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Australia black nations risingBlack Nations Rising (BNR), published by Warriors of the Aboriginal Resistance, is a grassroots Aboriginal magazine dedicated to the cause of decolonization and self-determination.  Our publication, launched in January 2015, promotes symbols, stories and strategies of indigenous resistance and revival.  We have published two editions of BNR so far, and will publish another two this year.
1st edition
2nd edition

Published independently, BNR receives no government or corporate funding. The magazine is operated by a small but strong group of Aboriginal volunteers:

·      Coeditors: Pekeri Ruska (Goenpul) & Callum Clayton-Dixon (Nyaywana)

·      Printing/Distribution: Merinda Meredith (Darumbal)

·      Cartoonist: Jade Slockee (Gumbaynggirr)

With the help of several unions, universities and Aboriginal organizations, we managed to print and distribute over 3,000 copies of Black Nations Rising issue one. It was distributed at rallies, via the Brisbane Aboriginal Sovereign Embassy (BASE) Food Program, and posted out to several hundred subscribers. As we believe Aboriginal media is an essential service for our people in pushing for social and political change, the magazine is free for Aboriginal people. We ask non-Aboriginal people to pay a $50 yearly subscription fee to help subsidize the postage costs.

BNR is an evolution of Brisbane Blacks magazine, an activist publication of BASE. Brisbane Blacks magazine was born out of discussions around the fire in Musgrave Park. Six editions of Brisbane Blacks magazine were printed and over 6000 copies distributed between August 2013 and November 2014.

Our goal is for Black Nations Rising magazine to turn into a monthly print publication with a circulation of 10,000 copies each issue. In order to do this, we need the financial capacity to enable consistent printing and distribution. To gather and produce the content necessary for a monthly magazine, we need the money to provide basic wages for a skeleton staff. We’re aiming to raise $50,000 to cover operation costs for 2016.

The Aboriginal print media landscape has deteriorated dramatically over the past few years. Tracker magazine was axed in 2014, and the National Indigenous Times (NIT) shut at the start of 2015. That’s two of the three major Aboriginal print publications gone, and both were active in promoting an Aboriginal rights agenda. BNR was established in an effort to fill the void left by Tracker and the NIT. But we also intended BNR to break new ground as a fully independent platform for the free expression of marginalized Aboriginal views and ideas, with a heavy focus on the views and opinions of young Aboriginal activists. Our publication was never meant to be separate to the Aboriginal movement. In fact, BNR was set up to be an organ of the movement.

A new era of Aboriginal activism dawns, and with it comes the need for strong independent Aboriginal media to echo its calls, to bolster the anticolonial agenda. Our movement and media must be one and the same. Black Nations Rising is a publication of the movement, by the people, for the future. We hope you can support us in building this publication into a powerful force for positive change.

Yours in the cause,

Black Nations Rising team

To Contribute Money:

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