Chile: Arson at Hydroelectric Dam’s Office in Pehuenche Territory

Mapuche hydro arson 2from Resume Chile, translated by Earth First! Journal Newswire, Nov 23, 2015

Incendiary devices were used against the installations of the Hydroelectric Center of Angostura de Colbún [Sunday Nov. 15, 2015] during the night. Unidentified people burned the office and three corporate vehicles belonging to Matte, which has installed itself within Pehuenche Territory.

A canvas was found at the site reading “Matte, Colbún, Endesa and All Venture Capitalists: Get Out of Mapuche Pehuence Territory.”

Mapuche hydro arson 3The Hydroelectric Center of Angostura is a dam located within the communities of Quilaco and Santa Bárbara, and is being targeted, along with other dams, for usurping Pehuenche territory. The company Matte–the same which has colluded to the “Confort Cartel” for ten years–through its hydroelectric and logging projects, has become one of the main entities responsible for the miserable conditions that the nearby communities live with.

Mapuche hydro arson 1


A new awakening within the communities is seen within the section of Altos del Bío Bío due to these conditions: After promises of great changes from the corporate projects, today the situation is very limited, and people are forced to leave their communal lives.

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