Renewed calls for a national inquiry into standoff at Gustafsen Lake

TsPeten RCMP APC 1

Bison APC used by RCMP at Gustafsen Lake, BC, 1995.

Twenty years after a standoff with RCMP, some First Nations protestors are calling for a national inquiry

By Daybreak Kamloops, CBC News, Jan 13, 2016

There’s a renewed call for a national inquiry into the Gustafsen lake standoff.

It happened near 100 Mile House, 20 years ago.

First Nations protestors occupied a piece of ranch land they said was sacred.

For many British Columbians, Gustafsen Lake will always serve as a symbol of violence between First Nations and RCMP, and for many it is still an open wound.

The 1995 standoff was one of the largest paramilitary operations in Canadian history.

Fifteen protestors were found guilty of various offenses.

Now, Wolverine along with a new group called the Ts Peten Defence Committee are demanding a National Inquiry.

The CBC’s Samantha Garvey has been looking into this story.

To listen to the full interview, click on the link: renewed calls for a national inquiry into standoff at Gustafsen Lake.


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