Northern Gateway Pipeline Protesters Lock Doors To Tory MP Offices

  1. Your decision to allow the Enbridge pipeline project to go forward against the collective wisdom of those standing up for the survival of the planet.
  2. Your decision to further displace people in the name of profit.
  3. Your failure to respect the sovereignty of Indigenous communities impacted by this project. You do not have Free, Prior, and Informed Consent to operate on their territories.

No means no!

Last week, the federal government gave conditional approval to Enbridge’s controversial $7-billion Northern Gateway pipeline project between the Alberta oilsands and the B.C. coast.

The decision is contingent on Enbridge satisfying 209 conditions set out by a federal review panel and embarking on more consultations with affected aboriginal communities.

Enbridge MP office chainedFirst Nations and pipeline opponents responded swiftly with promises of escalating opposition. The project already faces several legal challenges.

“Settlers on Stolen Land recognizes the approval of the Northern Gateway Pipeline as a clear example of environmental racism which continues the Canadian legacy of colonization,” claimed the group on Tuesday. It promised to return to the MPs’ offices on July 7 as part of the planned “Nations United Against Pipelines Day of Action.”

The Huffington Post B.C. is waiting for a response from Saxton and Moore’s offices.

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  1. “Settlers on Stolen Land recognizes the approval of the Northern Gateway Pipeline as a clear example of environmental racism which continues the Canadian legacy of colonization,”

    I totally agree and I think the decision is also an extension of Canada’s Genocide against First Nations. I say that because of a long tweet written by Doug Rice @griced96

    “Between Expulsion and Murder” concerns the planning and commission of genocide against Russian speaking people in Ukraine. I hope you read the whole article because this Enbridge decision very much fits the pattern of genocide as laid out by Doug Rice.

    “The home of a people, a landscape which bears all the expression of their character and effort, a place where family and neighborly relations have taken root over generations, a space in which they renew themselves each day, comprises as much as all the individuals themselves, their body as a people. Expulsion from it, and separation from each other, means certainly, if not immediately, the death of that culture, that identity, that people. ”

    “It is not necessary to annihilate the individual physically, only to strip him of his claim to a shared, familiar place and society to annihilate him as a person, to dehumanize him and reduce him to a mere unit, interchangeable with anyone else, someone who simply works and survives, individual in the purely negative sense of being isolated and therefore anonymous. ”

    You can read the whole post here:

    Thank you for standing strong – many many people stand in solidarity with you

  2. thank you for good job and information

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