Imperial Metals seeks court injunction to arrest Klabona Keeper Elders

Tahltan blockade fire 2UNCEDED TAHLTAN TERRITORY, BC – October 3, 2014

On October 3, 2014 Imperial Metals, the company responsible for the Mt. Polly disaster, has requested an injunction notice to remove the Klabona Keepers elders and supporters from blockading the road to the Red Chris mine in Tahltan territory. Once the court injunction is served the elders and supporters will have 24 hours to leave the area or they will face arrest.

Red Chris Mine is located on Mt. Todagin, where the Klabona Keepers carry on their ancestor’s wishes to protect the land through the guidance of their elders. After hearing from Secwepemc people impacted by the Mount Polly disaster, Klabona Keepers will not give their consent to the destruction of their traditional territory, the decimation of their salmon and moose, and pollution of pristine water. They have set up a sacred fire called Estsu Kun’desk’āke (grandmothers fireplace) at the entrance of Imperial Metal’s Red Chris Mine.

Their continued defense of the territory and opposition to the mine has great weight after the Tshilquotin decision has affirmed the collective title and jurisdiction of unceded and unsurrendered Indigenous Nations and territories. In 2006 when Red Chris was owned by BC Metals, the Klabona Keepers first began blockading to protect their territory. They exercise their sovereign rights, asserting their jurisdiction to regulate industry in their own territories.

“We can not be blinded by money. The land and water is the lifeblood of our nation and we will not compromise. We are doing this for our future generations.” – Elder Mary Quock.


Media Contact: Rhoda Quock
P – 250-234-3195
E –

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    It is criminal for the courts to pass an injunction to remove anyone from protecting their land..

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