Special unit to investigate RCMP shooting of man on Manitoba reserve

Manitoba shootingCBC News July 21, 2014

Manitoba Justice has ordered an independent special investigations unit to look into the shooting of a First Nations man by RCMP.

The special unit, from Alberta, is heading to Norway House Cree Nation to look into the matter, which happened Sunday during a baseball tournament in the community.

Witnesses told CBC News the man, Evan Cromarty, who suffered non-life-threatening injuries, appeared to be unarmed and was holding his arms up when a Mountie shot at him.

​“I seen this one cop run across the field and this guy was walking on the other side. They were trying to tell him to stop then that guy turned around lifted up his arms and they shot him,” said Eric Ettawacappo, who said he heard four shots.

He was among many, including several children, who saw it happen.

Evan Cromarty, shot by RCMP during baseball tournament.

Evan Cromarty, shot by RCMP during baseball tournament.

“There’s a hundred maybe 200 people out here,” he said. “And everybody saw that — not just me. A whole bunch of us saw that and the kids were traumatized.”

RCMP confirmed the shooting took place but have not released any more information, other than to say the incident is being investigated.

Norway House Chief Ron Evans said the shooting has escalated tensions between RCMP and First Nations people in the community, located about 500 kilometres north of Winnipeg.

Premier Greg Selinger spoke with Evans on Sunday night about ordering the special investigation unit to look into the matter.


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  1. This “independant special investigations unit” better not be more RCMP.

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