Toronto: trains blocked for missing and murdered women

CP train blocked in Toronto, March 12, 2014.

CP train blocked in Toronto, March 12, 2014.

March 12, 2014

A total of five trains were blocked for up to 3 hours in Toronto today in solidarity with the Tyendinaga Mohawks train blockade on the weekend.  Both actions were taken to demand a federal inquiry into the cases of missing and murdered women in Canada, predominantly Native.Missing Murdered women train blockade 2There have been no reports of arrests and it appears the blockade has now ended.  For updates check out

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  1. I am so happy to see such a strong voice speaking out on behalf of the murdered women. If my health was better I would be out there with you. But as it is, the best I can do is give Mt spirit to this vital cause.

  2. She:kon Zig Zag,
    Nya:weh for posting our story,
    A little clarification … more than 5 trains were held up along these rails … it was 5 trains within the first hour in the immediate vicinity … but that doesn’t account for the many trains that were then backed up because of this stoppage.

    This was a Women-lead event, it was important for us that this be so. We arrived on the rails around noon, and the train arrived about 30 mins later, traveling very slow, I guess because some kind person must have made a call saying something was on the tracks … because they usually travel at about 60 km/hr …

    We stayed on the tracks for about 2.5 hrs in total … sorta waiting for APTN to find us … they lost us in the cat n mouse game with police cruisers and van on the march to the location of where we were going to lay tobacco and flowers for one of our fallen Sisters. They (APTN) also ended up in the wrong parking lot, (we tried to find them to tell them that we had to change locations because a parked train was in the way there, but we couldn’t find them) …

    They finally found us just as we were ready to pack it in … we had been left to ourselves this whole time, with only the company of the 2 train ‘hoggers’ – conductors / engineers – who were both non-judgemental, (and actually secretly supportive) … and so we went back to the train for the news photo-op … but now we were thinking , ‘oh man, now the cops are probly gonna show up!’ … lol … and they did …. But they missed the dance!

    We were now walking out, singing a Traveling Song, passing the few cops who showed up with nary a glance. They were completely bewildered, as we passed them by, and were asking such questions as: “So, what’s going on here?” “Where are you going?” “Are you leaving?”

    Someone behind us, one of the men, answered in a chortling voice, that we were all done.

    The cops said, “oh, alright then, that’s good, thank you!”


    So on the APTN news, you’ll see that it was said that we were only there for an hour , and that the cops asked us to leave … Lolol … Some kind of nerve, eh?? As if!

    We left of our own accord … no need for any of us to be taken into their system.

    We promised Shawn Brant that we would follow suit. We keep our promises.

    “When justice fails, take the rails!”
    ~ Shawn Brant ~

    • PS so all in all, the trains were stopped for over 4 hours, because even after we left , they had to do all their safety checks. We were met by a friend at the nearby ‘Band Office’ (aka coffee shop) at about 4 pm who said that the train was still idling on the track …

      We thank all of our supporters, Native and Ally alike … you know who you are!

      And a big personal Nya:weh / Miigwetch to my fearless buddies!

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