Land Shark Survival and Stealth Bivy Bag Review

The Land Shark, an emergency bivy and rescue/stealth bag, comes in a small pouch.

The Land Shark, an emergency bivy and rescue/stealth bag, comes in a small pouch.  Photo:

Warrior Publications Note:  The manufacturer of this bag claims it defeats FLIR thermal imaging.  It also functions as an emergency survival bivy bag, and has reversible orange and camouflage sides.  The bag retails for around $70.  The following review is from

by Canadian Wilderness Survival, Jan 2, 2015
I found this product on the internet one day while looking up some gear and was instantly intrigued. The Land Shark bivi , or bivy, is a small shelter made for one person that is designed to be an emergency shelter, but it has some neat benefits that no other bivi has!

The Land Shark is made from a 100% waterproof material which looks similar those blue tarps you buy from the hardware store, but is nothing like them The material is more like a rubber that has been sewn in such a way that makes it ripstop, ensuring that if you should get a hole in the bag it’s not going to tear further. This is the main feature of all ripstop materials, the entire product is sewn or fused with small interlocking squares and this prevents any holes from becoming tears under pressure.

The Land Shark in made up of three layers – one orange, one camouflage and a third in-between made of an Aluminized Film material. The middle layer is similar to what is found in emergency blankets, this material has a very high reflective ability when it comes to body heat and can reflect up to 80% of your heat back into your body. This is a very big deal when it comes to survival, I’ve seen shelters lined with this material and it can double the warmth, so having a durable bivi bag made with this type of liner makes for an awesome emergency shelter.

The Land Shark is not only useful on land, they can also be used in conjunction with a life vest to help prevent loss of body heat and the high-vis orange can be seen for miles making it a great item for your boat as well. As one who has been in the water in winter, I know how dangerous it can be, so having an item on hand that can be used to help regain body heat until someone starts a fire can be a life saver!

On one side the Land Shark has a digital camo pattern in green and brown.

On one side the Land Shark has a digital camo pattern in green and brown.  Photo:

Another added feature of this liner is that it blocks radiated body heat from escaping the bag. Not only will this will keep you warm, but it also has the added ability to shield you from devices like FLIR cameras, making it an ideal escape and evasion item. Only one down side when it comes to E&E, you can hear the bag if you move. Now it’s not really loud but it does make some sound and one thing I noticed though is it’s the same sound as leaves in the rain so if you’re using it in any rainy environments it’s undetectable. I do want to stress, the sound makes no more noise then a poncho or other bivi bags I’ve used, but I felt I should mention it.

On the other side of the Land Shark is a bright orange for high visibility rescue purposes.

On the other side of the Land Shark is a bright orange for high visibility rescue purposes. Photo:

This bag does come at a price. Even though you’re getting 100% waterproof and wind proof, and it’s very warm, it also doesn’t wick water away from the body, and this can be a problem if you start to accumulate moisture in the bag, unless you leave the bag open a little, and allow moisture to escape. But something to keep in mind is, this product comes with an orange layer on one side and a camouflage layer on the other, so this means the bag can be reversed in case you should start to get some moisture and you can always turn the bag inside out.

The Land Shark has ripstop stitching and uses paracord for its drawstring.  Attached to the paracord is a small emergency whistle. Photo:

The Land Shark has ripstop stitching and uses paracord for its drawstring. Attached to the paracord is a small emergency whistle. Photo:

The way the Land Shark is made means it’s totally waterproof and windproof and this goes a long way when it comes to survival. Staying dry and out of the wind can greatly increase your chances of survival even in the harshest environments. I’ve seen many times myself the real difference it makes just having something as a wind break, so having a product on hand that can be deployed quickly can really make a difference.

The tri layer design also has some features you might not think of, such as having something large and highly visible which can be ideal in situations where you’re trying to signal for help or you need something to indicate “don’t shoot this way”, as the orange color of the Land Shark is the very same color we use for hunting in the fall, High vis orange! You also have a whistle and the opening of the bivi can be cinched up with the paracord pull around the opening, incase you need to totally hide from the wind.

On the other side of that coin, you have the camouflage side or digital camouflage. This allows you to become a little less visible if need be. I once had someone say to me “why are you using camouflage for survival, you should be using orange”. This was a narrow way of thinking in my opinion, as anyone who has been in a survival situation understands that you don’t know what will be needed at the time. It’s good to be visible yes, but if visibility is not what you need in that situation you find yourself in, you don’t want to be running around in the woods wearing orange trying to hide. After all there’s a reason they make prison uniforms out of orange!

As I’ve become experienced with survival over the years I’ve realized quickly it’s best to be prepare for as broad a spectrum of scenarios and situations as you can, because you never know what could happen. This is why I like that Land Shark has included the ability to use both high-vis and camouflage, as I feel this covers two major checks on my list for survival and adding to that list its ability to cloak your body heat, makes it a very cool product indeed!

For me, ideal uses for this bivi would be in a get home bag, bail out bag, bug out bag, or 72 hour kit, as it’s small enough to put in a small kit but packs a big punch for warmth and escape from the elements. It’s also multi use, as the Land Shark can be used for signaling as well as camouflage for you or your kit. Also seeing that it’s waterproof you can use it to catch rain water, or as I noticed this winter, because it has a slick surface you could even use it as a slide for getting down hills or to pull a person to safety over snow, or even pull firewood. It’s not made for these things but it could be done in a pinch, the only limitation is your imagination!

Basic Features and Measurements

  • Water, Vapor and Grease-Proof Vacuum Bag
  • Instructions Provided
  • Sturdy Carry and Storage Pouch  8.5 x 7.6 inches (21.6 X 19.3 cm)
  • Belt Loop and Velcro Attachment
  • Hook and Loop
  • 38” x 80” (96.52 cm x 203.2 cm) when opened
  • 550 Paracord Drawstring


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