Cold crisis on Pine Ridge Reservation: burning clothes to stay warm

This is a gentleman whose wood was delivered recently. He lives in a small trailer, no indoor plumbing, no running water. He is unable to use his left arm. But tonight he is warm.

This guy had wood delivered recently. He lives in a small trailer, no indoor plumbing, no running water. He is unable to use his left arm. But tonight he is warm.

by Levi Rickert, Native News Online, Feb 9, 2014

The fierce winter of 2014 continues to bring record cold spells across the Great Plains. American Indian across South Dakota have been particularly hit hard with lack of propane gas and propane prices almost double from what they were last year at this time.One Spirit, a non-profit organization that assists with fuel for low-income homeowners, reports people are burning clothes to stay warm, 20 or more people at a time in one room using an electric heater, and families who have been out of propane for days and not able to have hot food or drinks.

One Spirit is delivering wood as fast as possible to prevent people from having to burn clothes to stay warm.

However, not all homes on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation are equipped for wood-burning. In those cases, propane is typically the much needed heating fuel.

One Spirit is attempting to match as many families as possible for a minimum $200 purchase of propane. One Spirit is also providing help with conservation measures to make the heat go as far as possible.

With single-digits temperatures and even below zero temperatures still in the weather forecast, One Spirit is seeking financial assistance so that tribal members can be provided with propane fuel and wood. Every dollar the public donates will be used to provide heat during this brutally cold winter.

Donations can be made by check or money order, made payable to: One Spirit. Send your check or money order to:

ONE Spirit

PO Box 3209

Rapid City, South Dakota  57709


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  1. minimum purchase of 200.00 dollars of propane ? Should be fifty

  2. You need to set up an online way for people to donate. Paypal account maybe? Or go big…set up an account on a crowdfunding site and promote it.

  3. My heart and prayers go out to my native brothers and sisters who are having to deal with having no heat for they’re families, and having to burn their clothes to stay warm. This should not be happening because they are having to do this because propane is so outrageous that they can’t afford it. These are human beings and they should not be treated like this, they need help, it’s too cold to be without proper heat. Many blessings to all of my brothers and sisters.

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