Musqueam Indian Band paddles ‘journey canoe’ made from 350-year-old cedar log


The Musqueam Indian Band along with Indigenous professors from UBC took this canoe, carved over three-months from a 350-year-old cedar, for a first paddle on Saturday, August 6, 2016. (Doug Kerr/CBC)

Boat took three months to carve and is part of cultural revitalization project with UBC

By Chad Pawson, CBC News, August 6, 2016

Members of the Musqueam Indian Band and Indigenous professors from UBC blessed and launched a canoe carved from a 350-year-old cedar tree on Saturday as part of a cultural revitalization project.

“Yeah I’m a bit out of breath,” said Corrina Sparrow after paddling the boat in the Fraser River off 4000 Musqueam Ave.

“Overwhelmed, so good, it glides like glass after awhile.”

It’s the first time in 30 years the Musqueam Indian Band has carved a ‘journey canoe,’ which took three months to do.

The project seeks to “awaken the spirit of canoe culture at Musqueam once again,” said Sparrow.

According to a release issued by UBC, canoeing has a rich history in the Musqueam community, and it is hoped that the canoe project will help bolster, “culturally significant programming for Musqueam youth.”

“It has also been used to pass down ancient canoe carving knowledge from master carvers and elders to the next generation,” said the release.

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