Brisbane Blacks Protest British Royal Family Visit

Australia Royal Welcome 1“It is only through the Royal Family’s false and illegal claim of sovereignty over this continent that the Federal, State and Territory governments derive their authority to pass laws and enforce them.  Give back what you stole.  Our sovereignty has never been ceded!” – Wayne Wharton (Kooma)

Royals greeted by protesters and fans alike

Brisbane Times, April 19, 2014

About 30 Aboriginal activists staged a protest at South Bank, where the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge arrived on Saturday afternoon.

The protesters gathered at the park precinct, where the couple was due to attend a civic reception before a brief public walk.

Activists chanted ‘‘No treaty, no peace’’ and ‘‘Always was, always will be Aboriginal land’’, before police moved the group on without incident.

Outside the reception venue, the South Bank parklands were packed with royal watchers, some draped in the Australian flag, others carrying memorabilia from Prince William’s 2011 wedding to Kate…

Australia Royal Welcome 2Aboriginal activists stage royal protest

The Australian, April 19, 2014

ABOUT 30 Aboriginal activists are staging a protest at South Bank, where the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are due to arrive soon.

The protesters are gathered at the park precinct, where the couple is due to attend a civic reception before a brief public walk later this afternoon.

“Always was, always will be Aboriginal land,” the protesters chanted.

One held a yellow placard that read: “Give back what is ours.”

Police told AAP a small number of Aboriginal protesters had been moved on at South Bank.

One activist was ushered away after going behind barricades meant to keep the royal route along Grey Street clear, outside the South Brisbane train station.

No arrests have been made.

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  1. They blocked our banners at first, then kettled everyone back to Musgrave Park. One pig put in a sneaky knee while they were pushing everyone out of the area (including elders and kids) and arrested a comrade later. DECOLONISE YOUR MIND.

  2. Are you saying that there were moronic royal sycophants present even though a lot of people are against this propaganda tour. No doubt they were ancestry of the dominant British mob who are intent in continuing rule of everyone!. With more and more non British migrants arriving in OZ, the day will come when the absurd coverage that this royal holiday creates will soon be a thing of the past. Indeed, why on earth should a Chinese or Italian Australian be in the slightest bit interested in all this nonsensical royal hype?

  3. Well done to our people in Brisbane, the original Aborigines who have suffered more than four-hundred years of servitude as well as unjustly deceptions all their lives and they are undoubtedly spot-on to tell the so-called Royal Family where to go, because they are exploiters, deceivers, racists and ultra dividers and rulers that get others to kiss them left, right and centre laughably.

    Well again, the Aborigines not just in Brisbane, but their Australian societies of their country.

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