Fight the Pipelines: Answering the call to action

Unist'tot'en camp members stop surveyors, November 2012.

Unist’tot’en camp members stop surveyors, November 2012.

February 8, 2014

What’s happening? What should we do? What happens next?


It’s not clear exactly how much work has been done on the Pacific Trail and Enbridge Northern Gateway pipeline route. Most likely they are clearing trees and brush. Worst case: They are digging trenches and laying pipe already. The info from Unis’tot’en Camp says the work is starting from the east and west and it will meet the indigenous blockade in the middle. Pacific Trail is the gas pipeline from the fracking fields in NE BC to Kitimat. It was approved in 2012. Pacific Trail shares a right-of-way with the Enbridge Northern Gateway tarsands pipeline to Kitimat, set to be approved by the Harper Government any moment.

We know this game is rigged. It’s time to play a new game.

GET READY – the Harper Government is about to announce final approval for the Enbridge Northern Gateway pipeline. it will be up to us to respond in a way they can’t ignore. Everyone who loves this land, its coasts and rivers – get ready to stand up and raise hell.


  • Organize near home.
  • Decide what groups you want to support. Buddy up – look at your networks and choose people to conspire with.
  • Brainstorm strategies that will make a big splash and slow down business as usual.
  • Pledge to stand up with indigenous people to block the pipelines.
  • Stockpile non-perishable food and camping gear to supply front-line responders.
  • Host bake sales, pancake breakfasts, yard sales and benefit shows to raise funds.
  • Pass the hat to your friends and neighbours.
  • Support the Caravan and the EcoWarriors Legal Trust:
  • Make No Pipelines signs and banners.
  • Be ready to take to the streets.

Join the Action Trainings March 29-31 in Victoria and April 5-6 in Vancouver (details to be announced.)


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  1. Courage, people, what the gov’t. is doing is illegal, against the constitutional laws, and inherent rights under international law.
    Find peace inside, stay strong. Remember the trouble at the G 20 in Toronto. They know how to infiltrate, and create trouble, to escalate the police response. It’s a lot like lawsthe precedent that seems to have been created at 9-11. Were they duplicit? Were they complicit?
    It’s not fun being followed everywhere. I for one can’t walk into the forest and make a little camp. This is not a free country, under the present gov’t.
    Peace and love! 🙂

    • Thanks for the comment. I agree with the sentiment expressed, but conspiracy theories about police infiltration of the Toronto G20 black bloc are just that: conspiracy theories. Four years later, not a shred of evidence has emerged showing either that police infiltrated the bloc or had anything to do with the property destruction that occurred. Property destruction and sabotage are tactics that resistance movements use. Resistance, if successful, leads to greater repression. Every act of militant resistance is not a police conspiracy, and we should avoid perpetuating this line of thinking.

      • Thank you, but I saw a photo in Mclean’s magazine of a “hippie/yippie” type of guy, very angry and violent, with peace and love on his guitar. He was surely a set-up photo-op propaganda tool. They did it with police in Qc. during protests, and it was shown they had the same boots. These guys dressed in black and were throwing rocks to escalate the police response.

      • Because you saw a photo and make assumptions doesn’t make it true. Yes, in 2007 the Quebec police were caught infiltrating a protest dressed as masked militants. They were identified and forced out of the rally by masked militants. This doesn’t mean that every protest action with masked militants is a police operation.

      • You’re right. I believe this photo was of an unmasked protester, fist raised, screaming something, facing the camera, and right on the front cover of Mclean’s, to cover the Toronto G-20 summit.
        Being masked is a legitimate defense against police photographing, and arresting later.

  2. Hey!

    Especially considering what recently happened at the NATO 3 trial, where Facebook-based evidence was used to charge a comrade with arson attempt, that would be a good thing to consider stopping to support any Facebook-based organizing, no matter how legal it may be, as it is also used for mapping activist networks. I know about the compromise towards quantitative efficiency… of reaching to a lot of people easily, but there are other ways, like mailing lists on Riseup, which can be used to spread the news.

    I also would like to bring this to your attention, if you didn’t read already:

    “Civil Liberties Watchdog Concerned the RCMP has Informants in B.C. Anti-pipeline Groups” :

    Now I don’t wanna spread any scare here.. just that it’s much better to be prepared against such incoming political repression rather than to be paranoid all the time for not knowing what’s going on, which can be very counterproductive and depressing. Of course there are undercovers, probably a few that are even well-embedded in our networks on a permanent basis. We’re also part of the “5 eyes” countries, and the NSA surveillance grid is well active in Kanada. But a wise security culture makes their job more difficult.

    May the “two-headed snake” be defeated, and Turtle Island liberated. Land and liberty!

  3. Don’t get me wrong I do not promote the production or use of hydro carbon fuels; and in fact my background in Combustion Engineering has me focused on ‘energy efficiency’ on all possible avenues”

    So, needless to say but … I have been an ‘irritant’ to Christy Clark and the BC Liberals for about three years now after she failed to help me and my son to start a “First Nations Green Energy Business” on Haida Gwaii for him and the rest of … “My Family” …

    She very well knows that “The Solution 2 Pollution” system would save “BC Tax payers/BC Hydro rate payers $2.5 million in fuel a year; as well as using the same technology allowing us to be able to save $30 > $52 million per year on ‘fuel’ for our BC Ferries. [BTW I offered the “People of BC through Christy Clark and the BC Liberals” this in a contract on June 5, 2012]

    BTW … [I also designed this ‘safety system’ in the spring of 2012 when Christy was first ‘cuddled’ up to Enbridge and seemed intent on forcing this “Dirty Dilbit” on us weather we liked it or not! … ]

    So; in regard to that last year I contacted John Rustad (Liberal MP BC Lakes District) about my “Double Wall or at ALL” 100% vacuum safety controlled pipeline with a 100% “Spill Control”, because there are ‘two’ pipes involved in each section; where the ‘product carrying line’ is encased in an ‘outer protection covering’ [ … A bigger pipe around it]
    leaving an ‘Air Space’ between them and at the end of a section both inner and outer pipes are sealed by being welded to each other allowing for the ‘space in between’ to be subjected to a ‘vacuum’ produced by a vacuum pump.

    When this vacuum has been established ‘2’ on a ‘3’ point scale it would still be closed; however holding at ‘3’ would allow the “PRODUCT FLOW … INLET VALVE” … to finally be opened … ‘by the vacuum’.

    On any condition where a vacuum of ‘2’ can not be established or the pressure drops to less than ‘2’ and the “PRODUCT FLOW … INLET VALVE” will drive closed STOPPING ALL PRODUCT FLOW!

    In this way the outer ‘protection line’ would contain any break in the ‘Product carrying line’.

    BTW … I have been trying to contact … Chief Terry Teegee … about this but to no avail.

  4. from the knowledge i have gathered in the last year fighting the kxl in east texas. pipelines are built in “spreads”. literally meaning they spread out and try not to interfere with each other. in other words, land clearing in an area could mean trenches being dug in another at the same time. they usually do “underbores” or horizontal directional drills first. u would see a large crew at a water/street crossing, then nothing at all. different crews/unions, etc.. welding crews can have 70 plus people, requiring busses. also look out for the AUT testing truck, serious bottleneck. here in texas they got the hard stuff done first then laid the pipe and welded it. look for pipe yard and equipment storage yard to see what they are up to. document everything they construct/destroy with video. we are working on a construction code violation case against transcanada. good luck and stay strong.

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