Masked protesters allegedly steal Kinder Morgan equipment on Burnaby Mountain

A Kinder Morgan vehicle with its windows smashed, Burnaby Mountain, March 23, 2015. Photo: Metro News.

A Kinder Morgan vehicle with its windows smashed, Burnaby Mountain, March 23, 2015. Photo: Metro News.

By Emily Jackson, Metro Vancouver, March 23, 2015

The battle between protesters and Kinder Morgan flared up on Monday after masked men allegedly broke into a vehicle on Burnaby Mountain to steal surveying equipment.

“I understand that a window was smashed on one of the contractors vehicles and some surveying equipment was taken by a masked man who we believe has previously interfered with the survey work we’ve been undertaking,” Trans Mountain Pipeline spokeswoman Lizette Parsons Bell said.

Parsons Bell alleged the man has previously interfered with the company’s surveying work by showing up and looking around the work site. She said there were three masked men involved in the incident.

A Burnaby RCMP spokeswoman said police were called to the area and are conducting an investigation, but refused to confirm or deny any details while the investigation is ongoing.

Kinder Morgan is surveying the mountain to determine whether it’s a possible route for the Trans Mountain pipeline, which the company wants to twin. Protests against the expansion led to more than 100 arrests on Burnaby Mountain in November 2014.

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  1. Glenn David Loft

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  2. Anonymous by choice

    Riiiight! Nothing like this has happened at this site, and then mysteriously “anonymous” men in masks do damage and “cause trouble”. It seems that it is JUST as likely that these “criminals are either Kinder Morgan affiliated, or RCMP affiliated, looking to justify an increased military errrr I mean law enforcement presence at the site! Wake up people! Everything is smoke and mirrors to justify an ends to a means!

    • Or, it’s just likely that some individuals are tired of signing petitions and holding hands wishing that Kinder Morgan would stop its exploratory work for the pipeline expansion. When you assert conspiracy theories you need more evidence than the first thought off the top of your head.

  3. The company has a legal right to conduct its business. Anyone interfering with that in any way is breaking the law. Period.

    • Slavery was legal. Apartheid was legal. Colonialism was legal. Just because something is right legally doesn’t make it right, or the right thing to do.

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