Montreal police have arrested two demonstrators and fined two more, as a group of protesters clashed with police at a demonstration against Quebec’s proposed Northern Plan mining project in Montreal on a frigid Monday morning.

Two will be charged with assault, according to police.

“Age 28 and the other one aged 22 were arrested for armed assault on police officers. The 28-year-old was also charged with the P6 bylaw infraction for wearing a mask,” said Montreal police spokesperson Laurent Gingras.

Police say the two men were released with a promise to appear in court to face the charges.  Two others face fines for municipal bylaw violations.

“We intercepted two persons for municipal by-law infractions. These two individuals refused to walk,they refused to leave they were at when police officers approached them. They were released with a bylaw infraction ticket,” said Gingras.

The protesters were participating at an early morning demonstration near the Palais de Congres where Natural Resources Minister Pierre Arcand was set to speak to the Montreal Chamber of Commerce in a forum on natural resource development.