The power of Indigenous peoples has never come from voting in federal elections


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  1. Hereditary Chief Kahkakew Yawassanay

    Like all other forms of colonization, voting in federal elections is not only an exercise in irrelevancy and futility, it is a violation of signed crown treaties with Indigenous First Nations. As agreed upon in the numbered treaties, all treaty Indians would not vote in any elections, join or be drafted into any Canadian, provincial, municipal armed and security forces.
    With Canada violating all treaties with indigenous tribes (numbered and other) since their inception, the belief of a few Indigenous and Aboriginals(metis, Bill C’s and non status) that our relatively small populations would impact any elections is ridiculous. These rights are already protected by treaty and international law. Much like the ludicrous Bill C-31 legislation and most other acts of the federal, provincial parliaments and municipal, territorial and regional non indigenous authorities which infringe on our protected treaty and inherent rights, the worst case scenario are that our own indigenous people further ignore, remain unaware and continue to infringe their same rights. The issue is no one, nobody , no community has challenged these infringements in courts in Canada or through international laws. As far as treaty Indians go, those that are direct descendants of treaty signatories( are not status as a result of the federal indian act policies and legislation that wrongfully recognizes status Indians, Bill C-31’s and metis and non status as being Aboriginal) can legally and inherently claim exemption to the legislation that results from any non indigenous or Aboriginal elections at any level. Problem is our people forget that the treaties exists as they always have yet we have assimilated ourselves into the INAC way of being where false authority is given wrongfully and accepted through elected and appointed leaderships in Indian Affairs created FN communities, tribal councils and provincial and federal agencies. We are our own worst enemies that have readily adopted a system that ignores the inherent authority of our hereditary governance and inherent rights protected by the treaties, Vote if you choose and while you are at it burn your treaty cards as your attitudes, actions and behaviours are those of an Aboriginal non treaty persons. Those that think tey are treaty when in reality they are status only because of the indian act are by their recognition already negatively impacting our inherent rights protected by treaties….as one elder said recently..these Aboriginals are only indian on paper….

  2. most of the world is dying to vote, we can’t throw ours away, and it is distressing voting for the least of the evils

  3. Definitely to vote in federal elections gives the colour of sanction to whatever the government does. However one could make a strong case that to remove a uniquely bad government that defies UNDRIP and ignores MMIW entirely, one has the right to vote to remove it without compromising sovereignty. It’s also possible that using techniques like vote-swapping, one could powerfully unify the native vote to ensure it is maximally effective in every election.

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