BC Premier’s office site of native protest over child welfare

 Splatsin Chief Wayne Christian and Chief Stewart Phillip of the B.C. Indian Chief's Union speak to a small crowd of protesters Tuesday outside B.C. Premier Christy Clark's office in West Kelowna. Contributed/ Global Okanagan

Splatsin Chief Wayne Christian and Chief Stewart Phillip of the B.C. Indian Chief’s Union speak to a small crowd of protesters Tuesday outside B.C. Premier Christy Clark’s office in West Kelowna.
Contributed/ Global Okanagan

, Global News, Oct 13, 2015

WEST KELOWNA, B.C. – Protesters gathered at Premier Christy Clark’s constituency office Tuesday afternoon in support of aboriginal child welfare rights.

About 50 members of Okanagan aboriginal communities, including the Splatsin Nation from Enderby, chanted and drummed at the protest. They are concerned about the province taking care of their children instead of being care for by First Nations.

The Splatsin Indian Band and Chief Wayne Christian are suing the B.C. government, looking to have their right to self-govern their social welfare enforced by the courts. The B.C. government granted aboriginal communities jurisdiction over their own child welfare on this date in 1980.

Christian says their agreement has not been fulfilled.

“The grandparents and parents, aunts and uncles don’t have “a legal right” to the child, that’s what the minister says,” says Christian. “No. Our system is different than yours. They have a right to be there for that child.”

“Their system is not working,” says Christian of the B.C. Ministry of Children and Family Development, which operates on a $1.39 billion annual budget. “It’s failing our children and families miserably and they’ve got to change what they’re doing.”

Christian says more than half of B.C. foster children are aboriginal, but First Nations communities receive no funding to manage social welfare as they see fit.

“It’s going to be enough when we can take care of our own, bottom line,” he says. “It’s not about money. People think it’s about money. It’s the ability to look after our own laws and our own processes.”

The B.C. government has yet to file a response to the Splatsin lawsuit filed in B.C. Supreme Court in Vancouver on Tuesday.

Christian says they are planning province-wide protests in November.


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  1. SCFS (Secwepemc Child & Family Services) Agency definitely does “not” work in the best interest’s of our Aboriginal Children and Families, after getting duped into signing a voluntary agreement in 2008 (as a single parent I was forced to take time off work due to lack of proper daycare) my family has been through hell. making money for themselves and others while alienating Aboriginal children from loving/supporting biological parents is what this Agency is all about, while continuing to ignore the rights of Aboriginal Children & Families this Agency prioritizes Non-Aboriginal Foster Parents/ Caregivers, I think it was in January of this year a judge had accepted evidence I submitted regarding a former SCFS Agency ED (Executive Director) who had deliberately broken a mediation agreement to keep me from seeing or speaking with my children, in another instance an SCFS Agency Team Leader lied in a statement to RCMP about me in another deliberate attempt to make me out to be some sort of “Bad Guy” while verbally fighting for simple access to my own children, they prevented me from supporting my children during school functions and awards, Parent/Teacher interviews for 3 years, One time in front of a judge at a case conference I told an SCFS Agency Team Leader that my children must reasonably believe I had abandoned them because I was not permitted contact for 5 months and the Team Leader responded (because the judge was present) that she will make contact between me and my children a priority- 2 1/2 months later my children and I were granted our first 5 minute supervised phone call! and that’s just the tip of the iceberg, these Government Agents who pretend to act in the best interest’s of our children and families abuse powers given them to carry on the destructive acts/traditions of their predecessors from the Residential school Era and 60/70’s Scoop, although there are many children and families in desperate need of family services the social workers and team leaders we’ve dealt with within this agency are proving to be more than a waste of tax-payer dollars they are deliberately and systematically attempting to destroy the sacred and loving bond between parent and child! SCFS Agency board-members are of no help to our children and families as I’ve sent them countless e-mails mostly gone unanswered, MCFD in Victoria and the Ombudsman are slow to take action, I’m still waiting for an Independent Investigation into the illegal acts of the team leader I spoke of above (she lied in her RCMP statement in the spring of 2012 and she has not only gotten away with it but been promoted!) I do not wish to see our Agency shut down but would like to see social workers, team leaders and those who abuse powers held accountable, they are a continued disgrace to our children and families, our agency, our communities and themselves! Please take a moment to check out our Facebook page started in 2012 when the words of this loving/supporting parent fell on deaf ears…Secwepemc People vs SCFS.

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