Update on Sinixt Nation blockade of Mt. Sentinel

Sinixt winter camp at Mt Sentinel, January 2014.

Sinixt winter camp at Mt Sentinel, January 2014.

Sinixt Nation, Feb 7, 2014
Lim Limt to all the supporters and allies that came and visited us at Mt.
Sentinel. Lim Limt again for the donations of food, coffee, firewood and
money. And above all, Lim Limt to all the stories and laughs shared around
the fire.
The Sinixt Nation has placed a combo lock on the gate at Mt. Sentinel .
Any water-users, firewood gatherers, and other community members who
maintain cultural relationships with the area are being encouraged to
contact the Sinixt Nation for access. Access to BCTS and its licensees is
being restricted until further communications and until the concerns of
the Sinixt Nation are addressed.

This week the Sinixt Nation was contacted by the contractors to access the
road in order to remove the last excavator. This has been the only
response the Sinixt Nation has had from the logging companies in two
weeks. There has been no response from BCTS or the Ministry of Forests.

The Sinixt Nation,through the local newspaper,
http://www.nelsonstar.com/news/242244881.html, has heard rumours that a
possible injunction hearing against us could be held mid February. To mark
the occasion, the Sinixt Nation plans to hold a bonfire on Monday,
February 17th, from 10am to 5pm.Everyone is invited, come on out and
Support the Sinixt Nation.

Contact for Mt. Sentinel Access : 250 226-6743

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  1. In this late age I find it mind-boggling that white governments in Canada-USA still refuse to recognize First Nations.
    What kind of white savages live our there?

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