New T-shirt: West Coast Warrior Crest

And new colour in stock: Military Green

Tshirts Tlingit Warriors sm

New t-shirt design in red, khaki and new colour: military green (bottom).

A quick update on Warrior t-shirts: We have a new colour referred to as Military Green by the manufacturer.  It’s basically an olive drab (OD) green.  There’s also a new design titled “West Coast Warrior Crest” that features a Tlingit war helmet with two weapons commonly used along the Northwest Coast: a whalebone war club and a dagger.Tshirt Tlingit Warrior BW 1 smTshirt Tlingit Warrior red smTshirt Tlingit Warrior MG sm

To order the new shirt, or to see other t-shirt designs, click the T-Shirts tab under the banner (or click here).

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