Ts’Peten: 20 Year Anniversary Gathering

TsPeten 20 year anniversary 1For more info on the Ts’Peten Siege: https://warriorpublications.wordpress.com/2011/02/12/tspeten-1995/

For more info on the gathering: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Gustafsen-Lake-Standoff/110870248965394#

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  2. NEWS RELEASE: Canoe Creek/Dog Creek Chief and Council Statement Regarding the Gustafsen Lake Standoff 10-Year Anniversary Gathering.

    September 2nd, 2005

    We, the people of Stwecemc / Xgat’tem, would like it known that we do not support the 10 Year Anniversary Gathering’ taking place within our traditional territory. Our reason for this does not have so much to do with the fact that the organizers did not follow proper protocol in planning this event in our traditional territory; it has to do with many other reasons.

    On behalf of our entire membership, we do not sanction this event in anyway. First and foremost, it is the anniversary of an event that hurt our community members in so many ways, and kept our people from enjoying what the Creator has provided for our use and our care. The Ts’peten area has always been a special place to our people as it provides much of our traditional foods and medicines as well as being a recreation area to be enjoyed, and continues to this day.

    Members of the standoff fired shots on our members fishing at the Gang Ranch/Churn Creek fishing site as well as firing shots at the people of High Bar First Nation. Also an Elder (who was part of the Sundance, and who asked the group to respect the wishes of the Band to leave the area) and her family were also fired on at their home in Lac La Hache.

    To say that the Gustafsen Lake Standoff ‘withstood the largest RCMP terrorist attack in Canadian History’ is not entirely true. The ‘warriors’ at that Standoff were not protecting the land on behalf of the Secwepemc people of this area; rather they saw an opportunity to participate in a demonstration of sovereignty. Apparently those same individuals were asked to leave the demonstration that was taking place at Douglas Lake, as the Okanagan people did not want to hold an ‘armed’ standoff to demonstrate their Aboriginal Rights.

    It was not a ‘sovereignty’ stand, rather it was more to do with an individual who wanted to live in the area. This could have easily happened other than the fact he chose to reside on ‘private’ property. There is also that fact that the use of the area was granted, by the ranch owner and by the Band, to the Sundance group for the four-year period of the Sundance.

    The ‘warriors’ under Wolverine’s direction did not, at that time, respect the wishes of the four chiefs of the Cariboo Tribal Council, nor the wishes of the Elders that they ‘leave the area’. There was a meeting, which the Stand off group attended, with the chiefs and one held with the community Elders where the group was asked to ‘leave the area’, but they chose not to and had to be removed by the RCMP.

    We do not believe that people who practice Aboriginal Sovereignty should be doing so to the detriment of other Aboriginal people.

    We believe that it was the daily prayers of our Elders and other members that kept our people safe at a time when we did not feel safe. We commend the youth of the day for not involving themselves with the stand off.

    Once again, we wish to have it known that the people of Stswecem’c / Xgat’tem (i.e. Canoe Creek/Dog Creek) do not support and do not want to have the Anniversary Gathering taking place within our territory.

    Cary Morin
    Public Relations/Communications Coordinator
    Cariboo Tribal Council Treaty Society / NStQ
    Phone: (250) 392-7361
    Fax: (250) 392-6158
    E-Mail: c.morin@nstq.org
    Addresss: 17 South 1st Ave. Williams Lake, BC V2G 1H4

    • It’s sad how you have nothing to say about the massive RCMP operation that attempted to murder the people defending the camp at Gustafsen Lake, or the manner in which the Indian Act chiefs collaborated with the police in their use of deadly force. As you state, the siege started with an elder and his family but you neglect to mention the threats and intimidation that Lyle James’ and his cowboys directed against them, which prompted the call for warriors to go the camp to defend it. As for Wolverine, I see no reason why he should respect the Indian Act Indians who receive their authority from the federal government. Now go back to the trough that is the treaty process.

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