Anti-Pipeline Graffiti Raid Update: VPD Claiming $500,000 in Damages Not Including Graffiti

No Pipelines graffiti in East Vancouver.

No Pipelines graffiti in East Vancouver.

On June 3rd, 2014, Vancouver Police staged a “guns-drawn” raid against a house of known indigenous and anarchist opponents to the energy policies of the central government and its corporate sponsors.

The ostensible reason for the raid was given as the search for graffiti materials believed to be tied to an ongoing “no pipelines” tagging campaign. One person was arrested, but released without charges or conditions.

The Vancouver Police Department returned on June 12 at around 9am with a warrant to take a DNA blood sample from the accused. The accused was again released without charges. There has been no info on the result of the DNA blood sample nearly 5 months after.

“An accumulation of property crimes have taken place between September 2012 and April 2014 including a arson of a house under construction, arson to a commercial bank and mischief to several commercial properties. Most of these crimes have been smashed windows, but the suspect also destroyed automated bank teller machines (ATM), damaged gas pumps and littered Vancouver with no pipelines graffiti. To date there are 20 crimes totaling over $500,000

We are now currently fighting the further detention of our belongings with a court date set for mid November. There was a previous date set at October 30th, but was moved due to the courtroom being for cases of 30 minutes or less.

There is also a sealing order on the investigations.

Sealing orders may be issued where the ends of justice would be subverted by disclosure, or the information used for an improper purpose, and the factors supporting non-disclosure outweigh those favouring access: s. 487.3(i)(a) and (b).

The “ends of justice” would be subverted if disclosure would:

  1. compromise an informant’s identity (s. 487.3(2)(a)(i));
  2. compromise an ongoing investigation (s. 487.3(2)(a)(ii));
  3. compromise the use of, or a person using, particular investigative techniques (s. 487.3(2)(a)(iii));
  4. prejudice the interests of an innocent person (s. 487.3(2)(a)(iv));

“Any other sufficient reason” (s. 487.3(2)(b)) will also justify non-disclosure.

There is still no charges or conditions to date. However, we still need legal and potential bail funds. We thank you for your solidarity.

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Additional Info

Police raid house in East Vancouver on pretext of anti-pipeline graffiti


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  1. Reblogged this on The Cryptosphere and commented:
    So a graffiti raid leads to a charge of $500,000 in damages “not including graffiti?” For hurting Kinder Morgan’s feelings, perhaps? The abject servitude of the VPD to corporate interests is now so obvious that they don’t even bother trying to hide it.

    Why don’t they grab that guy who’s going around spray-painting “JOAN CUSACK” everywhere? But they probably never heard of her.

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