Red tide: Massive, ‘incredibly thick’ toxic algae bloom in Pacific now stretches from California to Alaska

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  2. I expect this will become de rigeuer now as it is mainly a result of warm ocean temps and the oceans are what are acting as a heat sink for much of the global warming taking place and are heating up much faster than both land masses and the atmosphere. A number of oceanographic and polar regions documentaries I have been seeing lately have me convinced that we will soon have little left to fish without completely depleting what remain of dwindling fish-stocks and these red tides are just another facet of the world now spinning out of control and hopefully not but I would certainly not bet against the idea that we are already past the tipping point and that there is no longer anything we can do to stop what has become a positive feedback loop with the term positive in this case anything to be happy about. But hey, don’t worry, be happy. Damn, I wanna strangle that goof.

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  4. I’ve no hope for what’s coming ahead, humanity id deaf and blind to the industries and everyone over consuming and wasting resources at a frighten rythm, we are in society of entertainment, sick to the bones

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