Detroit’s Christopher Columbus statue vandalized

Columbus statue in Detroit, Michigan, with a hatchet in his head.

Columbus statue in Detroit, Michigan, with a hatchet in his head.

By Lee DeVito, Metro Times, Oct 12, 2015

It’s Columbus Day ā€” the annual time of year where Americans take the day off of work to reflect upon the problematic legacy of Christopher Columbus.

In the spirit of the holiday, it appears that someone has vandalized the bust of Columbus located outside of Detroit’s Renaissance Center. A photo posted to Reddit shows what looks like a bloody hatchet blow to the statue’s head.

Located at Jefferson Avenue and Randolph Street, the statue was created by Italian sculptor Augusto Rivalta and dedicated to the city of Detroit on Oct. 12, 1910.

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  1. Take that statue down. Columbus was a torturer, a murderer, rapist, and a liar. The true story of Columbus should be told! For that statue to continue standing is a direct afront to life, liberty and justice. It is offensive to many people. The truth of history is being told near and far…this statue of Columbus stands for all that is wrong and will soon became a stain on Detroits own face. Take it down and destroy it. Learn the truth about this hellish man. Renounce Columbus Day in honor of all those who suffered under his cruel ways. He was as bad as Hitler.

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