Yes to Mother Earth ~ No to Mining

Ancestral pride logo Colourby Ancestral Pride, Oct 17, 2015

Crow and I have been engaged in a battle with the mining giant Imperial Metals for almost a decade now. We have been beat up by cops, harassed by cops, targeted at rallies, and been fierce in our no compromise stance against any mining in our territory and definitely no mining our sacred mountain Chitaapi!

I am traveling to the Yes to Mother Earth – No to Mining gathering in Oaxaca Mexico on October 28th to November 12th! This is an amazing opportunity for me as I have been organizing against Imperial Metals starting a copper mine in our territory for years now. This gives me an opportunity to connect and work with other indigenous communities against mining from across the globe.

To have been invited on this trip is amazing to me and I am over the moon excited to be able to visit mining impacted sites and meet with the people defending land and life in their home lands.

I am fundraising for my trip, so I can purchase items that I need to bring with me to fully document my experience. I need a cell phone, a laptop, a camera. While they are not essential they would enable me to share my experience fully and to create a teaching tool for others to use.

If you have an iPhone, a Macbook, or a good quality high def camera you are willing to donate or part ways with cheaply to Ancestral Pride please contact me at and if you would like to donate for my items and my travel please click this —–> link <—— you can also PayPal or Email Money Transfer to 

Kleco to everyone who has always supported us and keeps on doing so, your support means the world and gives us the strength to continue this work!

Chuu and Kleco Xhopakelxhit ~ Ancestral Pride

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