Secwepemc Women’s Sacred Fire at the Mount Polley Mine Disaster Site

Yuct Ne Senxiymetkwe Camp, August 2014.

Yuct Ne Senxiymetkwe Camp, August 2014.

August 21, 2014:  Day 3 of the Secwepemc women’s Sacred Fire and camp at the entrance to the Mount Polley Mine Disaster site

“Today on the third day of our Sacred Fire and the 16th day after the disaster, we were blessed by the welcoming of the sun and by a deer visiting us at our camp. The traffic of heavy haul trucks never stopped and continued all night long. Residents of Likely continue to visit the camp with their deep concerns and prayers for the water, as well as their complaints about the Mount Polley mine operations current and past.

“We spent all day talking to Secwepemc from the local bands about the specific place name for the area impacted by this Imperial Metals disaster. We learned that the original name of this area is Yuct ne Senxiymetkwe, which means the greatest of the great lakes, and has an ancient spiritual and cultural significance that ties the Secwepemc to this area. This area was and is a major food and medicine harvesting area and must be healthy so that not only are the Secwepemc and other residents healthy, but also the moose, deer, cougar, grizzly bears, salmon and the endangered mountain caribou are healthy.

“We were also invited to visit a nearby resident who lives on Bootjack Lake near the Imperial Metals Mount Polley mine and who has a clear view to the mine’s towering waste rock piles and document the negative effects this disaster.

“For the second day in a row, we were visited by RCMP officers, one was a forensic identification officer from Williams Lake.

“After a busy day, we ended our evening with a very special gift, a feast made by the local residents.

“Tomorrow (Friday Aug 22) we will be attending a local meeting in Likely at 6pm in the town hall on the encouragement of residents to listen and to speak our truth. All those concerned are encouraged to attend. The fire is burning strong, our hearts are burning strong. We need you here.”

Message the camp: imperialnomore[at]

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