Anticipating rebellion: citizens vow to “stop the bulldozers” if Enbridge pipeline approved

Two of six police vehicles torched, Oct 17, Mi'kmaq territory, 2013.

Two of six police vehicles set on fire, Oct 17, 2013, Mi’kmaq territory (near Rexton, New Brunswick).

Warrior Publications Note: On the eve of the federal government’s anticipated decision on the Enbridge Northern Gateway, the professional activists, NGOs, and Indian Act band councils that have thus far managed the public opposition to the proposed pipeline project have begun rallying their troops and blowing their battle trumpets.  But the last thing they and their funders want is any kind of confrontation or conflict.  They want it all nice and legal, and one of their biggest fears is that Natives might go all warrior on them, as we saw in New Brunswick with the anti-fracking resistance.

During the anti-Enbridge rally on June 8, 2014, in Vancouver, Geraldine Thomas-Flurer of the Yinka Dene Alliance stated “We don’t want that (conflict) — you see Aboriginal people being portrayed very negatively,” she said, referring to the Elsipogtog Nation’s standoff with police. “For me to see something like that, it’s horrific. That’s not what we want our kids to see. We want our kids to see that we’re all holding hands to stop this in a non-violent way. We want a way that is respectful to the earth and to the people.”

The "peaceful protest" phase: One of 12 people arrested in New Brunswick during anti-fracking protest, June 14, 2013.

The “peaceful protest” phase: One of 12 people arrested in New Brunswick during anti-fracking protest, June 14, 2013.

As the anti-fracking struggle in New Brunswick has clearly demonstrated, however, it takes more than holding hands to stop the machines.  In fact, many of the people in the early summer of 2013 were holding hands, and getting arrested.  This didn’t stop the exploratory work being carried out by SWN, only the physical blockading of its vehicles in a parking compound did.  And it was for this reason that the RCMP launched a large paramilitary operation on October 17, 2013, in order to dismantle the blockade.

In regards to lawyers “leading” social movements, as the article below discusses, we must remember that lawyers will always tell us what we can’t do.  In that regard, they reinforce the legal system which is ultimately used to control and repress the population.  If the Mi’kmaq had listened to such legal advice, SWN would have carried out their exploratory work in New Brunswick with little significant disruption.

Anticipating rebellion: citizens vow to “stop the bulldozers” if Enbridge pipeline approved

B.C. Civil Liberties Assoc. is giving seminars to pipeline and tanker affected communities on how to keep protests legal

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  1. Reblogged this on CTEHV – Committee To End Homelessness In Victoria and commented:
    Very informative article once again.

  2. From my perspective ( which is from a foreign country ) I get the impression that Stephen Harper has overstayed his welcome; he appears deaf when it comes to listening to the citizens of BC –
    be it the issue of wild salmon endangered by fish farms to oil pipelines, to behind his citizens backs the Canada-China FIPA agreement. I thought Canada was a Democracy but it is appearing more and more like a Dictatorship and that is extremely disconcerting to put it mildly.

  3. The stupidity of harper to think an informed consulted native would agree to such an unclear future is sick. For more than 5 years a NO has been declared, yet the gov appears to think natives havent been consulted enough. More talks on marine safety, mammal numbers flourishing(in a protected area) declarations, pipeline promises from a corrupt company. Advertisementsbc with a former all over the waves, tv or internet. AND still a majority of British Columbians do not support the pipeline proposal of bitumen off the north coast of British Columbia period. oh ffs, I have now been fed some feed from a new bitumen refinery in my area, the northwest bc coast. another sick proposal. this time a native group is promoting this.

  4. Fine. But whats another step? I wanna escape this mentality!

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