Extremists could use peaceful pipeline protests in Canada as cover, intel report claims


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    Once again, they are trying to brand environmentalists as terrorists, and shut down protests as a way to “protect” the public. Oh, and wait for them to say it’s for the good of the protesters, as well. “For Your Own Good” has to be one of the biggest lies of all time. And as far as being spied on, if you’ve spoken out about the environment, or against the loss of our rights –and about the government breaking the law by violating those constitutional rights, you are already on The List. Which is why Obama’s remarks today that anyone Big Brother has put on The List will not be able to legally purchase guns for protection. Anyone who speaks out can be labeled a terrorist, whether they have ever uttered a threat, or even know how to fire a gun. And as someone has said — if you’re not on The List, shame on you.

  2. this debate has been going on since the 1960s. it’s an old saw. everybody knows that some of the so-called radical infiltrators may have been planted there to destabilize peaceful protests and add to the justification of increased surveillance and/or police intervention.

    • Thanks for the comment but I disagree with the tone of it. Peaceful protests by themselves have never achieved any real change. Successful social movements have always seen a wide diversity of tactics used. And any movement that is successful in its efforts will inevitably face surveillance and repression.

  3. I should have been more careful to ensure that my words expressed the tone I intended. I completely agree with the article’s premise that dirty tactics are at play in the security bill. As a kid in the 60s I was around activists and learned from them that repression and surveillance comes with the territory. As for the assertion that peaceful protests by themselves have never achieved real change, that just isn’t true, though I expect our respective measures of what constitutes ‘real change’ would need to be clarified before a clear discussion could be had.

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