremony.
    Inmates will be permitted to retain spiritual medicine & items including but not limited to sweetgrass, sage, cedar, and red willow (although its burning may be restricted to designated areas) with the approval of the Superintendent.

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