Brother of Ipperwash protester Dudley George accidentally sets himself ablaze during protest

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  1. It makes me SICK that media isn’t reporting even a HALF TRUTH about this incident! Pierre didn’t set himself on fire! A disgruntled YES voter did. The Stony Point people were gathered PEACEFULLY to show they did not agree with the FSA. Ask me how I know…IM THERE!

  2. He didn’t accidentally set himself on fire…. Someone kicked gas at him near a fire!! Get your facts straight!

  3. Its incredible! How could he let himself be on fire like that?

  4. I think the yes voters are hiding something and lining their own pockets by way of taking from the original stoney pointers, the only ones who deserve this is the original stoney pointers not the band members, not the chief and all the ones who are playing games with people who suffered. How can Kettle point be in control of money that doesn’t belong to them by building houses and driving nice cars. While others live in broken homes, can’t get a job or housing through there but yet all the drunks and druggies seem to live well at Kettle point PEOPLE NEED TO TELL THE MEDIA AND GOVERNMENT of these issues, don’t let your own people steal from you. I have read the documents and heard a lot of the garbage straight from the so called ex chief and band/councillors. why is no one looking into this and get the right people paid which is the original stoney point people.

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