Imperial Metals Out Of Ahousaht Territory

Cat Face Mountain

Cat Face Mountain. Photo: Common Sense Canadian.

by Ancestral Pride, April 26, 2016

Out of concern for protecting Ahousaht territory from harmful resource extraction such as Imperial Metals copper mining on Chitaapii. Myself and my son Chico did a day hike up the southern peak of Catface mountain starting from Cypre Bay. As Imperial Metals is interested in three massive areas on Chitaapii, Hecate zone, Cliff face and Irishman creek.

Imperial Metals wants to utilize the Cypre Bay location as it has the infrastructure to place a work camp, first aid station, barge landing, air plane landing and boat dock.

A couple hours into the hike we came upon Imperial Metals work station where they sort the mineral tests and core samples, to be recorded and sent to their labs for further analysis. Along the hike we came upon many mineral sample boxes being stored as well as heli-pads.

Some documents found were from the BC government issuing Catface Copper Mines Limited permit for mining exploration. BC Forest and Range: Free Use Permit, granting the right to enter and occupy Crown lands in the permit area, for the purpose of harvesting Crown Timber according to terms of permit and Forest Act. The right to cut timber for clearing of drill site 30 X 30 meters (100 X 100 feet).

Imperial Metals protest richmond posterWe did not encounter anyone actively working and is difficult to determine when Imperial Metals might have been on site. The fact Imperial Metals is even taking mineral test and core samples must not be allowed as this work all leads itself to actively mining.

The fact the BC government can authorize permits to a mining company is hugely concerning as Ahousaht we must dispute the title of Crown land. Indigenous people have the right to deny any activity that may have a negative impact upon our territory. Free Prior & Informed Consent means Indigenous people must be consulted and give consent regarding government and industry activity upon our land.

Ahousaht has jurisdiction and responsibility over our territory. The provincial and federal government does not have the right to grant permits to corporations or industry. Where does our leadership stand on this issue? Imperial Metals AGM is May 27th in Vancouver as Ahousaht we must make a strong and clear message to Imperial Metals and their share holders mining will not be allowed within our territory.

Ahousaht has the the power to do what is right for the land, waters and future generations.

Gwaiina ~ Ahousaht Strong.

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  2. I visited Ahousaht in the summer of 1980. Good times on the beach at night around the bonfire.

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