B.C. court rules against Site C dam protesters, says campers can be removed



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  1. B.C. Hydro must and foremost abide by the laws of the treaty, must be honored by the Court of B.C. and Court of Canada. Otherwise, B.C. can be sued a few $billion or $trillion for damages already.

  2. It turns out that Justice Butler was appointed to the bench in 2007 . . .by the Liberals, and his firm has donated over $57,000 to the BC Liberal party in the last 20 years. This firm is also instrumental in vetting candidates for the Liberal party. Does this decision smell a little bit of conflict of interest, or does it just smell period.

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  4. Why are we worried about costing hydro millions when they waste millions annually? What about the loss that these farmers and hunters will face? Another case of total lack of consideration for people over Corporations.

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