Mi’kmaq Warriors Call For Support

They made a stance to not only protect the indigenous women, elders and children in their inherent territories but they were also defending the sacred land and waters for all people. They made their stance for the liberation of the Mikmaq nation and for the liberation of all indigenous people all over the world.

The decision regarding their sentencing is to be determined on July 25th, 2014.

To support our warriors please contact myself (Suzanne) 902 217 0608 or Patty Crow 506 229 0373 (healing_crow@hotmail.com) or via Facebook inbox”

To Donate please send Money Order in the name of the warrior you wish to support ( it is also encourages to send a letter of support along with Money Orders)

You could also write a warrior:
Germain junior Breau / Aaron Francis @
S.r.c.c; 445 Lino rd; Shediac NB; e4p 0h6


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    From Suzanne Patles

    Our Mikmaq warriors are requesting the assistance of the people for help.

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